Will The Pulwama Terror Attack Escalate In Battle Frenzy With Pak ? Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

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This is with reference to my Earlier Articles . This is a Research article and comparing the events in the past when there were Tensions and war like situations with our neighbors , I finsd similar situations coming up from the 25th Feb to 23rd March 2019 may be it is surgical strike and pushing Pak in difficult situations to mend himself from the Terrorsit attacks . Pakistan in any case will suffer.
Mars is on the wheel of destruction and aspecting the sign Scorpio the 7th house of Wars in case of India Foundation chart and Mars is also the 7th Lord and the 12th and can be responsible for espionage from Foreign elements. As per K N Rao the Mars Transit in the 12th house makes the Country involved in war like situations since it aspects the 3rd , 6th and the 7th house , hence till 22nd March 2019 there are chances that the Pulwama Terror Attack Can Escalate in Battle Frenzy as seen from the Affliction to the Taurua-Scorpio and Cancer-Capricorn Axis till 22-23rd March 2019
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The Above Article has Proved on Dot even for the Day and the Place Jammu& Kashmir

Now Let us see when India and Pak had wars in the Past
1. INDO-PAKISTAN WAR ; AUGUST SEPTEMBER 1965 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indo-Pakistani_War_of_1965
August – 23 September 1965
Western Front
Indo-Pakistani border
Line of Control, Working Boundary, Radcliffe Line, Sir Creek, and Zero-Point
Arabian sea
Eastern Front
India-East Pakistan border
Towards the end of 1964 there was a Pakistani incrusion into the Run ofKutch, which was quickly resisted . In the August 1965 Pakistan trained tribes men and trops disguised as civilians raided Kashmir Boarder. Indira Gandhi flew to Haji Pir Pass where Indian Troops after stiff resistance regained the Place . In response Pakistan invaded Punjab in Sept. 1965

CHART OF 2ND SEPT. 1965 23-30 hrs when War broke out

It has been Observed that when ever there is affliction to the Taurus-Scorpio and Cancer-Capricorn Axis there has been War with outr Neighbors
Here Both the Axusis are afflicted
Luminaries under affliction
Affliction to Rahu
Affliction to Cancer Capricorn is more serious in wars even in 1962 when there was Indo -China War
In the Present Scenario Mars in the Sign Ariestill 22nd March 2919 it afflictes the Rahu and the Cancer and Capricorn has Ketu till 23rd March 2019 Capricorn Axis. The Lunation charts of the 5th March and 21st March 2019 are therefore most enigmatic in this concern.

2.WAR WITH PAKISTAN IN 1971 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indo-Pakistani_War_of_1971
3–16 December 1971 (13 days)
Eastern Front:
India–East Pakistan border
Bay of Bengal
Pasha enclaves

The above 2 axis are activated abnd afflicted Taurus -Scorpio and Cancer-Capricorn
Mars and Jupiter degrees 21 Inimical ithasla


Acute affliction in the cancer-Capricorn Axis and Lagna Lord Venus in the 7th house of Wars

4 KARGILWAR 1999 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kargil_War
May–July 1999
(2 months)
Kargil district, Jammu and Kashmir
Decisive Indian victory[1][2][3][4][5]
India regains possession of Kargil


The Chart is self explaining it self The Taurus-Scorpio sign and the Cancer-Capricorn Axis is afflicted

5. MUMBAI ATTACK 26/11/2008 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2008_Mumbai_attacks
Mumbai, India
Leopold Café
Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus
The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel

Both the Axis Taurus-Scorpio and Cancer -Capricorn Axis afflicted
See the degrees of Saturn, Moon and Jupiter and Sun, Mercury and Moon Acute affliction

Now from the 25th Feb. 2019 there are malefic Combinations as already pointed out in my article for similar combinations
The Dates 25th to 5th March 2019 for the fortnight ending on the 6th March 2019 are most Venomous as descussed above
From the 6th March 2019 for the Fortnight ending on the 21st March 2019 also has these combinations

Have a Look at the Chart below of the 25th Feb. 2019 of 16-05 hrs

The above chart is self explainatory and satisfies for a Aggressive stance taken by India it so seems for the Pulwama Terror Attack

CHART OF 26TH FEB. 2019 16.45 HRS

Have a look at the above chart Saturn changes navamsha to Scorpio and also afflicting the Taurus-Scorpio axis in the navamsha this Date seems to be the Most malefic for Escalation of war like situations

The chart at the time of 25th Feb. 2019 at 23.52 hrs is also worst hence a Time Frame of the 25th Feb. on wards would be most Venomous as explained above in the Fortnight starting from the 19th Feb. 2019.
From the above we can come to the conclusion that in the fortnight starting from 19th Feb. 2019 the Time frame Crucial is from 21st-22nd Feb. and then after when Saturn joins the Scorpio navamsha on the 25th Feb. 2019 night

See the Chart of the 20th March 2019 below

The Following Parameters acquire an important dimension
1. Mars in the sign Aries at 28.28 degrees and aspects the scorpio Jupiter in Gandantha the 9th Lord of the zodiac at 29.30 degrees in the 8th house by 8th strong aspect .
2. Transit Jupiter will change sign on the 29th March and join Sagitarius where Ketu will transit on the 23rd March and Saturn already there. This Jupiter will become Retrograde on the 10th April and Fall back in the sign Scorpio on the 23rd April 2019. Most Venomnous
3. Note the degree of the Planets. Saturn aspects Mercury Fallen and Retrograde degree-wise at 25 degrees . Note this Parameter Saturn on the 20th Feb. 2019 was aspecting Mercury at 22.5 degrees-wise. Now this Mercury Fallen and Retrograde Most Venomous.
4. Note the degrees of Sun on the 20th March 2019 5.04 in Pieces . Mercury was Retrograde in Pieces at these degrees . Most Malefic and Venomous .
The afflictions to the Cancer Capricorn axis and also the Taurus-Scorpio axis and Venus under affliction is definitely showing concern
5. After 22nd March 2019 Mars will be in the Sign Taurus and can alkso create issues till it is in the sign Taurus till 7th May 2019 it so seems

The Above are most Scary Planetary positions not only for the Buisness Tycoons but also for the Global events . May be it is Political Tug of war, Natural and Unnatural Calamities,Earthquakes, Stock and Financial Markets , Boarder issues and trouble with Pakistan and China.
starting from 25th Feb to 21st march are most prone time frame for escalation or Terrorism , War Frenzy as per the 5 cases discussed . In the next Article I will discuss the involvement of China with India if any but cannot be ruled out . Details will be discussed in nest article

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Written on the 25th Feb. 2019 at 14-30
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