Is April 2019 The Strongest Month For Stock Markets ? Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

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Roller Coaster Rides and a Strong One cannot be ruled out in April 2019 after 7th-11 April 2019 onwards , It may prove to be otherwise

As per media News “For the stock market, April is the strongest month ”
But Friends the Star’s have some thing else in store due to the following reasons

1. Lunation chart of the 5th April 2019 not good for the Stock and the Financial Markets

2.Jupiter Going in Retrogression on the 10th April 2019 22.31 hrs and falling in Scorpio on the 23rd April 2019 at 01-14 hrs.

3. Mars ingress in Rohini Nakshatra from the 7th April to 27th April 2019 can most violent as has been seen from the Past. Mars is a planet of Wars, Strife and represents Violance in any form. In Persian it is called JALAD-E-FALAQ or Heavenly Executioner. Affliction to Rohini Nakshatra by Mars , Saturn, Rahu and Ketu is most Violent . There are Parallel Situation like the 11th Sept. 2001 when the World Trade Centre was attacked by the Terrorist Groups. In Place of Saturn is Mars and in Place of Mars is Saturn with Ketu degree-conjunct on the 21st Aptil 2019. Terrorism with Magnitude in the Countries which are most prone to Terrorism and goes without saying those who have put Sanctions on the Properties of the Masood Azhar. US, Europe is most Prone , including India

4. Saturn going in Retrogressionon the 30th April 2019 6.26 hrs

5. Both Saturn and Jupiter will be in Stationary mode on the 25th April 2019

6. Mars Ingress in Gemini on the 7th May 2019 to 22nd June 2019. All the 4 Malefics will be in the Gemini- Sagitarius Axis

7.Effect of the Eclipses in the Gemini-Sagitarius axis. Eclipses in the Fiery sign and Sagitarius may be most venomous since the sign Sagitarius represents Warlike conditions and brings trouble to some notable personalities or Ruler’s. Royal Kings can suffer. There may be Death or even Murder . This may also cause movement of the Armies, discontent among people, in nutshell there may be blasts, fire, diseases and Shortage of Food

Eclipse in the sign Gemini will influence high class women, Kings and powerful ministers , person proficient in Arts, people living on the Banks of Yamuna will be influenced

The Effect will be seen more on the People who have the Luminaries in the Gemini-Sagitarius Axis, the first Royal Person who comes to my Mind is the One Who has Moon in Sagitarius and Sun and Mars in Gemini and Anter dasha of a planet who has the capacity to bring a down fall in his life . This Person has Rahu-Rahu Dasha in operation from April 2019 and Rahu is Placed in the 5th house and the Dispositor in the 7th house Debilitated. The Eclipses may not bring Good Results in the Dasha of Rahu-Rahu till Dec. 2021. I dont want to name here for Reasons best known. Recently I have discussed the Chart at length.
The effect of the Eclipses are even seen 2-3 months in advance and may last for 2-3 months even after the Eclipses .
The Following Eclipses are Venomous in the Near future

Solar Eclipse on the 3rd July 2019 Not Visible in India but effects may be there big or small that is to be seen. This is visible only in Australia
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Solar eclipse of July 2, 2019
A total solar eclipse will occur on July 2, 2019 with a magnitude of 1.0459. Totality will be visible from the southern Pacific Ocean east of New Zealand to the Coquimbo Region in Chile and Argentina at sunset, with the maximum of 4 minutes 32 seconds visible from the Pacific Ocean. Astronomers Without Borders collected eclipse glasses for redistribution to Latin America and Asia for their 2019 eclipses from the solar eclipse of August 21, 2017.[1] A total solar eclipse will cross this region on December 14, 2020 just 531 days later

Next Solar Eclipse on the 26th Dec. 2019

Partial Solar Eclipse in Delhi Eclipse Start Time – 08:17:04

An annular solar eclipse will occur on December 26, 2019. The total annular eclipse will be visible in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman, southern India, Sri Lanka, Sumatra, Malaysia, Maldives, Indonesia, Singapore, parts of Borneo, other parts of Southeast Asia, some parts of Australia, and Guam. Population centers in the path of the total annular eclipse include Kozhikode, Coimbatore, Jaffna, Trincomalee, Sibolga, Batam, Singapore, Singkawang and Guam. Cities such as Doha, Madurai, Pekanbaru, Dumai and Kuching will narrowly miss the annular path.

17th July 2019 Lunar Eclipse Partail Visible in Delhi
Partial Lunar Eclipse in Delhi
It will be visible over most of Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe, and most of South America.

Next Lunar Eclipse on the 10th Jan 2020
Regions seeing, at least, some parts of the eclipse: Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, Much of North America, East in South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Arctic.

From the above we can come to the conclusion that April 2019 will be the most Volatile Month and Stock and the Financial Markets taking a strong hit cannot be ruled out due the Planetary positions changing modes
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Written on the 3rd April 2019 at 06-00 hrs
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