EC Cuts Short Campaign Period In West Bengal Due To Violence What The Star’s Have Up Their Sleeve’s On 19th May 2019 ? Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

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Mars Rahu in the Ascendant and Saturn Ketu in the 7th house, Lagna Lord Mercury in Mrityu Avastha and in the 12th house are Venomous combinations for the 19th May 2019 Elections in West Bengal it so seems when the Elections start at 07-00 am the Scheduled time . The Planet who changes it mode is most important and the Lagna Lord Mercury has changed sign to Taurus only on the 18th May 2019 at 23.35 hrs . Mercury is in most malefic State , Combusted and in Mrityu Avastha and in the 12th house of the chart which is indicative of negative influence on the Ruling Party in the State
“EC cuts short campaign period in West Bengal due to violence”

The Election Commission on Wednesday curtailed the campaign timing in nine Lok Sabha constituencies of West Bengal by 20 hours. The campaigning will end at Thursday 10 pm, instead of Friday evening at 6.
The nine constituencies of the violence-struck state are going to polls in the last phase of 2019 general elections on May 19.

“No election campaigning to be held in 9 parliamentary constituencies of West Bengal – Dum Dum, Barasat, Basirhat, Jaynagar, Mathurapur, Jadavpur, Diamond Harbour, South and North Kolkata from 10 pm tomorrow till the conclusion of polls,” the EC official said at a press conference in New Delhi.
The official said that it was probably the first time that the commision invoked Article 324 in this manner, “but it may not be last in cases of repetition of lawlessness and violence which vitiate the conduct of polls in a peaceful manner,” he said.
Article 324 of the Constitution dictates “Superintendence, direction and control of elections to be vested in the Election Commission”.
The Election Commission said that the decision was taken in the light of incidents of violence being reported in the state.
“The commission is deeply anguished at the vandalism done to the statue of Vidyasagar. It is hoped that the vandals are traced by the state administration,” the EC statement said.
The elction body also relieved ADG CID Rajiv Kumar and asked him to report to Ministry of Home Affairs by 10 am tomorrow. Principal Secretary, Home and Health Affairs of West Bengal government has also been relieved from his current charge immediately for having interfered in process of conducting polls by directing West Bengal CEO, it said.
Chief Secretary has been asked to look after after the Home Department.

The Election Starts at 07-00 am in the Morning Lets see what the Star’s Have up their sleeves on this day

1.The Day is Sunday and the Lord is Sun placed in the 12th house with Lagna Lord Mercury who is in Mritya Avastha and also Combusted . The Day Lord is ain the Yama of Taurus the 12th house of Losses
2.The Lagna in Elections is signified by the Ruling Party and the 7th house by the oppositions
The Malefics Placed in the 1/7 axis shows Prolonged and ugly fight , since the Kendra and Trikona donot have any benefics and Malefics are also not placed in the 3,6,11th house
3.Lagna Lord is Placed in the Yama of its own sign and the Lord Mercury is in Mrityu Avastha and also Combusted and placed in the 12th house MOST VENOMOUS PARAMETER . This will give loss of wealth, distress and loss of peace of mind. There will be danger from Thieves since Lagna Gemini has Mars and Rahu and Gemini signifies Young Talktative who donot want to be tied down by the rules of the Society and the Govt.
4.Lagna Lord in the 12th house hence losses of all types can be expected.
5.Uday Lagna has Malefics and Specially Rahu , hence fear from Thieves , death and untowar happenings.The Uday Lagna has Mars and Rahu Angaraak Yoga Explosions and Fire cannot be ruled out
6 Lagna is biped Rashi having Malefics hence the dependents of the Ruling Party may suffer
7. Malefics in the 8th house from the Arudha Lagna Aries , Fallen Jupiter and Debilitated Moon not auspicious Placement .
8. Retrograde Saturndegree conjunct Ketu and Aspecting the Rahu in the Lagna may not be auspicious for the Day
9. Chaitra Rashi is also Gemini and Most malefic and Prone to untoward happenings
10. Lagna Lord , Sun, Moon and 7th Lord Jupiter In Thrayangmukha signs delayed success
11. Lagna Lord and Sun in the 12th house money will be squandered and Army may have to be called in the event of untoward happenings
12. Navamsha of Scorpio the 6th house and that of Mars there will be fear from Fire and Explosions
13. 4 Major and Malefic Planets in the 1/7 axis at the time of the Start of the Polling , hence tuff fight
14. Mars and Rahu in the Lagna Blood shed , Sun in the 12th hlouse Betrayal in the Army
15. Trisphuta Sign Gemini in the Lagna and having Mars and Rahu People may suffer from Woulds and Sores , Rahu in the Lagna Fall from Heights .
16. Immense Difficulties to the Ruling Party since the Lagna Lord is Combust and in Mrityu avastha
17. Chaitra Rashi and the Uday Lagna is the same and in the 3/11 axis with Arudha Lagna and UL, CR since Gemini most Venomous for the Elections on the 19th May 2019
18.There will be no immediate success to the Ruling Party in the State
19. The Worst Parameter is the 6th Mars and the 8th Lord Saturn are afflicted bu Nodes and placed in the 1/7 axis .
20. For Gemini Lagna the 7th Lord Jupiter under affliction will behave like first class Marak since it is Bhadak, Marak and suffers from Kendraadipati dosha. It can behave like a mad Elephant who has the Capacity to Ruin the Jungle here Jupiter can give similar Results placed with Debilitated Moon in the 6th house .This First Class Marak is influencing Lagna Lord Mercury and the Luminaries is most Venomous parameter in the Chart of the 19th May 2019 when the Elections in the State Start

I have Taken the Time as 07-00 am , if the Elections start at 08-00 am then the Navamsha will be that of Jupiter Pieces sign having Jupiter Placed there and since Jupiter is first class Marak here it can be worst
The Full Moon chart of the 19th May 2019 of 02-41 hrs is also of Pieces Lagna and the Lagna Lord is afflicted along with the Day Lord Saturn and the 4/10 axis is afflicted badly which indicates Enigmatic Lunation chart and the Fortnight will not be a pleasant one

It seems from the above and asper the Solar ingress of Aries that a Women Politician may be instrumental in bring Narendra Modi to Power , it seems it could be Mamta Banerjee due to the above happenings and the Benefit may go to Narendra Modi due to poor law and order situation of Mamta Banerjee in her state
No wonder there may be untoward happenings as can be even seen from the attitude of the West Bengal Chief Minister
Saturn is Retrograde and Most Auspicious for Narendra Modi as already Explained in my earlier Articles. Saturn at 24.50 Degrees in Poorva Shadha Nakshatra may be a Magic Point for Narendra Modi. It seems from the Planetary Positions since the Navamsha of Scorpio od Saturn is rising.
Navamsha of Mars rising and Mars is in the 3rd Navamsha the above Happenings may take place for 3 Days till the 22nd May 2019 it so seems
There is affliction by Rahu and Ketu in the 1/7 axis of the D1, D9 chart and Saturn is influencing the D1, D9 and the D30 Charts in the 1/7 axis and being the 8th and the 9th Lord and afflicted and Karka for Masses there could be untoward happenings in which masses could be influenced directly or indirectly’
Lagna Nakshatra is of Mars and Moon Nakshatra Saturn and Moon will activate the both on the 21st May 2019 most Malefic for the Outcome of the Elections

Hence the Star’s have up their sleeves most malefic happenings as explained above . If the above happens then the Election Results may be delayed it so seems since 23rd May 2019 is also not a Benefic Day as far as the Planetay positions are concerned since the Election Results start at 08-00 am

This is totally Astrological analysis and not my Opinion. The Centre Govt. should take strict measures to avoid the above happenings of Roits

Read this also “General Election 2019- Violence Only In Bengal In All Six Phases Of Polls, Says Amit Shah: Live Updates”
General elections 2019: Violence broke out during a roadshow by BJP chief Amit Shah in Kolkata
New Delhi:
BJP president Amit Shah on Wednesday accused West Bengal’s ruling Trinamool Congress of indulging in violence in the state and alleged that the Election Commission has been a “mute spectator”.
The Election Commission will hold a review meeting with observers and Kolkata chief electoral officers for the last phase of Lok Sabha polls on May 19.
The review meeting, to be held via video conference, comes a day after BJP and Trinamool Congress workers fought pitched battles on streets of Kolkata during a massive road show by saffron party president Amit Shah.

The violence started on Tuesday evening at the gates of Calcutta University. Some students in the campus allegedly shouted anti-BJP slogans and BJP supporters rushed at them with rods. Policemen stepped in to prevent a clash.


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