‘Krishma Of Saturn Sagitarius’ Swinging Moods For ‘Narendra Modi’ As Predicted After 25th Feb. 2019

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Saturn Proves Most Powerful For Narendra Modi On the 25th Feb. 2019 As Predicted when Crosses the 23.20 Degrees and Changes Navamsha to Scorpio on these degrees, Narendra Modi Got the Victory over Jaish Terror Camps Of Pakistan on the 25th Feb. Night at 03-30 hrs when IAF Jets Pounced on them.

This is with reference to my Articles below for the Saturn crossing the 23.20 degrees to 26.40 degrees in Sagitarius in the nakshatra of Poorva Shadha and in Scorpio navamsha. Saturn has crossed the 23.20 Degrees on the Early Morning of the 25th Feb. 2019 When the IAF Jet Striked the Jaish Terror Camps in Balakot. My Research seems to be coming through. I had also Written an Article in the “EXPRESS STAR TELLER” on the page 45 in the March 2019 edition the Article “SATURN’S DISCIPLINARIAN CYCLE OF 30 YEARS AND MUNDANE ASPECT”
On my Webpage “My Article In The ‘EXPRESS STAR TELLER’ Saturn’s Cycle Of 30 Years And Mundane Impact Astrologer Anil Aggarwala ” https://www.astrodocanil.com/2019/02/my-article-in-th…r-anil-aggarwala/ ‎ dated 17th Feb. 2019
The Text in the Article is as below
A glimpse of the First page is below

I have used the 30 year cycle of Saturn 24 degrees in the sign Libra at the time of the 31st Oct. 1984 when Indira Gandhi was assassinated , and after 30 years when Saturn came back in this sign at 24 degrees in Retrogression threw the Congress out of Power and Brought Narendra Modi In Power on the 26th May 2014 when he took Oath as the Primeminister.

The Transit Saturn is reaching the 23.20 degrees on the 25th Feb. 2019 and 24-26 Degree mark on the 30th April 2019 and at 24 degrees in Retrogression on the 14th June 2019 may bring a big change in the Political Scenario of India since then the Saturn in the Libra at the time of the 2 Events described above will activate the Transit Saturn in Retrogression in Sagitarius at the same degrees . It seems this Period may not be good for the Congress Dynastic Politics . Saturn 3rd Aspect is like the aspect of 3rd eye it so seems .

I have also Personally experienced similar happenings in my life and found to be giving amazing results, specially when Saturn also aspects the Transit Sun or is in conjunction or in Opposition.

Please read the full article in the ‘EXPRESS STAR TELLER’

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The Central Idea of the Article Saturn 24 Degree mark in Sagitarius will be instrumental in Reviving the Modi Wave it so seems after 25th Feb. 2019 when it crosses the 23.20 degrees and after 10th March 2019 and 30th April 2019 since Saturn is a disciplinarian will punish the Culprits at the time of Sikh-Riots 84 since then also Saturn was at 24 degree mark in Libra and that Saturn will aspect the Saturn in Sagitarius Retrograde and Stationary at 26.20 degrees on the 30th April 2019. Saturn was also at 24 Degrees in Libra when Narendra won the elections after 30 year cycle of Saturn and became the Primeminister of India on the 26th May 2014. This is a Research Article and may happen it so seems.

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The Strong opposition parties may be the Sufferer it so seems due to the 24 degree mark of Saturn in Sagitarius aspected by the Saturn in Libra at these degrees when Sikh-Riots-84 took place and after 30 years at the same degree in Libra N Modi became the Prime minister. It seems N modi will take Oath this time also when Saturn is at 24 Degrees in Sagitarius as per my Research note this parameter. This Transit ia also not good for US specially when Rahu will transit on the 4 Planets in the foundation chart of US and specially over the natal Jupiter and Mars for Fall in the Economy of the Country

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I am reproducing the Text here below
Saturn 24 Degree and Sun 14 Degree may be most Venomous for Congrees in Sagitarius sign on the 2nd Jan. , 10th March., 30th April and 19th June 2019 it so seems as per my Research specially after 25th Feb. 2019 when Saturn crosses the 23.20 mark in Sagitarius and in Scorpio navamsha. It seems the Mosi wave may come back after the above time frame
With Reference to the Sun and Saturn Conjunction in Sagitarius Astrology Predicted Loud and Clear For the the Results of the bad Karmas may come to light when Saturn is 24 degrees and Sun 14 degrees mark. As per Article
“Sun-Saturn Dreaded Conjunction In Sagitarius From 16th Dec.-14th Jan. 2019 And Opposition From 16th June -16th July 2019” Link https://www.astrodocanil.com/2018/12/sun-saturn-dread…e-16th-july-2019/
Now Read this Para”In the present Scenario Sun and Saturn conjunction took place in Sagitarius for the second time in the sign Sagitarius on the 16th Dec. 2018 and they will be conjunct till 14th Jan. 2019 and there dispositor will be in the 12th house from them.This can therefore prove to be most venomous as explained above for the People in power specially the Congress and hence may it be Rahul Gandhi and other Top Leaders of Congress. On the 2nd Jan 2019 Sun and Saturn will be degree conjunct at 17 degrees and the dispositor in the 12th house from them and the nakshatra Lord also in the 12th from the sign is most malefic and Venomous for the Political affairs of the world and the Top Leaders may suffer on account of wrong decisions and wrong doings of the old karma when they were in power may bring venomous results for the top leaders may be it is BJP or the Congress. The Conjunction is most venomous for Congress from the Prevous experiences specially when Sun is 14 degrees and Saturn 24 degrees for Congress. A Tug of War in the Political Field of the Country cannot be ruled out.

A very Interesting Feature today When I opened the Horoscope of Sonia Gandhi of the 9th Dec. 1946 21-12-50 hrs Luciana Italy Ref.https://www.journalofastrology.com/article.php?article_id=515
I found the Day Rajiv Gandhi became the Prime Minister of India on the 31st Oct. 1984 Saturn was 24 Degrees in Libra which has been discussed in the above article . Sonia Gandhi has 24 Degrees Venus in Libra and the 10th House from the 7th house of the Spouse was activated and he became the Prime Minister. Today , That Saturn at 24 degrees with Sun 14 degrees is aspecting the Transit Sun in Sagitarius at 14.00 degrees and Saturn at 17 degrees . I had Mentioned that the Saturn Combustion will be most Venomous for Congress Top Leaders. Amazingly On the day of Ravjiv Gandhi assassination 21st May 1991 Saturn was 13.05 degrees in Retrogression in Capricorn and aspecting the Sun in Libra at 14 degrees by 10th aspect when he bacame the Prime Minister on the 31st Oct. 1984
From the above now it seems my Research of that the 24 degree Saturn and 14 Degrees Sun will be instrumental in the fall of Congress at the time of the General 2019 Elections and Modi may come out with Flying Colors but with initial difficulties.
Now Read this News Christian Michel named “Mrs Gandhi”,”Son of Italian Lady” Enforcement Directorate to Court link https://www.ndtv.com/india-news/christian-michel-named-sonia-gandhi-son-of-italian-lady-probe-agency-to-court-1969783

Chart of Sonia Gandhiof 9th Dec. 1946 21-12-50 hrs Luciana

See the Chart of the 31st Oct. 1984 at the time of Assassination of Indra gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi Taking the position with the above Lagna Cancer

In the above chart not only the Sun and Saturn , but also the Jupiter and Mars in the sign Sagitarius and Jupiter at 14 degrees where Sun is there today at these degrees and Mars at 24 degrees where Saturn is about to reach there on the 10th March 2019 in Direct motion , then Stationary and Retrograde at 26 degrees on the 30th April 2019 and 24 Degrees Retrograde on the 19th June 2019, these dates seems to be most venomous for the Congress Leaders and Specially Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi, On these Dates Saturn the 8th Lord will be over the 10th Lord Mars degree-wise
Now See the Chart of the 21st May 1991 when Rajiv Gandhi was Assassinated with Same Cancer Lagna for Comparasion and Research

Have a Look at the Saturn degrees it aspects the Sun at the time he became the Primeminister at 14 Degrees on the 31st Oct. 1984
Also Have a Look at the chart of Rahul Gandhi of the 19th June 1970 14.25 Hrd New delhi Below

the 9th house has Mars and Sun and Mars is 17 degrees and Saturn aspects the Mars and Sun from Sagitarius in Transit along with Sun and Transit Saturn is at 16 Degrees . It seems the 2nd Jan 2019 may be a bad day for there Congress and The Leaders of the Congress Party . He also has Saturn 24 Degrees in Aries and Transit Saturn will be in the trine from it at 24 Degrees as mentioned above.

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Written on the 2nd March 2019 at 04.50 hrs.
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