Eclipses in July 2019 What they Have Up Their Sleeves ? Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

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Eclipses in July 2019 What they Have Up Their Sleeves ? Astrologer Anil Aggarwala. Rahu North Node Most Venomous in June and July since will be adverse at a stretch for 16 days in June and about 24 days in July 2019

From July to Dec. 2019 there will be 3 Eclipses. Out of these there two will be Solar Eclipse and One Lunar Eclipse. The Detail is as below

Solar Eclipse on the 2/3 July 2019. This will not be visible in India. This will be visible in South America, Panama, Middle and South Prashnat Mahasagar. w


The Eclipse of July 02, 2019 would be Total Solar Eclipse of magnitude 1.02 which means that at the moment of greatest eclipse, the Sun would be completely hidden by the shadow of the Moon. The longest duration of totality would be 4 minutes and 32 seconds.
The total Solar Eclipse would be observed from Chile, Argentina and South Pacific Ocean. La Serena, San Juan, Bragado, Junin and Rio Cuarto are few cities of Chile and Argentina where total Solar Eclipse would be visible. The partial Solar Eclipse would be visible from South Pacific Ocean and most parts of South America.
Some of the well-known cities from where Partial Solar Eclipse would be visible are Santiago in Chile, Sao Paulo in Brazil, Buenos Aires in Argentina, Lima in Peru, Montevideo in Uruguay and Asuncion in Paraguay.
None of the eclipse would be visible from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Afghanistan, Fiji, Mauritius, UAE and other Asian countries. Also none of the eclipse would be visible from Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, North Pacific Ocean, Africa, Australia, Europe and North America continents.

See the Chart Below of the 2nd-3rd July 00-46 hrs

1.The Day Lord Mars is Placed in the Yama of Aquarius the 12th house of the chart and ill placed from the Yama sign and the Yama Lord Saturn as they are in 6/8 axis and forming an inauspicious yoga
2.The Day Lord should not be afflicted since in Debilitation
3. Day Lord Mars should not ibe in 6/8 axis with the sign in the yama chart, since it is placed in the Aquarius Yama it is becoming most malefic in the Watery sign in the Chart and Airy sign in the Yama Chart,this could be responsible for Strong Winds and disaster by Rains , Water etc
4.The Karka is Kimstughna and is most malefic and this Fortnight may bring natural and unnatural Calamities
5.The Lagna Lord is Placed in own yama of Pieces and Placed in Scorpio and aspects the Lagna but is in Fallen State.
6. The Eclipse is taking Place in the nakshatra of Ardra and the Lord is Rahu and will be in Adverse motion from the 2nd July to 19th July in a long Stretch and then from the 23rd July to 1st August 2019. This Parameter is most Venomous and will be responsible for strong untoward happenings. Rahu is Placed in the 4th house and eclipsing the Luminaries with in 7 degrees and aspected by Retrograde Saturn .
7.Saturn at this point will be closest to Earth and with in 187 degrees from Sun is another Parameter which cannot be ignored irrespective the Eclipse is Visible in India and other Pars of the World. My Experience shows since SaturnClosest to Earth and Rahu at a Stretch in Adverse motion are Parameters which cannot be ignored and will be responsible for Strong Untoward happenings , may be it is Stock Market, Earthquakes, Tornados,Rains, Fire, Explosions. Representation by Masses in the Various Parts of the World
Hence the Effects of the Solar Eclipse irrespective they are not Visible at Certain places may be Malefic ones

The G20 Summit is also Taking Place on the 28-29th June 2019 and just before the Eclipse in Japan Osaka may not be Fruitful as far as the Brawl between Trump and Xi is concerned

tHE Following Parameters acquire an important dimension
The Malefic Drama of Planets will be visible in the Month of June-July 2019

1.Saturn Ketu will oppose Mars Rahu degree-wise on 14 June 2019 followed immediately by Mercury Rahu and Mercury Mars conjunction.
2.Sun will conjoin with Mars Rahu too on the 15th June 2019 .
3.Saturn Ketu continues in super close conjunction all month, and then Mars gets debilitated ,and July is the month of Eclipses. So overall the planetary transits are tumultuous , venomous and volatile.

Key Dates in June 2019 are:
Saturn Ketu is in close conjunction all the month.
1st June 24-17 hrs – Mercury moves into Gemini
4th June 11-20 hrs Venus in Taurus. Malavya Mahapurusha Yoga for Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius Ascendants
4th to 5th – Moon is in Gemini with Mars Rahu Mercury and opposite Saturn Ketu, Can be emotionally tough time frame
10th – Sun Jupiter opposition – Jupiter Retrograde and fallen connection with Sun
14th – Mars Rahu conjunction and opposite to Saturn Ketu
15th – Sun in Gemini
16th – Mercury Rahu conjunction
17th – Mercury Mars Conjunction Planetary War
17th to 18th – Moon with Saturn Ketu opposite Rahu Mars
20th – Mercury in Cancer then again falls back in Gemini on the 30th July 2019 as a Fallen Planet and goes back in Cancer on the 26 August. Mercury will retrograde in Cancer later in July.
22nd – Mars in Cancer Debilitated to 8 August when it goes in Leo
23rd – Jupiter in Scorpio Venus in Taurus opposition
28th – Venus in Gemini

In Direct motion from the 5th June to 10th June 2019
19th June to 26th June 2019 again Direct Motion
16 Days in July Direct and we can image the State of Affairs what can happen
Rahu has the Capacity to turn the tables upside down for any thing . This Parameter may Please be noted and can give unexpected Venomous Results since Foring a Angaraak yoga with Mars

14 June 2019 Mars Rahu will conjoin in Gemini and as Saturn Ketu are opposing it in Sagittarius – This is most Volatile and a big clash of titans – all of them with their own agendas and not giving ground to each other and no respite from Trade Wars, Political Tug of Wars . This is a volatile, stressful and aggressive transit. We could see some areas of the world in crisis with unsettled politics and aggressive stances which can lead to negative consequences if those in power are not exercising caution and care. I have written so many Articles on the Global Financail and Stock Markets can take a big hit, The Trade wars can take an ugly shape. Mars and Rahu conjunction is considered as an Angaraak Yoga and Most Volatile as already mentioned by me in my Articles
All of us need to be careful from 10 to 20 June 2019 as there are many planetary clashes and the planetary energy is disturbed immencely. Mercury Affliction causes Earthquakes, Stock and the Financial Markets Volatality and Extreme weather conditions cannot be ruled out .

The signs impacted are Gemini and Sagittarius as they are hosting the planets. Aries, Scorpio, Gemini, Virgo, Capricorn and Aquarius as their rulers are involved in the clash. However, Scorpio has the blessing of Jupiter transiting and Venus opposite, so they will be able to deal with the transit in a better way it so seems but unfortunately Jupiter is weak since Retrograde and Fallen
If you have Ascendant Sun and Moon in any of these signs, then you will experience them more intensely. The Eclispses in the 1/7 axis of the Luminaries will be most Venomous it so seems as per the Theory of Inevitability By K N Rao Book of The Nehru Dynasty.
Mars and Rahu Conjunction opposed by Saturn and Ketu will take place from the 7th May to 22nd June 2019 . This Time Frame may be the Most Venomous in the year 2019 as far as Huge Explosions,Earthquakes, Terrorism and Apocalyptic Scenes with magnitude for the total Globe is concerned. Those countries where the Eclipses are falling in the 1/7 axis of the Ascendant, Sun ,Moon or the 8th house and Anter dasha of Rahu or a Planet who has capacity to bring a down fall for the Countrymay be worst influenced. US is Most Prone in this respect Since Varahamihra has allocated the sign Gemini for US, Canada, South West England,Belguim, Italy,Wales, Lower Egypt,Armenia,Sardinia,London,Melborne,San Francisco etc.. The Sun and Moon afflicted in Transit by Nodes will sprout malefic results. As Already Mentioned US is running the Dasha of Rahu-Rahu and transit Rahu over the 4 Planets in the sign Gemini and specially Rahu over the Jupiter , Loss of wealth of the Country is indicated . Natural and Unnatural Calamities also cannot be ruled out

Mars Rahu Conjunction is Angaarak Yoga Terrorism Explosions and war in any shape. Saturn with Rahu or in Kendra from each other it is opposed by Saturn and Ketu add fuel to the fire .
The Main Parameters for this are as below
1. Mars and Rahu Conjunct . Presently they will be conjunct after 7th May 2019 to 22nd June 2019
2. Saturn and Rahu conjunct or in Kendra from each other till 25th Jan. 2020. Saturn will remain with Ketu till this period
3. Conjunction or Opposition of Mars and Saturn. They are already foring an inauspicious yoga since in 6/8 axis , they will oppose each other after 7th April to 22nd June 2019
4. Saturn Retrogression from the 30th April 2019 may become more sinster and deadly till 18th Sept. 2019
5. Role of Eclipses in July 2019 may add fuel to the fire
6. Affliction to Sun and Moon the life giving planets would nbe worst in this respect.
7. 17th June 2019 Mars and Rahu will be opposed by Saturn and Ketu degree wise

The Day is Monday and the Lord is Moon and Placed in the Yama of Leo the 12th house of the Lunation chart and the Lord is placed in the 10th house where the Ascendant Lord is placed in own sign is good along with the Yama Lord Sun . but the unfortunate part is the Placement of the 8th Lord Mars is not good for the Fortnight

As per Varahamihra the sign allocated for US is Gemini and this Fortnight may be most Venomous for US as well may be it is for Natural or Unnatural Calamities, Terrorism, Earthquakes of Strong Magnitude .

7 planets in the Gemini, Sagitarius axis most Prone for Global Economy Crack
Venus influenced by Fallen Jupiter . See the Degrees of the Planets very close and Prone to adversities and just before the Eclipses in July 2019

Let us come to the Lunar Eclipse of the 17th July 2019 03-08 hrs.
Lunar Eclipse of July 16th & 17th, 2019
Partial Lunar Eclipse in Delhi
Lunar Eclipse Starts – 25:33+ on Jul 16
Lunar Eclipse Ends – 28:30+ on Jul 16
Local Eclipse Duration – 02 Hours 57 Mins 14 Secs
First Contact with the Penumbra – 24:15+ on Jul 16
First Contact with the Umbra – 25:33+ on Jul 16
Maximum of Lunar Eclipse – 27:01+ on Jul 16
Last Contact with the Umbra – 28:30+ on Jul 16
Last Contact with the Penumbra – 05:48
Duration of Partial Phase – 02 Hours 57 Mins 14 Secs
Duration of Penumbral Phase – 05 Hours 32 Mins 49 Secs
Magnitude of Lunar Eclipse – 0.65
Magnitude of Penumbral Lunar Eclipse – 1.70
Sutak Begins – 15:55 on Jul 16
Sutak Ends – 28:30+ on Jul 16
Sutak for Kids, Old and Sick Begins – 21:55 on Jul 16
Sutak for Kids, Old and Sick Ends – 28:30+ on Jul 16
A partial Lunar Eclipse would occur on July 16, 17, 2019. It would be the second and the last Lunar Eclipse out of the two lunar eclipses in 2019.
As it is partial eclipse of magnitude 0.65, around half of the Moon would be covered by the Earth’s Umbral shadow at maximum eclipse. The portion of the moon inside the Umbral shadow will only be illuminated by sunlight refracted through the Earth’s atmosphere.
The partial eclipse would be visible from Atlantic Ocean, Antarctica, Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Africa, Australia, most of Asia and Europe, South America and some eastern parts of North America.
The partial Lunar eclipse would be visible in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Mauritius and Singapore.
The Chart of the 17th July 2019 03-08 hrs.

1.The Day is again Tuesday and the Lord is Mars again Placed in Debilitation in the 3rd House as the 7th and the 12th Lord, the Lagna is also Taurus the same as the India Foundation chart and hence there could be terrorism on the Boarders with intensity , or the Boarder nations may take aggressive stand against India
2.The Eclipse and Lunation is taking place in the 8th house in the nakshatra of Uttra Shada in the signs Sagitarius and Capricorn
3. The Day Lord Mars is placed in the yama of Pieces and the Lord is Retrograde and Fallen and and aspects the Lagna from the 7th house , the Yama Lord also has connection with the 8th house since ut has fallen from the 8th house to the 7th house , this parameter is most Venomous in this Lunar Eclipse and Prone to untoward happenings with Magnitude , specially when it is also visible in India .
4. Mars will activate the Eclipse point of the 29.56 degreein Sagitarius on the 10th Nov. 2019 and will join the same navamsha on the 5th Nov. 2019
5. The Moon is 2/12 axis with Yama Moon and in Scorpio where 8th Lord is Placed hence most malefic Lunar Eclipse .
6. The 10th Lord in the 8th house under affliction and that to Saturn gives suffering to the Head of the countries and also their Security is at Risk.

There are 2 Eclipses in the Month of Ashad
Results of the 2 Eclipses are below
1. The Brawl between the Head of the Countries may take Ugly dimension, specially US and China for the Trade war
2.Thives and Ill Reputed Person will be active . Terrorism cannot be ruled out.
3.People will resort to Bad Karkas
4.Pious and Learned People may suffer
5. Untoward Happenings through out the world and the Countries Prone are US, Japan, Indonesia, Phillipines, etc. Earthquakes, Tornados cannot be ruled out.
6. Diseases may Spread
7.Rains may not be wide spread
8. War Prone Kashmir will suffer the most. China, Nepal etc may also be Prone due these Eclipses
9. 2 Eclipses on Tuesday The Rail Coaches carrying Goods along with Vehicles carrying Goods may be prove to be damaged , accidents etc.
10. Dealers of Lurry Vehicles along with Smaller Vehicles carrying less Passengers may be prone to Accidents and the Owners may suffer losses
11.Bomb Explosions Fire, Terrorism, may be on the cards
12. Robbers may be active during these eclipses
13. Rains may be normal but not wide spread
14. Agriculture may find Betterment but losses also
15.Buisnessman will suffer the most
16.Essential Articles may become very expensive
17. Areas which may be influenced the most. Nepal, Bihar, Punjab,Rajasthan, and Boarders Of India may be Prone to Calamities
18. Doctors and Army men suffer the most

From the 19th June to 28th Jun and 2nd July to 20th July and then 25th July to 1st August are time frames most Malefic since Rahu will be Adverse specially for Stock and the Financial Markets and a total downward trend in July and August 2019 specially when Rahu is adverse a fall can be experienced

Rahu is under affliction and adverse from 2nd July to 18thJuly and then from the 24th July to 1st August 2019. Rahu has the capacity to turn the tables upside down in the Stock and the Financial markets hence strong Roller Coaster rides can be experienced and a total down ward trend can be seen in July-August 2019

Following Countries will be influenced most
Typically, lunar eclipses are visible from a much larger part of the earth than a solar eclipse. This is true for the July 2019 lunar eclipse. The partial lunar eclipse will be visible across all of South America, Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Australia/Oceania. Parts of Europe and Asia will also experience the partial lunar eclipse.
The lunar eclipse in South American countries including Chile, Brazil, Peru, and all countries on the continent.
It will be visible in African countries including South Africa, Namibia, Morocco, Egypt and every country on the continent.
It will also be visible in Middle Eastern countries including Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, and other countries in the region.
All of Southeast Asia including Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia will experience the lunar eclipse, as will Australia and New Zealand.

The Total Article is written on the 12th June 2019 22-30 hrs
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