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One of the Most Amazing Techniques used by me for the Progression chart by Manu Smriti give most Amazing Results , In the Case Of Narendra Modi there was a Strong Raj yoga of Moon and Venus and fortunately their dasha was also in operation for the Year Starting from the Sept. 2018 to Sept. 2019 and as Predicted he came out with Flying Colors and Predictions were on Dot. In Case of Rahul Gandhi the Progression chart indicates Connection of the Luminaries with Debilitated Planets and as Predicted it was a Down fall in his Status and losing the poll 2019 miserably. The Prediction for him have also proved on dot .

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Let me reproduce the important text here for Ready Reference below

Dasha Varga Chart, Vedic Progression chart, Rudramasha , and Garbhshishta Planets donot Promise any Higher Pedestal For Rahul Gandhi in the Dasha in operation of Rahu-Rahu till 21st Dec. 2021 it so seems as per ‘ASTROLOGY’
After Reading the Media News “Rahul Gandhi still an ‘Amul baby’ who chops the branch he’s sitting on” https://www.msn.com/en-in/news/newsindia/rahul-gandhi-still-an-amul-baby-who-chops-the-branch-hes-sitting-on-cpms-achuthanandan/ar-BBVuMmU?ocid=spartanntp

During the 2011 Assembly elections in Kerala, outgoing chief minister and veteran CPI(M) leader VS Achuthanandan had described Rahul Gandhi as an ‘Amul baby’, meant to convey as someone who was immature and inexperienced.
On Monday, a day after Gandhi was announced as the Congress candidate from Wayanad parliamentary constituency, the 95-year-old leader repeated the charge through a Facebook post.

I was Prompted to write this Article analysing the same asper Astrology after reading the above.
It is his own sweet choice , who can stop him. The chart of Libra Ascendant and Venus the Lagna Lord has Kendradipatidosh
Placed in the 10th house has already rewarded him the position as the Congress President after Venus reached the Venus in the 10 house as per declination, Now No substaintal gains can be seen for him. On the Start of the Election Day Venus in Transit will be in the 4th house and on the day of the Results of the Elections Venus will be in the 7th house of Opponents.
On the Day of Elections Moon over the natal Sun and Mars with Rahu and on the day of the Results Moon will be over the Natal Moon with Saturn and Ketu. What he will get is anybodies guess. This is as per Astrology and not my personal opinion
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Let me reproduce the important Text for his Fate in the coming 2019 Poll as per the above Article

Lagna is Vargottam in the 4 Charts below and is good . Also Ketu Promises 80 % which indicates that the native is born to Rich, Strong and Parents having a high status as per the D12 Dwadamsha chart . He is born on the Friday and the Day Lord is Venus placed in the yama of Virgo its debilitation sign and the Yama Lord Mercury is placed in the 8th house shows the weakness of Day Lord and the Venus in his chart. Placement of Venus in the 10th house again shows High status but since the depositor is placed in the 6/8 axis there may be loss of the Power and Prestige .

Let us have a look at the Garbshishta planets to see the strength of the Horoscope , since they are the seeds of our life and what ever I happens in our life is dependent on them good or bad

The Garbshishta Planets are Ketu-Venus .The Strength of the 2 planets in the Respective varga chart with respect to specific Parameters with Garbshishta are as follows

Promise Ketu Fructifications Venus Remarks

D1 Rashi Chart 80 % 30 % Ketu and Venus are also 2/12 axis

D9 Navamsha Chart 80% 10% Venus Debilitated in the 12th house and 3/11 with Ketu

D3 Dreshkanne Chart 60 % 30% Ketu and Venus 6/8 axis The chart of Poorva Janma Karma

D12 Dwadamsha chart 70% 70% The Chart is for Parents shows the same is very strong

From the above we can make out that the D12 the Dwadamsha Chart for the Parents is the Strongest and hence the Native is Born to very Strong Parents with power and Prestige since the Lagna of D12 is Vargottam, the Lagna Lord Venus is also Placed in the Lagna who is the Anter Dasha Lord and Lord of Fructifications as per Garbshishta and also well placed from Venus the Anter dasha Lord . Ketu the Dasha Lord is very strong in all the Chart further shows that the Promise in the Chart is Very Strong, but since the Anter dasha Lord is weak in the remaining 3 Varga charts shows the weakness of the native Losing strength in the Rashi Chart since the dipositor Moon is placed in the 6/8 axis with Venus ,and being the Day Lord Placed in the Yama of Virgo the Sign of debilitation and the yama lord of the day Mercury placed in the 8th House of the Rashi Chart, Debilitated in Navamsha and a parallel position in the Dreshkanne chart showing our Poorva Janma Karma..

In the D12 Dwadamsha Chart for Parents 3rd and the 10th Lord are marka for Father hence Moon is Marka for Father and in Rahu-Ketu axis placed in the 3rd house makes the event with his father crystal clear. 5th and 10th house are marka for Mother. 8th house from the 4th house is the 11th house and has aspects Of Mars who is with 5th Lord and the dasha of Mars-Sun is in operation and Sonia Gandhi has gone abroad for Treatment . Sun is placed in the 10th house is very strong but connected to Mars and Saturn reduce the Longevity of the father. In the Rashi Chart the depositor of Sun and Mars in the 8th house and Sun and Mars having aspect of Debilitated Saturn explains the event with the Father Rajeev Gandhi. As Per Progression chart By Manu Smiriti also shows that on completion of the 20th year will be a most malefic one for the Native and his father

Career of the Native as per the Jyotish Shastra with unique techniques.

The 10th house from Lagna the Physical Condition is Cancer sign and the Lord is Moon and a malefic since in Poornima , it is alo placed in the 6th from the 10th house and has no connection with 9th Lord Mercury and rather they are in 6/8 axis .10th house is also in Paap Kartari yoga

10th house from Moon Mental condition is again Mercury and the 9th and the 10th Lord from Moon are again in 2/12 axis, in both cases the 9th from Lagna and 10th from Moon is Mercury and placed in the 8th house from the Lagna and in the 6th from Moon are the most malefic combinations for a good Career .

10th house from Saturn the Longevity of Profession is Saturn again and in Debilitation and aspects the 11th Lord from Lagna , 9th from Moon and the 7th and the 2nd Lord Mars from Lagna , who is also the 12th from Moon and the 5th from Lagna . I have already Explained the Position of the Lagna Lord Venus is weak in the Chart

Saturn is weak since in debilitation, it is also the Yoga Karka planet but not a Poorna Yoga Karka since not the Lord of the 9th and the 10th house . Saturn is in the 3rd Dreshkanne and placed in Durvasa – Hot Tempered, Egoistic, Orthodox and follower of Traditions, no patience, inflicts great harm.
Avastha of Dreshkanne Adham Nature of results bad Results will be inconsistent , pessimistic and slow. Saturn is also in Ayidh Dreshkanne and is Violent and Murderous Saturn is also in Satwik Dreshkanne and Provides administration capabilities

Saturn is debilitated but placed in the 7th house is digbali and since in Satwik Dreshkanne the aspect is good on Sun and Mars , but bad for Father . The Relation of Saturn with 6th Lord Jupiter is not good since it gives dispute and imprisonment . Saturn should be strong in the Rashi, Dreshkanne and the Dwadamsha Chart . It is strong in the D12 Dwadamsha chart in own house , and since placed well in this chart they need not work and will get the Promotions very easily. This has Proved on dot . Saturn is related to the 2nd and the 11th Lord in the 9th house . The fame and recognition come from this combination but unfortunately the Depositor of these 2 planets is in the 8th house spoils all the fame and the recognition. In the navamsha Chart Saturn is weak. In the Dashamsha Chart Saturn is in the sign Sagitarius the the Sign Lord Jupiter is placed in the Lagna of the Natal Rashi Chart who is the 3rd and the 6th Lord most malefic for libra Lagna.

Sun is a royal planet and should not be weak in the chart and hence Govt. related issues and loss of permanency in Profession

Bhavat Bhavam the 7th house The micro work place , difficulties and problems in profession and has Debilitated Saturn is not good . 7th Lord in dual signs is bad here Mars is placed in this sign and as mentioned the depositor in the 8th house . 7th Lord and the 10th Lord are connected is good but when the 7th Lord is not well placed the Native is always distracted . The 7th Lord is also attichari and not good

Sign Taurus. The inspiration and competency is seen from this sign. Here in the Chart the same is placed in the 8th house and the sign Taurus and the Lord is placed in the Kendra in the 10th house , such people do their work with no discomfort and can scale in heights in Profession. From DA Lord the kendras should have benefics here both Jupiter and Debilitated Saturn is placed . Saturn gives the strength to fight with odd behaviour, Trines from the Lord are vacant . There are no malefics in the 3rd and 11th to give it strength and the support level which is missing . In D9 Navamsha it is Debilitated making it weak to say that the inspiration level and competency suffers From DA the Kendra have Malefics Rahu and Ketu. In the Dashamasha Chart the DA sign falls in the 8th house and Rahu is placed in that sign is making the DA very weak

The sign is Gemini and in the 2/12 from the Dasham Arudh Sign. this indicates that he may not have cordial relations with every one

MCL of the 10th house is Mercury and placed in the 8th house , well placed from the Garbshishta planets but ill placed from Saturn, Sun and Mars and hemmed between Saturn and Mars . Hence the native may face bad situations in the professional career like imprisonment.

The MCL of the 10th house and the 10th Lord are in 6/8 axis

The Nakshatra Lord of the MCL of 10th House Mercury is also in the 6/8 axis , hence difficulties in Profession

MCL of 10th house Mercury is not friendly to Moon and they are Bitter enemies in the Chart

Nakshatra Lord of the 10th Lord Ketu and the MCL of the 10th house are also not Friends , hence the native will neither have stability nor Satisfaction in his career

Mercury is placed in the DashamArudh but ill placed from the 10th Lord in D1, D9 but well placed in D10 and states that inspite of negatives the native will achieve Status

This chart has the same Lagna as the Rashi chart is not good, inspite of all other Parameters have improved

Success and achievements The 10th Lord of the D10 in D1 is seen and the 10th Lord and the Lagna Lord of D1 if afflicted by malefics then one will face professional hazards. and the same are visible in the D10 chart

D6 of D10 chart

The 10th House of the D10 Chart is rising and the Lagna Lord of theD1 and D10 Chart is strong but the 8th house has become the 11th house in the chart hence then native will try to meet his goals by hook or crook, the 10th Lord Moon is strong but Debilitated Saturn in the Kendra not good and is the 8th Lord of this chart


Dasha of Mars-Sun as per the above chart is not very conducive to give good results . Dasha of Mars-Moon is better but not extraordinary as per the above chart Dasha of Rahu is Placed well from Sun and the 10th Lord Saturn some Gains , but ill placed in the 8th house in the dashamsha chart . hence some gains which may niot be as per expectations

Dasha of Mars-Sun as per the above chart is not very conducive to give good results . Dasha of Mars-Moon is better but not extraordinary as per the above chart
Dasha of Rahu is in operation from the 15th April 2019 and Rahu is placed in the 5th house of the Rashi Chart 4th house of the navamsha and in the 8th house of the Dashamsha Chart . In the Dashamsha Chart it is afflicting the Dashamrudha sign is not good for Attainment of a good Position. It is ill placed from Moon the 10th Lord Lagna Lord Venus , MCL of the 10th house and also Saturn. Rahu Dasha may not impart him any Rajyoga

Special Lagnas

Indu Lagna Capricorn placed well from Jupiter but not Moon. Rahu Transit over the Sign Capricorn from the 9th Sept. 2017 to 25th March 2019 not good . Indu Lagna Lord is also debilitated

Yogi point Taurus Yogi Planet Sun in Trine from Jupiter , till the native works hard will not be able to achieve good positions Yogi point in the 8th house is not a good indication for the Na
tive growth in life .Avyogi is Saturn and Debilitated is good aspects the Lagna Vipreet rajyoga

Shree Lagna Sagitarius Lord is Jupiter and the Indu Lagna Lord is Saturn and both are Enemies in the chart as far as the compound friendship is concerned hence legal hassles the native will have to face regarding wealth associated issues The Dasha running till 15th April 2019 is Mars-Sun is not very good since the same are ill placed from the anter daha Lord Venus of Garbshishta and ill placed from the MCL of 10th House Mercury and the Depositor of Sun and Mars is placed in the 8th house

The Sign rising is the Taurus sign the 8th house of the Natal chart and the Lord of the Taurus sign is Debilitated in the 5th house and Rahu and Ketu in the 7th house and Mars in the 10th house . Jupiter and Moon are Placed in the Lagna of Taurus . Mercury in the 9th house and Mars in Aquarius in the 10th house . The chart is not very strong as fas as the dasjha of Rahu-Rahu is concerned to place him at a higher Pedestal

Dasha of Rahu Using Bodhkan, Vedhkan, Karkan and Pashkan plantes as per the South Indian Technique of the Dashas
For Rahu Moon is the Bodhkan Planet and has Directional Strength and the Dispositor of Bodhkan is Jupiter placed in the trine from Dasha Lord hence Bodhkan may give 50-60 % results positive. For Rahu the Vedhkan Planet is Mars , Mars does not have good Ownership hence may obtruct the results given by Moon. Pashkan Planet is Venus for Rahu Dasha and can give winfall gains if placed well but they are ill placed from each other and in 2/12 axis with Mars who is obtructing the Results of the Moon, they shpould be placed well. Karka Planet is Saturn , although Karka and Pashkan Planets are friens the Moon Results being Obstructed By Mars and Venus the Plaet who has to give windfal gains is ill placed from Venus may not attribute any good results in the Dasha of Rahu-Rahu till 26-12-2021. Hence rahul Gandhi may try his level best but maynot be able to encash the opportunities as can cebe seen from the above analysis

Vedic Progression chart of the Year June 2018 to June 2019

The Lagna is Scorpio and the nakshatra is of Anuradha the 4th house of the Chart and is placed in the 6th house in a debilitated condition and the Moon is in the 8th position from the 4th house shows the trouble to mother. Moon is with debilitated Venus the 12th Lord and both Rahul and his Mother have gone abroad for Treatment

The Lagna Lord is Mars and Placed in the 9th house in debilitated condition with Sun the 10th Lord and the Lagna Lord is totally combusted The Lagna and Lagna Lord are weak in the chart but a rajyoga what the Sun is forming as the 10th Lord in the 9th house with the Lagna Lord .Moon is Placed in the 11th house as the 9th Lord with 7th and the 12th Lord , Both the Sun and Moon are placed well but with Debilitated Planets makes both lose the strength , hence there may be some rise in the life of Rahul Gandhi but not substantial and with constraints. In the D10 chart the Lagna lord and the 10th Lord are in the 11th house , but the Lagna of the D10 Dashamsha Lord is Combusted is a negative Parameter for the Career since the Lagna is Scorpio in this chart and Mars totally combusted , hence he may not be able to handle the responsibilities given to him and lose of position in the year starting from June 2018 to June 2019 , Hence it seems that in the 2019 polls he may get some upper hand which he will not be able to maintain and lose the opportunities

Rahul Gandhi though born to very rich parents with high status and Power may not be able to reach the level of his parents it so seems from the above analysis , he is on the losing side of the table though he may gain some upper hand this year , which also he may not be able to sustain it in a long run. The Fate of Congress is at Stake it so seems from his Natal chart. This is total Astrological analysis and not my Personal Opinion.


Written on the 2nd April 2019 at 05-00 hrs
Jyotish Acharaya anil aggarwala
BSc.Production Engg. PEC Ch.

Now See the Fate of Rahul Gandhi as Predicted “Rahul Gandhi Resigns as Congress Leader After India Election Debacle” https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-07-03/end-of-an-era-in-india-rahul-gandhi-resigns-as-congress-leader?srnd=premium-asia

Rahul Gandhi announced his resignation as leader of India’s opposition Congress party, taking responsibility for its dismal result in the recent national election, which saw Prime Minister Narendra Modi returned for a second term with an increased majority.
“Rebuilding the party requires hard decisions and numerous people have to be made accountable for the failure of 2019,” Gandhi wrote in a letter released Wednesday. “It would be unjust to hold others accountable but ignore my own responsibility as president of the party,” the letter read.

Read this also “End of dynasty in Congress? Rahul Gandhi compels party for non-Gandhi president ” https://www.msn.com/en-in/news/newsindia/end-of-dynasty-in-congress-rahul-gandhi-compels-party-for-non-gandhi-president/ar-AADO1zX?ocid=spartanntp
The senior leadership of Congress was up for late night meetings and deliberations as it was thrown into a tizzy with the resignation of its president Rahul Gandhi. In a late night huddle, senior party leaders like Ghulam Nabi Azad, Mukul Vasnik, Ahmed Patel, AK Antony, Ashok Gehlot were forced to discuss the future course of action.

The challenge ahead is to de-escalate the present crisis without the presence of a Gandhi family member.

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Date 4th July 2019 07-35 am
Jyotish Acharaya anil aggarwala
BSc.Production Engg. PEC Ch.

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