‘Afflicted Fallen Jupiter’ May Put ‘Chanda Kochhar’ In Deep Trouble As Predicted Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

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Afflicted Jupiter in the Chart is like a Mad Elephant and has the capacity to Ruin the Jungle. Jupiter can be afflicted in 3 ways

1. Retrogression
2. With Rahu and Ketu
3. When Fallen

When Jupiter in Transit is also afflicted has the capacity to Ruin a person who has the above 3 afflictions .
In Transit Jupiter will be deeply afflicted after 29th March to 5th Sept. 2020 due to following reasons.

1. In retrogression from 10th April to 11th August 2019
2. With Saturn and Ketu from the 29th March till 20th Jan. 2020. Then with Ketu till Sept 2020
3. Jupiter will be a Fallen Planet from the 23rd April to 5th Nov. 2019
4. Jupiter will be in Gandantha from the time it enters Sagitarius tto the time it falls back in Scorpio since at 00,13 degrees when goes in Retrogression
Chanda Kochar Has Debilitated Jupiter with Saturn and Ketu in the Sign Capricorn where Ketu is transitting from the 9th Sept. 2017 to 23rd March 2019 making her life miserable

Now Read this “ED claims to have established money trail implicating Chanda Kochhar ” https://www.msn.com/en-in/money/topstories/ed-claims-to-have-established-money-trail-implicating-chanda-kochhar/ar-BBUlflG?ocid=spartanntp
The Enforcement Directorate (ED) on Monday claimed to have evidence against the former ICICI Bank CEO and MD, Chanda Kocchar. The agency questioned former ICICI Bank CEO Chanda Kochhar for the fourth consecutive day in the ongoing probe into the alleged irregularities and corrupt practices in sanctioning a Rs 1,875-crore loan by the bank to the Videocon Group.
The ED claims to have established a money trail which indicates quid-pro-quo through her husband Deepak Kochhar’s NuPower Renewables Private Limited.
According to the sources, while Deepak Kochhar’s NuPower Renewables received Rs 64 crore in 2010 through a maze of shell companies from Venugopal Dhoot’s Videocon, same year NuPower received Rs 325 crore from Mauritius-based Firstland Holdings, a firm owned by Nishant Kanodia.

This is with reference to my earlier artilce “North Node On Wheel Puts Chanda Kochhar In Trouble As Gets Lookout Notice Astrologer Anil Aggarwala” https://www.astrodocanil.com/2019/02/north-node-on-wh…s-lookout-notice/ ‎
Let me reproduce the Text here for ready Reference

The Predictions made are as per astrology and not my personal opinion. It is for the interest of the Astrology Students how to analyse the charts even with out time of Birth .The emphasis is that Astrology can Predict any event and is high time we all believe in it and Fight for it to be be a Subject taught in Schools and Universities so that we become more spirtual and do good deeds

North Node Adverse and Connected to Trik Bhavs Traps a Person in the Multiple of age of 9-19 years. Vijay Mallya, Nirav Modi, Mehul Choksi and all other have similar combinations for Rahu the north Node in adverse motion or connected to trik bhaves. Chanda Kochar also has similar combinations and severe affliction to Jupiter who is like a mad elephant in her chart. This Mad elephant has the capacity to Ruin the Jungle and hence it has the capacity for the same when Jupiter is also Mad in Transit from the 29th March to 5th Nov. 2019

In Hierarchy Of Planets Rahu On Top and if ill placed like in adverse motion and connected to trik bhavs mudsling’s a person and brings adversity in one ‘s life in the multiple of 9/ 19 years Specially when the Nodes Travel over the natal Nodes or about to travel over the natal nodes .
It has been observed as per my Research that if the Nodes are not well placed one suffers in the Multiple of 9 and 19 years of age . In this connection I have already written an Article “My Article North Node :The Key Planet For Rise And Fall In ‘EXPRESS STAR TELLER’ August 2018 Edition” https://www.astrodocanil.com/2018/07/my-article-north…ust-2018-edition/ ‎ “North Node: The Key Planet For Rise And Fall “on Page 38 in the August Edition 2018 Read full Article in the Magzine

Now Birth Details from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chanda_Kochhar
17 November 1961 (age 57)
Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India
Alma mater
University of Mumbai
Former Managing Director &
Now Have a Look atthe the Planetary positions Below

The Chart above shows that Rahu the North node is travelling over the natal North node. and Transit Mars aspecting the Both and in close degrees with Transit Mars since the 5th Feb. 2019. CBI would have taken up the case sr=eriously after this date it so seems . It has been Observed that the nodes Trouble you if they are adversely placed in the Natal chart . Both in case of Sidhu and Chanda Kochar the Natal Rahu is in adverse motion and in transit also it was adverse from the 13th Feb to 18th Feb. 2019 . This is the key parameter in both the cases
In the case of Chanda Kochar Rahu has Just ingressed in Cancer and in Transit igt is just about to leave the sign Cancer. In the case of Sidhu the Rahu is about to travel over his natal Rahu in Gemini on the 23rd March 2019
Another Parameter in both the cases is when ever Mars is in 6/8 axis in addition to these combinations it puts you in serious trouble . It seems Chanda Kochar is in deep trouble from the Planetary positions
The time frma e when Jupiter falls back as a Fallen Planet after 23rd April on the natal Sun and Mars can put her in deep trouble it so seems in a time frame till 5th nov. 2019

Adding some more Parameters to the Chart above She has combinations of Saturn, Ketu and Debilitated Jupiter in Capricorn. look Jupiter is afflicted badly and In Animals Elephant can be compared to Jupiter and when this Jupiter is afflicted in the Chart it can behave like a mad elephant and Ruin the Jungle . In Transit from the 29th March 2019 all the 3 Saturn, Ketu and Jupiter will be in the sign Sagitarius in the 12th house from the natal combinations . Jupiter becoming Retrograde on the 10th April and falling back in Scorpio over the Natal Sun and Mars will put her in deep Trouble . I dont want to write any more for her since we will see for ourself what happens to people who have afflicted Jupiter from the 10th April to 11th August 2019. Jupiter is a Divine Planet and is 100% Benefic and should not be afflicted in the Chart

I remember when I was Learning Astrology in BVB New Delhi I could Tell one Person in Bank that he was 1949 Born since he worked for a Bank. Normally I have seen those who have Debilitated Jupiter work in a Bank and deal with huge money, but cannot take that money home , if they try to take it home they have serious affliction to Jupiter and when Such affliction take place in Transit the Native suffers as explained above giving example of a Mad Elephant .

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Written on the 5th March 2019 at 05-00 hrs.
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