Full Moon Chart Of 17th June 2019 Lurking Danger For India & Globe Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

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Yama Lord in the 10th house with 12th Lord Sun with 8th Lord Mars and 10th Lord Mercury in Planetary war is Prone to Terrorism on the Boarders and the Country . The Security of the Head of the nation may also be at Risk due to Planetary positions
Before I discuss the Enigmatic Full Moon chart of the 17thJune 2019 , Let me write the Planetary positions from the 14th June to 17th June since this Time frame is also very enigmatic .
tHE Following Parameters acquire an important dimension
The Malefic Drama of Planets will be visible in the Month of June-July 2019

1.Saturn Ketu will oppose Mars Rahu degree-wise on 14 June 2019 followed immediately by Mercury Rahu and Mercury Mars conjunction.
2.Sun will conjoin with Mars Rahu too on the 15th June 2019 .
3.Saturn Ketu continues in super close conjunction all month, and then Mars gets debilitated ,and July is the month of Eclipses. So overall the planetary transits are tumultuous , venomous and volatile.

Key Dates in June 2019 are:
Saturn Ketu is in close conjunction all the month.

10th – Sun Jupiter opposition – Jupiter Retrograde and fallen connection with Sun
14th – Mars Rahu conjunction and opposite to Saturn Ketu
15th – Sun in Gemini
16th – Mercury Rahu conjunction
17th – Mercury Mars Conjunction Planetary War. Most Malefic since in the 10th house of the Lunation chart
17th to 18th – Moon with Saturn Ketu opposite Rahu Mars , Mercury in Planetary war
20th – Mercury in Cancer then again falls back in Gemini on the 30th July 2019 as a Fallen Planet and goes back in Cancer on the 26 August. Mercury will retrograde in Cancer later in July.
22nd – Mars in Cancer Debilitated to 8 August when it goes in Leo
23rd – Jupiter in Scorpio Venus in Taurus opposition
28th – Venus in Gemini

18th June to 26th June 2019 again Direct Motion
16 Days in July Direct and we can image the State of Affairs what can happen
Rahu has the Capacity to turn the tables upside down for any thing . This Parameter may Please be noted and can give unexpected Venomous Results since Foring a Angaraak yoga with Mars

14 June 2019 Mars Rahu will conjoin in Gemini and as Saturn Ketu are opposing it in Sagittarius degree-wise – This is most Volatile and a big clash of titans – all of them with their own agendas and not giving ground to each other and no respite from Trade Wars, Political Tug of Wars . This is a volatile, stressful and aggressive transit. We could see some areas of the world in crisis with unsettled politics and aggressive stances which can lead to negative consequences if those in power are not exercising caution and care. I have written so many Articles on the Global Financial and Stock Markets can take a big hit, The Trade wars can take an ugly shape. Mars and Rahu conjunction is considered as an Angaraak Yoga and Most Volatile as already mentioned by me in my Articles
All of us need to be careful from 14 to 22 June 2019 as there are many planetary clashes and the planetary energy is disturbed immencely. Mercury Affliction causes Earthquakes, Stock and the Financial Markets Volatality , Extreme weather conditions and Earthquakes with magnitude cannot be ruled out. Countries Prone are INDIA, HIMILAYA TERRAIN, AFGANISTAN, JAPAN, INDONESIA, PHILIPINES, CHINA ETC

Mars Rahu Conjunction is Angaarak Yoga Terrorism Explosions and war in any shape. Saturn with Rahu or in Kendra from each other it is opposed by Saturn and Ketu add fuel to the fire .

TERRORISM, Explosions, Fire, Earthquakes, Tug Of War, Brawl Between nations
The Main Parameters for this are as below
1. Mars and Rahu Conjunct . Presently they will be conjunct after 7th May 2019 to 22nd June 2019
2. Saturn and Rahu conjunct or in Kendra from each other till 25th Jan. 2020. Saturn will remain with Ketu till this period
3. Conjunction or Opposition of Mars and Saturn. They are already forming an inauspicious yoga since in 6/8 axis , they will oppose each other till 22nd June 2019
4. Affliction to Sun and Moon the life giving planets would nbe worst in this respect.
7. 17th June 2019 Mars and Rahu will be opposed by Saturn and Ketu degree wise
Hence from the above from 14th June and the Fortnight starting from the 17th June may be most enigmatic and a crucial one for the Globe

The Lunation chart of the 17th June 2019 14-01 hrs is below

The Day is Monday and the Lord is Moon and Placed in the Yama of Leo the 12th house of the Lunation chart and the Lord is placed in the 10th house where the Ascendant Lord is placed in own sign is good along with the Yama Lord Sun, but the unfortunate part is the Placement of the 8th Lord Mars is not good for the Fortnight, also there is planetary War between with the 10th Lord and the 8th Lord Mars and Mars is the winner who is the 8th Lord

King, Royality,Nobility,Ruler, Primeminister, Head of the State, Prestige of the Nation,Status, Reputation,Politicians, Disgrace and Death of Ruler , Foreign Trade, Law-lessness
Since the Yama Lord Sun is placed in the 10th house the above Parameter acquire an important dimension and will be seen from the 14th June onwards till the Fortnight of the Solar Eclipse on the 3rd July 2019
The Angaraak yoga in the 10th house will add fuel to the fire in the 10th house of the Head of the Country or a State. THIS MAY CAUSE A STIR. The Nakshatra in the Lunation chart is Moola and is represented in the West in the Koorma chakra, hence the Problems may take ugly shape from the west Direction
The Area which Represent the West are West Maharashtra,Travancore, Punjab, Baluchistan,Sakas who used to live in Western India in fact South west India

The Navamsha Rising is of Leo the 12th house and the Yama sign and the Lord is Debilitated in Navamsha and placed in the 3rd house of Neighbors. In the Rashi Chart there are 5 Planets in Rahu-Ketu axis and in Navamsha there are 4 Planets in Rahu-Ketu axis and Rahu will turn Sdverse on the 18th June 2019 to 28th June 2019
Hence the Time frame form 14th June to 28th June will be most Venomous and Crucial and Enigmatic One

Hence Kerala, Tamil Nadu Pakistan Boarder

THE SITUATIONS IN JAMMU & KASHMIR,AYODHYA, WEST BENGAL MAY BECOME UGLY IN THIS FORTNIGHT IT SO SEEMS . US, China, Indonesia, Himalaya Terrain, and Japan and other Countries mentioned in my other Articles are Prone to Untoward happenings along with Trade war Taking Ugly Dimension specially between the US and China

As per the Foundation chart of India The dasha in operation is of Moon-Jupiter and Moon is connected to 4 planets in the 3rd house of Boarders and also with Saturn the 9th and the 10th Lord who is in Transit in the 8th house Retrograde degree conjunct with Ketu and aspected by Mars, Rahu and 2nd Lord Mercury inPlanetary War on the 17th June 2019. This Planetary Combination is most Explosive for the Stock Market Crash and Security of the Nation and the Nation Head

Hence we can say that as per the foundation chart of the Country and the Full Moon Chart the significations of the 9th and the 8th house will be more predominant since the 8th Lord and Anter Dasha Lord is in Fallen Condition and aspects the Lagna in Transit from the 7th house of Wars. There could be Terrorism at the Temple sites and Masses may be influenced by this malefic Transit from the 14th June to 17th July with Magnitude . The Dasha of Moon-Saturn from Nov. 2019 will add fuel to the Fire in all the above respect and a Stock and a Financial Crash is inevitable like the 2008 and may be even the 1929 Great Recession since Saturn has also completed the 90 Year cycle from 1929 when it was in Sagitarius

9th and 10th Lormof the Foundation chart of India in the 8th house under acute affliction is showing crystal clear.

14th June, 15th June, 17th June and then from the 18th June to 28th June 2019 and then when Eclipses take Place in July from 2nd July to 18th July and then from 23rd July to 1st August 2019 are most Inauspicious Periods for Untoward happenings specially when Rahu is also Adverse


The Total Article is written on the 12th June 2019 22-30 hrs
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