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Alarm Bells Ringing For Potential Global Recession . The Mars and Mercury Planetary war and Mars-Rahu Opposed by Saturn _Ketu are explosive combinations and Monday may be Black Moday 17th June 2019

“Bond king Jeffrey Gundlach bets on gold and rings alarm bell on potential U.S. recession ”
Havens in, tech stocks out may be the theme for Friday.
Investors seem eager to insure themselves against geopolitical tensions that have flared up in the Middle East and Hong Kong this week, with gold vaulting on Friday. Meanwhile, U.S. technology stocks might not win any popularity contests as a red flag cropped up over how the trade war is biting that industry.
Tech conglomerate Broadcom is sliding in premarket activity after slashing its revenue guidance, citing a hit from an export ban on big Chinese customer Huawei. So if stocks don’t get any support from retail sales data this morning, it could be the Nasdaq COMP, +0.57% that leads the market south as traders head into the weekend.
Trade tensions are also one reason DoubleLine Capital Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey Gundlach now sees a bigger chance of a recession hitting U.S. shores in the not-too-distant future.
Providing our call of the day, Gundlach predicted a 40% to 50% chance of a U.S. recession within the next six months and a 65% chance of that happening in the next 12 months, in a webcast to clients late Thursday, according to a roundup of his comments from Reuters and other media outlets. He said signs of a slowdown on the global economic front are also a worry.

I absolutely agree. I have been mentioning long back that the Saturn, Ketu, Pluto opposed by Degree-wise samsaptak aspect by Rahu, Mars and Mercury degree-wise will be on the driving wheel of Untoward happenings like Earthquakes, Tarnado, Tsunami Explosions untoward happenings along with Break in the Stock and the Financial Markets from the 14th June to 17th June 2019 and when North Node will be adverse. The Financial Markets may take a hit on Monday the 17th June 2019 when there is Planetary war between Mars and Mercury in the Full Moon Chart of the 17th June 2019 and when Stock and the Financial Markets can take a hard beatings . !7th June 2019 could be a BLACK MONDAY I feel so. Due to the following Reasons

1. Moon, Saturn, Ketu in Fiery sign Sagitarius opposed by Mars, Rahu, Mercury and Sun
2. Degree conjunction of Saturn and Ketu opposed By Mars and Rahu Degree Conjunction and all 4 in same sign and opposing in navamsha as well
3. Mars and Mercury Planetary war in the Full Moon chart of the 17th June 2019 at 14.01 hrs where Mercury the Planet for Weather, Stock Markets, Earthquakes gets a beating by Mars who is forming a Angaraak yoga with Rahu
4. Saturn in Retrogression Reaching the 180 degrees from Sun when it will be closest to Earth on the 11th June 2019
5. Saturn and Mars in Opposition at exact degrees in the Sagitarius a-Gemini Axis respectively on the 14th June 2019 at 24-25 degree mark
6. Rahu and Saturn opposition degree-wise on the 1st June 2019
The above are fearful combinations


1.3.5 years of Govt. Of Benazir Bhutto was dismissed on charges of Corruption
2.Asian Tsunami on Boxing Day . Earthquake and Tsunami on the 26th Dec. 2004 of Western Coast Of Sumatra Indonesia .
Hence Indonesia and Phillipines are Prone in this Present Transit
3. Second World War Sept. 1939
4.Black Year 1018-1019 Mohammed Ghaznavi’s invasion March 1019 Satuern and Rahu in Kendra
5. Conjunction of Rahu and Saturn 7-6-1945 Atomic Bomb was dropped on Hiroshima


1. 15th April 1912 Sinking of Titanic
2. Start of First World War 28th June 1914

1.Arab Attack on India in April 711
2. Mars and Saturn Conjunction at the time of Blue Star operation on the 5th June 1984
3. Nadir shah invasion and general massacre at Delhi Mars and Saturn In Gemini

Coming Back on the Recession Saturn, Pluto, Ketu and Jupiter are on the Steering wheel of Recession. It has been observed that when ever Planets Jupiter, Saturn are in Fiery signs there is recession . I have already discussed the same in my Articles below

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Hence we are just on the corner of the Stock and the Financial markets takng a strong hit since the Trade War between the Us and China may take an Ugly shape soon.

Globally the Country Prone to Earthquakes and Untoward happenings may be Indonesia, Japan, China, India Phillipines and other Countries mentioned in my other Articles
Rahu is Adverse from the 18th June to 28th June 2019 is Most Prone period in June 2019 and In July 2019 Rahu will be adverse for more then 24 days due to 2 Eclipses one Solar on the 3rd July and other Lunar Eclipse on the 17th July 2019, these Time Frames are most Venomous for the Globe and India as well specially the South East and North west as Far as India and all other Countries as mentioned above are concerned

Date 14th June 2019 18-00 am
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