Pulwama Dastard Shielded China Blocks Bid To Ban Masood. Helps Terror Group As Predicted Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

by anil aggarwala

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Lunation in the 5th house in the fortnight from 6th March 2019 connected to the 3rd house and Mercury as the 3rd and 6th Lord of Pakistan Falls Back in Aquaruis on the 15th March 2019 May Prove Detremental between 15th March to 28th March 2019. Mars will add fuel to the fire when in the Roihini nakshatra from the 6th April to 27th April 2019 may be most Venomous in this time frame to ignite the things

This is with reference to my following Articles
1. ” Lunation Chart of the 6th March 2019 What It Foretells ? Astrologer Anil Aggarwala” https://www.astrodocanil.com/2019/03/lunation-chart-o…er-nil-aggarwala/ dated 5th March 2019

Read the following Text of the above Article
Analysing the above chart in light of the Tensions with the neighboring state since the Lagna Lord and the 9th Lord are not connected the enemy and the Terrorist could play a mischief. But One Good Parameter is that Moon is not in a fixed navamsha which may pave off the aggressive stance if any by the Terrorist group. Since the 4th house is identical to the Quadruped sign Capricorn in the first half , in case of any aggressive stance the enemy returns or retreats in face of a defeat apprehending his weak position
Malefic in the 4th house signifies return of the Enemy after any Aggressive stance and suffering defeat

Negatives in the Lunation chart Mars is placed in the 7th house in the sign Aries and hence this makes the enemy move on to inflict defeat to the King of the Country. Attacking King wins when the Luminaries are in Solar Signs hence any aggressive stance by India will lead to Victory
3 Malefic in the Kendra are not good in this fortnight. China as already Predcted will help Pakistan and The Terror Groups will therefore be active in this Fortnight.

2.”Red Planet Mars, North Node Rahu & Saturn On Wheel : Fear Of Secret Plans Of China Looming Astrologer Anil Aggarwala” https://www.astrodocanil.com/2019/02/red-planet-mars-…r-anil-aggarwala/ ‎ dated 27th Feb. 2019
Let me reproduce the Text again here for ready reference

Transit Mars activating Natal Mars and Transit Rahu over Natal Mars and also afflicted by Transit Mars . Saturn Aspecting Transit Sun and Natal Sun Most Venomous Parameters for The Head of the Country taking aggressive stance it so seems
The Foundation chart of China is Below of the 1st Oct. 1949 15.15 hrs Beijing

The Dasha in operation for china is Saturn-Jupiter-Moon till 15-3-2019 and then Saturn-Jup- Mars to 8-5-2019 till sub-sub dasha of Rahu ends on the 24th sept. 2019. What China Plans is nobodies Buisness may be it is the US or India.Natal Rahu Placed in the 3rd House of Boarders and anter dasha of also Jupiter the 3rd Lord Jupiter is placed in the 12th in its MT sign losses the ownership of the 3rd house . 3rd house of neighbors therefore suffers as per Jyotish principles of the south Indian Astrology. Now when this Lord Jupiter in Transit is fallen after 23rd April 2019 can prove to be most Venomous till 5th Nov. 2019. The Transit of Rahu over the natal Rahu will add fuel to the fire after 23rd march 2019 for 1.5 years or so and neighbors may suffer on this account.
Dasha Lord Saturn is the Lagna Lord placed in the 8th house of secret plans and Anter Dasha Lord Jupiter is the 12th Lord and placed in the 12th house and aspects the Saturn in the 8th house . The Sub-Sub Dasha Lords Moon and Mars are connected to the 7th house of Foreign affairs and War. Hence in the Present context The Period from the 27th Feb. 2019 to 8-5-2019 is critical one for entering into conflicts with neighbors .
THE REASON IS CLEAR MOON IN THE ASCENDANT AND DEBILITATED MARS IN THE 7TH HOUSE. Sub-Sub Dasha Lord involvement in the 7th house of International affairs and wars . Mars and Saturn both aspect the 10th house and the 10th Lord Venus in the sign Libra and give very strong combinations for the Head of the Country

Transit Rahu over the natal Mars in Debilitation till 23rd March 2019
Transit Ketu over the natal Moon till 23rd march 2019
Transit Venus in the Lagna with Degree conjunction with Ketu till 21st March 2019
Transit Mars aspecting the Natal Mars in the 7th house till 22nd March are critical Parameters
Transit Saturn is over the Natal Jupiter and aspects the 9th house where Sun, Mercury and Ketu are placed
On the 9th-10th March 2019 Transit Mars will aspect the Natal Mars degree-wise

Have a Look at the chart below of the 10th March 2019

Transit Saturn aspects the Transit Sun Degree-wise and also aspects the Natal Sun in the 9th house.Transit Saturn aspects the Natal Ketu in the 9th house degree-wise and Transit Ketu will join Saturn on the 23rd March 2019 and Ketu will be degree-wise on the Natal Jupiter of China .
On the 22nd March 2019 Mars will ingress the Sign Taurus the 5th house of the Natal chart and aspect both the Natal and the Transit Saturn.This will be a Malefic Transit since the Sub-Sub Dasha will also be of Mars.

At this point 8th Lord Sun will be afflicted by Saturn both the Transit and the Natal 8th Lord .Mars will afflict the Lagna Lord in Tansit and Natal Lagna Lord in the 8th House. After 29th March 2019 Jupiter the 12th Lord will also join Saturn and Ketu in the 12th house from Lagna and also the Moon

The above Planetary positions are taking an ugly turn it so seems
From the above we can say that involvement of China cannot be ruled out direcrtly or indirectly and some secret Plans where the Boarder clashes are taking place between India and Pak. This Possibility cannot be ruled out
The Transit Of Rahu Over the Natal Mars and Trasit Mars also afflicts the Transit Rahu in the 7th house of Wars till 22nd March is definitely Venomous and calls for attention in the above scenario. The Planetary positions suggest more towards the Neighbors then the 7th House and since the 3rd and 9th house in Transit will be afflicted the Country is bound to be involved with the neighbors

Let us study the Planetary positions at earlier times when Indo-China war took place on the 20th Oct. 1962 the Chart with Taurus Lagna is below

The Affliction to the Cancer-Capricorn Axis till 22nd-23rd March 2019 is major concern. In the Progression Chart by Manu Smriti of the India there is affliction to the Cancer-Capricorn Axis and Rahu Is Transitting over the Debilitated Mars and Saturn in the sign Cancer .
Written on the 27th Feb. 2019 at 14.30 hrs.

The Malefic Parameters in the Present scenario. Mars Transit from Aries sign to Gemini till 7th May 2019 most Prone to give war like situations which can also aggravate after it joins Rahu in gemini and opposed by Saturn and Ketu in Sagitarius. Eclipse on the 17th July 2019 and then 26th Dec. 2019 when 6 planets will be in the 8th house of India Foundation chart and Eclipse in the 8th house


Luminaries go in the sign Aries the 7th house of the Chart alonf with Venus the Lagna Lord and the 8th Lord as per Rashi Tula Navamsha , hence the connection of the 7th house asexplained above cannot be ruled out in this fortnight

3rd and the 6th Lord Jupiter becomes strong and positied in the 6th house asper Rashi Tula Navamsha

Navamsha rising is of Scorpio a malefic and has Saturn here again the 3rd Lord and in the 3rd house Ketu is placed

There is affliction to the Cancer Capricorn Axis and the Taurus-Scorpio axis as well and the Luminaries are also afflicted hence this fortnight may not be a good one with the Perspective of Indo-Pak reltions.

Since Mars Navamsha is rising and Mars in the 6th Navamsha with in 6 Days the effects of the Placemet of Mars could be seen as explained above.
I have been writting in all my Articles that in the Month of March the situations will be worst and specially on the 20th March 2019. There is also ithasla of the Saturn with Sun and Moon after 3 days since the difference is 3 degrees it could also be 3 weeks , hence 3 days and 3 weeks from the 6th March 2019 become important and again some untoward happenings on these dates at the Boarder, Railway Tracks and in the Transport Vehicles. The Ithasla of the Karna Lord with Moon and Saturn seems to be most malefic one in this Fortnight at the boarders and hence the Indo-Pak Brawl. After 14th March to 22nd March 2-19 most Prone Periods for Terrorism, Weather Troubles, Earthquakes since Mercury will be fallen from the 15th March 2019 . Time frame till 22nd March will be most Venomous.


Imran Khan Has Mars in Sagitarius sign in the Ascebndant Anter dasha of Mercury 7th Lord will fall in Aquarius as a Fallen Planet on the 15th March 2019
Narendra Modi has Mars in Scorpio in the Ascendant Anter Dasha of 7th Lord Venus in operation from the 24th Feb. 2019
Donald Trump has Mars in the Leo Sign the Ascendant and anter Dasha of the 7th Lord Saturn. Mars Transit in Taurus from the 6th April to 27th April in the nakshatra of Rohini may prove most Venomous as already predicted

Pakistan Has Mars in the 3rd House in Gemini will be activated on the 7th May 2019

China Has Mars Debilitated in the 7th house of Wars activated by Transit Mars from Aries till 22nd March 2019

US has Mars in the sign Gemini and will be activatedon the 7th May 2019. Running the Dasha of Rahu -Rahu and its dispositor in the 7th house of Wars

Jammu & Kashmir has Mars Debilitated in the 7th house arond 21 degrees and activated By Transit Mars degree-wise on the 8th March 2019


Mercury went into sign of Debilitation on the 25th March 2019 , Retrograded on the 5th March 2019, falling back in Aquarius on the 15th March 2019 Retrograde till 28th March 2019 Joins Pieces its Debilitation sign again on the 11th April 2019

From the above it is clear that since the Fortnight starting from the 6th March is not conducive to give good results specially after the 15th March when Mercury Falls back in Aquarius as a Fallen Planet and the 3rd and the 6th lord of Pakistan it may resort to repeated attempts like the Pulwama through the Terror Groups. China also now Supports them as predicted.

Now Read this “India disappointed with China blocking bid to list Masood Azhar as global terrorist ” https://www.msn.com/en-in/news/newsindia/india-disappointed-with-china-blocking-bid-to-list-masood-azhar-as-global-terrorist/ar-BBUJsml?ocid=spartanntp

“China blocks Masood Azhar’s listing as global terrorist for the fourth time”

Read more at:


Written on the 14th March 2019 at 8-00 hrs
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