Stars Foretell Economy Will Be On Crossroads Analysts Feel So Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

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As Per Past Saturn and Jupiter in Fiery signs along with Nodes and Specially Ketu and Pluto in Sagitarius can bring Long Term Recession In the Global Market
3 of past 7 recessions have seen stocks peak before recession takes hold
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    Jupiter is at the moment on the driving wheel and the Lunation chart of the 5th April 2019 is an enigmatic one , hence the fortnight starting from the 5th April 2019 will remove the Curtain and give surprises in the Stock and the Financial Markets . In the cse of Stock and the Financial markets the Conjunction of Jupiter,Saturn , Ketu and Pluto is Bomb which can explode any time now as predicted by me. The Jupiter Ingress in Sagitarius after 5th Nov. 2019 will addd fuel to the fire which will be ignited Soon in the Global Financial Markets. Till Saturn in the sign Sagitarius and Conjunct Ketu will not give any respite till 25th Jan. 2020 althopugh even Saturn in Capricorn may not Promote the surge in the Stock markets and they may keep on limping till Saturn reaches the sign Aquarius and Jupiter in Aries in a Nut shell. I am Warning Time and Again and you will see for yoyeself the Magic of the Planets soon.2019-2020 will be the worst as far as thr stock and the Financial markets are concerned

    “Stock market at crossroads after strongest quarterly rise in a decade ”

    An impressive climb, but now what?

    Past performance is no guarantee of future results — many investors know that boilerplate warning by heart. They should keep it in mind when it comes to the second quarter.
    It’s not because stocks are necessarily destined to fall. But after a barnstorming start to the year that saw the S&P 500 SPX, +0.67% on Friday close the books on its strongest quarterly advance in a decade, gains are at least likely to be harder to come by. And the factors that drove that first quarter performance may be unlikely to carry the day in the months ahead.
    “I expect that returns are likely to moderate, we can’t continue at this pace,” said Michael Arone, chief investment strategist at State Street Global Advisors, in a phone interview. “If we were to continue at this pace, the S&P would be more than 5,000 [by year-end] and that’s not likely, especially given the risks on the horizon.”
    Arone said the two primary catalysts behind the first quarter’s strong performance were the Fed’s about-face in January, when it shelved plans to continue hiking interest rates, and optimism over a U.S.-China trade deal.
    Also, stocks were due for a bounce after a fourth-quarter rout that had left them deeply oversold; oil prices bounced back, helping to ease worries about the global economic backdrop; fourth-quarter earnings came in better than expected; and China took steps to stimulate its flagging economy, he said.
    With those baked in, the near-term test for stocks in coming weeks will be first-quarter earnings season. Analysts widely expect those first-quarter earnings per share growth to be negative year-over-year for S&P 500 companies, but revenues are expected to be positive, Arone said, presenting a “highly unusual dynamic.”

    “This time, an inverted yield curve suggests the stock market has already peaked, some analysts say ”

    3 of past 7 recessions have seen stocks peak before recession takes hold

    Slowing economic growth and an inverted yield curve has many investors worried about a potential recession in the next year or two, but also has them excited for the heady stock-market returns that have often been sandwiched between an inverted yield curve and the subsequent economic downturn.
    But some analysts and economists are warning that statistical averages can be misleading, and that there is reason to believe that the latest yield curve inversion signals returns for the rest of year will be tepid at best and that the stock-market top may already be in.
    Oliver Jones, market economist for Capital Economics, told MarketWatch that while it is sometimes the case that stocks continue to deliver strong returns for many months after a yield curve inversion—as they did in the lead-up to the 2007 stock-market peak—it is by no means the rule, and already weakening economic data suggests that equity investors won’t be so lucky this time around.
    “We already see evidence of payroll growth slowing, retail stales beginning to weaken and less U.S. demand for imports, at the same time that we’re seeing signs of a corporate earnings slowdown,” Jones said, arguing that these weren’t traits the economy displayed at the time of the 2006 yield curve inversion.
    An inverted yield curve is a situation where short-term interest rates sit at or above long-term rates, a dynamic in the government-debt market that can be a precursor to an impending recession, as it indicates investors believe that growth will be weak.
    On Friday, the yield on the 10-year Treasury note TMUBMUSD10Y, +1.29% fell below the yield on the 3-month T-bill TMUBMUSD03M, -1.39% An inversion of the 10-year/3-month curve is the most reliable indicator of potential recession, according to researchers at the San Francisco Fed, having preceded the past seven such downturns.


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