Mars In Debilitation May Put US-Iran, US-China Crisis Hanging Fire Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

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Mars will be in Debiliattion from the 22nd June to 8th August 2019. It will pass through Nakshatrs of Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury. The transit Through Mercury and when In Gandantha may pose most difficult results , since it will be ingressing in Fiery sign from Watery sign. As the Lagna Lord and the 8th Lord in the 4th house of Natural Zodiac may also be responsible for Strong Earthquakes, Rains and Water related Troubles for Countries most Prone . Japan, Indonesia, Phillipines and India are Prone .

Sun Transit In Ardra nakshatra and Mars in watery sign there will be drop in the Temperature and relief from the high temperatues earlier faced in the Capital and the country
Mars May be responsible For Tsunami’s during this Transit for the Prone Countries, since Mars and Jupiter in Watery sign and Jupiter Fallen in the sign Scorpio belonging to Mars and aspect on Mars
As a Fiery Planet in the Watery sign will be most uncomfortable. Transit of Mars in the nakshatra of Mercury Jyestha is considered to be most Venomous , more so the Day when it ingresses in Cancer Mercury is already ingressed in the same just on the 20th June 2019. The Mars and Mercury were in Planetary war till 20th June 2019 and it sprouted many untoward happenings. Mars in the 6/8 axis with Ketu and Saturn is also an inauspicious yoga
Mars is the ‘commander’ of the army and is a planet which is considered highly volatile in Astrology. Mars signifies boundless power and ignites the events , hence it is extremely important that it must be well placed in horoscope of a Country and free from the ill aspects of malefic planets.

This Transit will be a Venomous one since no one will be happy since Mars will be afflicted , specially for those who have afflicted Mars . In this Context China will be more unhappy during this Transit due to untoward happenings and the Trade war may not see any relief.

Armed Forces,Criminals,Planet of War and Strife, violence in any form,Explosions,War and Terrorism,Assassinations,Militancy,all this can be seen with Negativity since Mars is in afflicted shape and hence Most Volatile

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After 22nd June Mars Debilitated will be Transitting over the Natal Jupiter6th and 9th Lord over the Ascendant till 8th August 2019 in case Of Iran and seems the Crisis may remain as a Hanging Fire
US will now take a Tuff Stand against Iran, since Mars has become Debilitated and Transiting over the Natal Rahu the Dasha Lord and aspects the 7th house of wars by 8th strong aspect till 8th August 2019, after whcih Mars will ingress in the Lagna of Trump and US this may be the Time when US can take Drastic action against IRan if he does to agree to the terms and Conditions of the Sanctions imposed on him, never the less the Mars in the sign Cancer and Leo may be instrumental for the Ugly relationships between the US- Iran and US -China, there do not seem to be any substantial improvement in the G20 to be held on the 28th-29th June 2019 in Japan
Read this now “Trump Says Major Sanctions on Iran Monday After Drone Downed”

President Donald Trump said the U.S. will impose major new sanctions on Iran Monday, days after he abruptly called off a plan for airstrikes against the Islamic Republic based on the concept of proportionality after Iran shot down a U.S. Navy drone.
The sanctions move, announced on Twitter with no additional detail, came as Trump spent the day at the Camp David presidential retreat having meetings and phone calls. The president foreshadowed the sanctions action earlier, in remarks at the White House

“Trump Considers More Iran Sanctions, Says Military Action ‘Always on the Table’
President Donald Trump says he has “plenty of time” to respond to Iran’s shooting down of a U.S. Navy drone, two days after he abruptly called off a plan for strikes against the Islamic Republic based on the concept of proportionality.
Trump further explained his rationale to reporters on Saturday as he departed the White House for the presidential retreat at Camp David, Maryland, where he said he’d have a series of meetings and phone calls on Iran.

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The Debilitated mars will be over the Natal Mars in the foundation chart of China the 7th house of Wars and may not let the Country ease situations with US and hence the Trade war Tensions may take the shape of a Hanging Fire may be it is Trade or Tsunami

“China Would Fight Trade War ‘to the End,’ State Media Says”

China has the strength and patience to withstand the trade war, and will fight to the end if the U.S. administration persists with it, China’s state-run People’s Daily said in an editorial Saturday.
The U.S. must drop all tariffs imposed on China if it wants to negotiate on trade, and only an equal dialogue can resolve the issue and lead to a win-win, the newspaper said.
. I have written n number of Articles and discussed the details in case of US and China , the Eclipses in July 2019 will be influencing the US the most since the Eclipses will take place over the Natal Sun in Gemini and hence in the 1/7 axis which may influence the Us in a Big way as per the Theory Of Inevitability of K N Rao and the Dasha and anter Dasha of Rahu in operation who has the power to bring the down fall of the Country , Rahu when in Forwrd motion in Transit will be instrumental in this and Month of July Rahu will be inforward motion from the 2nd July to 19th July and then from the 25th July to 1st August 2019, this Time Frame may be instrumental to increase the brawl between the US-China and US-Iran Crisis
In case of Iran and China the Eclipses are not aflling in the 1/7 axis of the Ascendant, Sun or Moon, hence the impact on Us will be much more then Iran and China. There Could be Untoward happenings in Iran and china which cannot be ruled out but the Effect of the Eclipses will Strongly Influence the US

The Countries Prone are as mentioned Japan, Indonesia, Phillipines, China and India
Japan has Sagitarius Lagna and the Lord Jupiter is fallen and in Retrogression and in Watery sign in the 12th house and Mars the Lord of the 12th house will be in the 8th house from the 22nd June to n8th August most malefic and Crucial for the Country facing troubles from Water, Rain and Tsunami like events after 2nd July to 19th July and then after 25th July to 2nd August 2019

Date 23RD June 2019 10.00 am
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