Trump Warns China To Act Else Face Worse Terms. Astrology Already Predicted The Trade War will Take Ugly Shape Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

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Trump Warns China To Act Else Face Worse Terms. Astrology Already Predicted The Trade War will Take Ugly Shape Astrologer Anil Aggarwala
Mercury Mars -Rahu opposed by Saturn Ketu after 1st June and specially after 11th June to 17th June may be Most Venomous for the Stock and the Financial Markets , Saturn Retrograde may not give any relief even after 1 month given by Trump

Media News “Trump Warns China to Act on U.S. Trade Deal or Face Worse Terms”
President Donald Trump said it would be wise for China to “act now” to finish a trade deal with the U.S., warning that “far worse” terms would be on offer for them after what he predicted would be his certain re-election in 2020.

“I think that China felt they were beaten so badly in the recent negotiation that they may as well wait around for the next election,” Trump said Saturday in a pair of early-evening tweets. “The only problem is that they know I am going to win.”

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President Donald Trump’s administration told China it has a month to seal a trade deal or face tariffs on all its exports to the U.S., even as both sides sought to avoid a public breakdown in negotiations despite a developing stalemate.

The threat was made during talks Friday in Washington, hours after Trump upped the ante by imposing a second round of punitive duties on $200 billion in Chinese goods. The talks are under close scrutiny across global financial markets, and U.S. stocks turned positive after negotiators on both sides said the session had gone fairly well.

In a series of tweets that cheered markets, Trump declared Friday that the talks with China had been “candid and constructive.” “The relationship between President Xi and myself remains a very strong one, and conversations into the future will continue,” he said. Further talks are possible, but there’s no immediate plan for the next round, according to a person familiar with the negotiations.

Earlier, in a meeting with Chinese Vice Premier Liu He, U.S. officials laid out their bottom line, telling him that Beijing had three or four weeks to agree to a deal or face additional 25% tariffs on a further $325 billion in exports to the U.S., according to people familiar with the talks. The threat came in response to the lack of any meaningful concessions by China during two days of meetings, the people said.

If Trump Knew Astrology he would have not done all this. After one Months there will be 2 Eclipses one on the 2nd July and the 2nd one on the 17th July 2019 and 17th June 2019 there will be Degree aspect of the 4 Major planets Mars-Rahu opposed by Saturn-Ketu and Mercury would also join Gemini, this will be the worst time in the history of the Stock and the Financial Markets although Monday will also prove to be most Venomous and may prove to be a Black Monday

Read My Articles on the Stock and the Financial Markets now time has come for the Great Recession parallel to the one which took place in the Month of Oct 1929. This time also it seems that Oct. 2019 may be exactly Parallel to the earlier Happenongs as far as the Global Economy Crisis is concerned

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China immediately said in a statement it is forced to retaliate, though hadn’t specified how as of 2:20 p.m. in Beijing. The move came after discussions between President Xi Jinping’s top trade envoy and his U.S. counterparts in Washington made little progress on Thursday, with the mood around them downbeat, according to people familiar with the talks. The negotiations were due to resume on Friday morning Washington time.

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All my Articles are pointing out that after Saturn goes in Retrogression the Global Financial Markets may suffer specially till Ketu in Sagitarius till 18th Sept 2020. Saturn has also completed its 90 year cycle from 1929 and 30 year cycle 2008 hence there are high chances of the Global Economy taking a strong hit when Saturn is in Sagitarius till 18th Sept. 2019 and to be more specific when Jupiter joins Saturn againon the 5th Nov. 2019

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“As deadline passes, U.S. tariffs on $200 billion Chinese goods kicks in ”

vBEIJING — President Donald Trump’s increased tariffs on $200 billion in Chinese imports took effect as of 12:01 Eastern time Friday, escalating tensions with Beijing.
The Trump administration raised the import taxes on those goods from 10% to 25%. China has threatened to retaliate if Trump proceeded with his threat to raise those tariffs.
The Trump team is intensifying its trade war with Beijing, which it claims reneged on commitments it had made in earlier trade talks. The tariff increase took effect even after negotiators for the two sides resumed talks Thursday in Washington.
The talks were due to resume Friday after wrapping up without any word on progress.
China had threatened to retaliate if President Donald Trump goes ahead with the tariff hikes, adding to the heated rhetoric from both sides that was shaking stock markets around the world.
The negotiators met Thursday evening. Then, after briefing Trump on the negotiations, top U.S. trade negotiator Robert Lighthizer and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin had a working dinner with the leader of the Chinese delegation, Vice Premier Liu He. Talks are scheduled to resume Friday morning, the White House said.

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U.S. stocks opened modestly lower Friday, with the three main benchmarks poised for their worst weekly losses of 2019, amid the White House’s decision to impose higher tariffs on China goods. The Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA, -0.44% fell 64 points, or 0.3%, at 25,753, the S&P 500 index SPX, -0.35% declined 0.3% at 2,861, while the Nasdaq Composite Index COMP, -0.28% declined 0.4% at 7,882. For the week, the Dow and S&P 500 are set for losses of around 2.6% and the Nasdaq is down 3.1%, as of Thursday’s close, representing the benchmarks worst weekly declines since December. The Trump administration allowed the levy on $200 billion of Chinese goods to rise to 25% from 10%, and Beijing has threatened to retaliate even as negotiators from both parties gather in Washington to attempt to resolve intensifying problems. Meanwhile, investors awaited the public debut of ride-hailing giant Uber Technologies Inc. UBER, +0.00% which was set to kick off trade Friday morning, after pricing at $45 late Thursday. On the economic front, consumer prices rose by 0.3% in April, below the 0.4% level expected by economists, according to a MarketWatch survey of economists.

Friday Proves as Predicted for the Stock and the Financial Markets


Jyotish Acharaya anil aggarwala
Date 10th May 2019 17.20 hrs

It seems that Trump is just giving one Month again but this game may not prove fruitful for him it so seems from the Planetary positions and the Eclipses taking Place over the 4 Planets in the Sign Gemini in the Foundation chart of US, Trump is also running the Dasha of Jup-Saturn and supposed to be most Venomous for fights with the Countries . US Running the Dasha of Rahu-Rahu aand the Eclipses as explained above may prove to be most Venomous for US as per the Theory of Inevitability as per K N Rao Book of Nehru Dynasty. US is going to Face the worst of the times as per this Theory.
Terrorism, Fight, Natural and Unnatural Calamities are on the Cards which may bring US on Knees it so seems as per the above Theory. The Planetary Positions are most Venomous as already mentioned by me for other Countries also and a Global Recession is now round the Corner any time after 11th June 2019 it so seems


Jyotish Acharaya anil aggarwala
Date 10th May 2019 17.20 hrs
BSc Engg. (Prod Engg)
DipLoma Marketing Management
Written on 8th May 2019 at 17-00 hrs

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