Lunation chart of the 21st March 2019 Foretells Fear of Terrorism Looming Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

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Lunation in the 7th house of Wars and the 7th Lord in Fallen, Retrograde mode in the 12th house of Espionage and Secret Plots is Prone to Multiple attacks by the Enemy from the 20th March to 5th April 2019, as indicated by the Lunation chart.The Lagna Lord Jupiter Placed in the 9th house in Gandantha aspected By Mars Degree-wise is afflicting is also causing a concern regarding Temples courts and Religion.

In the Book of Time Tested Techniques Of Mundane Astrology Guide and Author K N Rao By Vani Publications On the Page 6 Preface Written about
Hardev Sharma Trivedi
The other person who would have produced the best and most brilliant book on mundane astrology was the Late Hardeo Sharma Trivedi who wrote a Book in Hindi ‘ Vypar Ratna’ which is a brilliant book on Financial Astrology. As per KN Rao he used vast Techniques and even he would have disclosed the secret of Karpoor Chakra. He showed often to Mr Rao and pinpointed the way and places in which there would be good or bad event as the planets moved from Rashi to Rashi. In this Connection I would like to Point out that I am using a similar Chakra not mentioned in any book which points out the event and direction absolutely parallel to what has been pointed out by Mr K N Rao and Found amazing Results . On the Basis of this Chakra I have made number of Predictions which have proved on dot.
A very experienced Astrologer also uses the Lunar Charts for brilliant fortnight Predictions. Hardev Sharma Trivedi gave brilliant Predictions for the Wall Street Collapse of the Oct. 1987

Here in this Article i am trying to analyse what could emerge in the fortnight starting from the 21st March 2019 apart from the Terrorism looming over the globe in general
The Lunation is taking place at 07-13 hrs New Delhi The Chart is below

The Day is Thursday and the Lord Jupiter is placed in the yama of Taurus the 3rd house of the Lunation chart which indicates that the energy in this fortnight will be on the 3rd house affairs and in the Present context with the neighboring Countries, Boarder Clashes,Traffic,Travel,Railway, Aeroplanes, Automobiles. The Lord of the Taurus sign Venus is placed in the 11th house with Ketu which is most malefic , hence the events related to the 3rd house will escalate and Ketu placed with 3rd and 8th Lord indicative of malefic results concering the above and specially concerning to Venus
The Day Lord is also the Ascendant Lord and The Direction which it indicates is also East .
The Sign Taurus is also aspected by Jupiter from the 9th house the sign Scorpio. India may put Pressure in the UN for declaring Mazoor as a Terrorist .

Since the Moon is placed in the 7th house of International affairs,wars ,espionage from Secret Foreign Agents,Immorality in the nation , Foreign Trade and Relation.The Nation may be putting the energy in these affairs. Moon is Placed in the Yama of Scorpio where it debilitates and Jupiter the 10th and the Ascendant Lord is placed in Scorpio and Lord is placed in the 2nd house hence affairs of the 2nd house will also be under Screen related to Revenues and Banking Sector.

Since the Lunation is taking place in the 7th house we also have to see the Placement of the 7th Lord who is placed in the 12th house of War Losses Espionage, secret Plots ,assassination, arson, loot, foreign spies where it is in Retrograde motion, also Fallen and in most malefic condition. This is indicative of some conspiracy and Espionage by Foreign elements in the Country . It shows crystal clear that China trying to influence the policy of the Country by helping Mazoor Azar and Pakistan. It is possible that China puts lot of Pressure on India.
7th Lord Mercury is also placed in the Yama of the Sign Gemini the 4th house of the Chart and the 10th house from the 7th house, this is indicative of the Enemy is in the Battle field for War with our Country . It is in Retrogression mode and hence multiple attempts may be made by the enemy specially when it changes the motion till 28th March and then after 28th March when it becomes direct and enters the Lagna where it debilitates on the 11th April 2019.
The Planetary positions in this Forthnight are killing .

This is also not good for the Stock and the Financial markets starting from the 10th April 2019 when Jupiter also goes in the Retrogression. The Conjunction of Saturn, Ketu and Jupiter after 29th March and the Jupiter and Saturn going in Retrogression from the 10th and 30th April 2019 will play with the Stock markets for a Long term Break. I will write another Article on the Global Economy although this Fortnight is most crucial for Stock and Financial Markets taking a hit.
Rahu in the 5th house and the 5th Lord is Moon and having connection with Mercury is most venomous this fortnight placed in the 12th house of losses hence the Stock and the Financial Markets will also be influenced specially when Mercury becomes direct on the 28th March 2019 and when Rahu and Ketu ingress in Gemini and Sagitarius respectively on the 23rd March 2019
The Planets are in the visible half hence the activity will be seen soon just on the 21st March 2019 and there after .
The Navamsha is also of Capricorn and a Malefic Ketu is placed there in the rashi Chart with Venus hence malefic results related to Venus cannot be ruled out. The affliction on the Cancer-Capricorn and Scorpio sign having Jupiter in very weak condition and also in Gandantha is not good for protection and being in watery sign and ithasla with Venus is also not good Could be accidents also with massive loss

Sun is placed in the Ascendant and also in the yama of Aquarius the 12th house of the Lunation chart and where 7th Lord is placed in acute affliction . From the above it is indicative of Sun, Moon are weak in the lunation cart starting from the 21st March 2019. Hence the Fortnight starting from 21st March 2019 is an enigmatic one not only for India but for the globe as well
Full security measures should be taken for the Top Leaders of the Country and Strict vigil at the Boarders must be enforced . The Period from 20th March to 5th April 2019 is most Venomous for the Country Security
Mercury is most afflicted condition also can bring Earthquake in this fortnight Along the Himalaya Terrian
Weather Changes cannnot be ruled out.


Written on the 16th March 2019 at 14-00 hrs
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