Fate Of The Missing Person Using Prashna, Birth Chart & Vedic Progression Chart By Mannu Smriti Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

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Jupiter the Dasha Lord and Anter Dasha Lord Saturn as per Natal chart, Prashna Charts and the Progression chart are afflicted badly specially after the 29th March 2019 and 23rd April 2019 when Jupiter was fallen a Most Important Paramete and Saturn with Ketu and Jupiter on the Moon in Scorpio at the time of Missing opens the Secret of the missing person. Jupiter is Lost In planetary War in the natal chart, Vish Ghati In Progression chart and Gulika Navamsha Lord in the 2 Prashna charts is most malefic Parameter in the total analysis. Saturn the Anter Dasha Lord is also afflicted by Ketu and in Mrityu Bhag in the Progression chart and Parameters which indicate Acute health issues.

On the evening of the 25th June 2019 18.20 hrs I got a call from a Client saying that one of the Person is missing since the 14th Sept. 2018 between 20-30-21-00 hrs from Mumbai when he was last seen checking out of a Hotel in Mumbai.
Let us have a Look at the chart of the Time when he went missing

The Time Given by the client was 20-30 to 21-00 hrs

For a Jeeva Query since a Odd sign Aries is rising at the time of Disappearance it has to be in the 3, 6 or the 9th navamsha hence i took the 3rd Navamsha and a time of disappearance

Lagna is the Missing Person and since movable the person who has to go on journey will go on journey, since it is a Prishtodayo since and aspect of Prishtodayo planet Mars is not good

The Day is friday and the Lord is Venus and acquires an Important dimension more so since Venus over stayed in Libra for 128 days in this sign from the 2nd Sept. 2018 to 2nd Jan 2019 and all events related to Venus took place during this time frame. The Sign Libra falls in the 7th house in the Prashna chart at the time of the Missing person leaving and acquires an important dimension more so Venus Degrees are close to the Lagna Degrees and is also in the 3rd Navamsha . It also shows Concern about Marriage and since has has Ishraaf Yoga with Mars and Saturn the Lagna Lord and the 10th Lord respectively . This also idicates separation from the loved one’s. The native had a Troubled Married life. Lagna Lord and the 7th Lord ishraaf yoga and difference is 3 Degrees hence Troubled Married Life since 3 years. Saturn takes one year in timing and is in the 3rd Navamsha. Difference of Mrs and Venus degrees= 3 . Hence Troubles Married life since 2015 .
SP-6 Moon in the brighter half but in the visible half hence fast results will be seen

Vishaka and Moon is Placed in Rashi Gandantha in the sign Scorpio its debilitation sign in the 8th house and the Nakshatra Lord is with With Venus in the 7th house is most malefic parameter showing the Depression the Native was going through
Karna Lord Kaulava Mars Placed in the 10th house afflicted and eclipsed by Ketu. The Lord is owning the Lagna and the 8th house . This Parameter is also bad for the Lagna Lord and the 8th Lord getting afflicted by Ketu in very close degrees . Debilitated Moon has Ithasla with Lagna Lord and the 8th Lord and the difference is 6 Degrees hence the Native went in deep depression after 6 days/weeks and Months from date of missing .
Nakshatra is also Andha , the native should return in 3 days with difficulty , since he did not return the native may face difficulties on the way .

It took place at 06-29 hrs

The Day lord Venus is placed in the Yama of Scorpio the 8th house of the Prashna chart where Moon is in Depression. The Prashna is about the past since the Prashna Moon is behind the Yama Moon. This Parameter indicates most malefic results for the Native missing and for his rerturn safely.This is the most Venomous parameter for the Life of the missing person

Lagna in the Nakshatra of Ketu.
Lagna Lord Mars Eclipsed by Ketu in the 10th house
7th Lord Karyesh in own sign but in the nakshatra of Rahu placed in the 4th house
Moon in the 8th house in Rashi Gandantha and in Debilitation and having ithasla with 8th and the Lagna Lord
Rahu in the 4th house no happiness inspite of Venus and Jupiter placed in the 7th house which give happiness on the way. Both Changed signs on the 2nd Jan and the 29th March 2019, Hence the Troubles started after these dates .
Saturn aspects the 6th house and the 6th Lord is combusted Hence the Native is also suffering from Disease , 6th Lord is 21 degrees and the Disease is not curable since 6th Lord Mercury is combusted
Gulika is Placed in the sign Gemini and the Lord is again Mercury and the Navamsha Lord is Jupiter connected to the Venus the 7th house and Lord and aspects the Lagna . In the Navamsha the Sign of Gulika is rising and Both Sun and Venus are in the Navamsha of Gulika and Saturn in the sign of Gulika in

In the Prashna chart Moon has just come out of the Gulika Navamsha sign Lord Jupiter
Trisphuta Sign is Capricorn and afflicted has the Lagna Lord and the 8th house
Pran Sphuta is Cancer and having Rahu and Poison for the missing person taking Medicine and no proper treatment . Rahu also indicates fake medicines taken
Prashtodayo sign Aries rising is not good specially when it is also Dagdha
Moon is hemmed by planets hence no return
Luminaries the Life giving Force afflicted , since Sun is also aspected by Mars by 8th strong aspect and Sun is also in the 5th house which is again a dagdha Sign.
Traveller was Ill from the 15th Feb. to 25th March 2019 Since the 6th Lord was Debilitated and the Fallen during this period . There was Planetary War between the Lagna Lord and the 6th Lord and the 6th Lord Lost in planetary war , Lagna Lord and the 8th Lord is the same then 6th Lord should not be afflicted , since for Aries sign Mercury is the Most Malefic Planet
2 Benefic Planets aspect the Lagna
No. Benefic aspects the Lagna Lord Mars rather Mars is eclipsed
No. of Malefics in the 9th or the 12th house from Lagna and the Lagna Lord is Saturn
Malefics in the 4th house indicate he has also been robbed on the way

If Prishtodayo Sign in Lagna , Malefic in the Quadrants and Moon Debilitaed in the 8th house the sick person dies
Lagna Lord in the Quadrant and the 6th Lord in Combustion
The Planet aspecting the 6th house is Saturn who has Ishraaf yoga with Venus , Hence Disease due to Venus significations , more so Venus in Rahu Nakshatra hence the native can also be alcholic. Venus is also with Navamsha Lord of Gulika Jupiter in the 7th house , Hence Jupiter here is malefic in the Chart . Venus in the 7th house is also Karko Bhav Nashaya

Lagna Lord and 8th Lord Mars with Ketu Eclipsed and Having Ithasla with Debiliated Moon is Most Malefic Parameter for the Native to be alive . It could be of 2 reasons
1. First possibility Death due to Disease
2. Second Possibility Suicide , Since Mars with Ketu eclipsed by Ketu and Moon in Mars 8th House the Sign dispositor of Moon is also afflicted badly , Hence the Native is under deep depression
3. Third Possibility Aries sign rising which is rising from Behind and Malefic aspecting the Lagna Mars then Murder, but here Mars is Lagna Lord and 8th Lord. Hence not a fool proof possibility

The Native may be last at Forest Grassy Meadows, Fields,Canals, Lakes, Pits, Near mines,High Rise Building In the South Direction since Mars is Exhalted and Placed in the 10th house and since the Lagna is in the 3rd Navamsha with in 5-9 Kms from the Hotel where he was last seen

Analysis as per the Prashna raised for the Missing person on the 25th June 2019 at 18.20 hrs

The Sign Scorpio is rising which is the 8th house of the Prashna Chart at the time of Leaving and has Debilitated Moon and in Rashi Gandantha , here the Lagna Lord of the Prashna chart at the time of Missing and the Prasha time both is Mars and Debilitated in the 9th house withMercury havinf Ishraaf yoga with the 8th Lord Mercury and the difference ifs 3 , hence 3 months back some untoward happening , Mercury is also the Gulika Lord since Gulika is Placed in the sign Virgo.
The Day is Tuesday and the Lord ia afflicted and Debilitated and placed in the yama of Scorpio the Lagna and the Yama Lord is Mars and Debilitated and the Sign Scorpio has the Jupiter Retrograde and Fallen very close to Lagna Degrees and also Ishraaf yoga with the 7th Lord Venus . These Parameters are most malefic for the safe return of the Missing Person . The Mars has shifted rom the 8th house to the 9th house on the 22nd June 2019 and the Planet with lowest degrees The Lagna Lord was Foring angaraak yoga in the 8th house with Rahu and Gulika Navamsha Lord is again Jupiter even in this chartand the Sign is Pieces where the Moon is placed and aspoected by the Navamsha Lord of Gulika

The Above Parameters indicate that the missing person may not return specially again the Lagna Lord has ishraaf yoga with the 8th Lord and the Gulika Lord and is in Debilitation
The Time of Query does not Show Murder of the missing person


Natal Vhart of the 13th August 1966 01-20 hrs Mumbai The Chart is Below

The Lagna of the Natal Chart is Taurus and the Sign in the 8th house is Sagitarius, adding the Numerical figures = 2+9= 11, Now Adding the Lagna Numerical at the time of Missing = 11+ 1 = 12

Now in the Natal Chart the Lagnesh is placed in Cancer hence multiplying this number with above = 12x 4= 48 , now the 8th Lord Jupiter is placed in the sign Gemini hence dividing by 3 = 48/3 Remainder is Zero hence the Ntive is not alive

In the Natal chart above the native is running the Dasha of Saturn-Jup-Venus when the Person goes missing on the 14th Sept. 2018

The Anter Dasha Lord Jupiter is in Planetary war with Mars in the 2nd House and is also the 8th and the 11th Lord , hence becomes a Marak , Saturn in the Sign of Jupiter losses strength and is karka for Longevity
In the Ashtamahs Chart Sun, Moon and Jupiter are afflicted badly and a weak Lagna Lord and the 8th Lord placed in the 12th house


The Dasha Lords are afflicted badly. Jupiter the Maha Dasha Lord who is in Planetary war in the Birth chart is in Vish Ghati and the Anter dasha Lord Saturn is in Mrityu Bhag and also aspected by Jupiter and Mars . The Sun and Moon both Connected to malefic Saturn the 8th Lord Saturn in the above chart also Jupiter here is also the 6th and the 9th Lord and also the 8th Lord from Moon, The 8th Lord from Lagna and Moon both are afflicted badly . The PD Venus is also aspected by Malefic Saturn

The Role Of Venus is Prominent in all the chart and hence the role Of a Women and Marriage canot be ruled out for the Untowrd Happening THE MISSING PERSON HAD FACED . IT SEEMS THE DISEASE WAS SERIOUS DUE TO DRINKING AND HE LOST HIS LIFE DUE TO FAKE MADICINES SINCE RAHU IN THE 4TH HOUSE OF THE PRASHNA CHART AT THE TIME OF MISSING

Transit Moon in Scorpio on the Day of Leaving aspects the Moon in the Sign Taurus almost Degree-wise and in all the Charts Moon is also Afflicted hence very Poor Chances for the Missing Pertson may be alive . I am not Bhrama and even if alive he may not come back it so seems from all the Charts and the Planetary positions


Date 19th July 2019 09-00 hrs
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