Vedic Progression Chart Of US July 2019-July 2020 May Prove Most Enigmatic With Eclipses Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

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Eclipses Falling in the 1/7 axis of Sun In Gemini which is allocated as Sign of US By Varahamihra and the Enigmatic Progression chart of US may put US In Difficult situation

Vedic Progression Charts by Manu Smriti give Amazing Results for the Running Year and I have been using this Parameter and found Most Amazing Results . In this Article I am going to use Vedic Progression chart for the US to find what could be the Results for US starting from the 4th July 2019 to 3rd July 2020.
Chart of US Foundation chart of the 4th July 1776 10-20-30 hrs Pheladelphia is below as Taken by K N Rao

The Balance of Dasha was Mars-Ketu 2 years 3 Months and 10 days
As Per The Theory Of Inevitability Of K N Rao when Eclipses take Place over the 1/7 axis of Natal Sun, Moon or the Ascendant and the Anter Dasha of Rahu or a Planet who has acquired the potentiality tO kill what can happen ?
The Country may Fall from Power
If the Major or Sub Dasha also happens to be that of Rahu or Ketu, perhaps then such a fall becomes unavoidable. Now As I have been mentioning in my Articles that the Eclipses in the Month of July , Dec. 2019 and 10th Jan 2019 are falling in the 1/7 axis of the Sun and Dasha of Rahu-Rahu and placed in the 12th house of Losses and the Dispositor in the 7th house of wars the Nation may be involved in war like situations and suffer . Hence the Dasha starting from the Nov. 2018 of Rahu-Rahu may not bring good results in totality .

Reference Book “The Nehru Dynasty By K N Rao By Vani Publications Page 80 ‘ ASTROLOGICALINEVITABILITY’

Donald Trump is also Running the Dasha of Jupiter -Saturn and involvement of the Dasha of the 7th house in the chart of the President also involves the nation in war like situations . There will be no respite in the Brawl between US-Iran and US-China. It seems that the Solar Eclipse of the 2nd-3rd July and Lunar Eclipse of the 17th July 2019 may further escalate the tensions between US-Iran and the Trade War Between US-China. This can also take an Ugly shape it so seems from the above . US is also a War Mongering Country as per K N Rao by the Placement of Mars connection with the 3rd, 6th, 7th and the 9th .

US is Running the Dasha of Rahu-Rahu from the 14th Nov. 2018 and till 27th June 2021 and may prove most enigmatic one it so seems
After Casting the Chart of the Current year Progression I found the Chart most enigmatic. The Chart is Below

The Following Parameters acquire an important dimension

1. Taurus Sign is rising which is the Tenth house of the Foundation chart and the Lord Venus is placed in the sign Aries the 12th house in the nakshatra of Ketu.

2. The Dasha Lords Rahu-Rahu are ill placed from both the Sun, Moon and also from the 10th house

3.Moon is Placed in the 8th house afflicted Badly by Mars, Saturn and Jupiter and all the 3 are retrograde.

4.Moon is also aspected by 8th Lord Jupiter who is in fallen State and supposed to be most malefic parameter in the Chart. Fallen 8th and 11th Lord Jupiter aspects both Sun and Moon. There is also a Rudda Yoga of the 8th Lord and Sun in the 10th house

5. Moon is Placed in the 8th house in the nakshatra of Venus the Lagna Lord and the 6th Lord of the chart placed in the 12th house

6. Fallen 8th and 11th Lord Jupiter aspects the Saturn who is the 9th and the 10th lord and also Karka for Longevity

7. Jupiter is a functional Malefic For Taurus Lagna and as the Dispositor of Moon in affliction most Venomous

8. 10th house from Moon is Virgo and Owned By Mercury who is also Fallen and in Direct motion and with Ketu in the 9th house and about to enter the 10th house . The 10th Lord in the Foundation chart is Venus in the 12th house in the Nakashatra of Ketu and Mercury again with Ketu and ill placed from the Sun and Moon are malefic Parameters


The Eclipse is falling over the Sign Gemini and Sagitarius and in 1/7 axis of Sun for US and Gemini which is also allocated to US by Varahamihra and hence most Venomous since also in the 1/7 axis of the Sun and Transit Rahu almost over the Natal Sun in very close degrees . The Transit Of Rahu over the Natal Jupiter is another Parameter which cannot be ignored in the Progression chart who is fallen in the sign Gemini and Rahu almost over the same degrees . Transit Jupiter is also Fallen as the 3rd and the 8th Lord of the Foundation chart of US and as the 8th and the 11th Lord of Progression chart and more to be the 8th Lord since it is the Dispositor of Moon placed in the 8th house
The Month of July , 3rd July,17th July, 26th Dec. 2019 and 10th Jan 2020 seems to be most venomous for US since the Eclipses are falling on these dates and Rahu adversefrm the 3rd July to 19th July and then from the 25th July to 2nd August most prone period for untoward happenings . The Mercury going in Retrogression on the 7th -8th July 2019 is another Parameter for Strong Earthquakes taking place in the South-East and North -West Direction by the yama chart

As per the above Parameters the nation could face ugly situations as follows
1. Affliction to the 8th Lord in both Charts of Foundation and Progression since Jupiter is in Fallen State in Transit and in the Progression chart and dispositor of Moon in the Progression chart. ——–Losses and Untoward happenings ,

2. Jupiter is Karka for wealth and finance and in Venomous condition in the Progression chart and Transit and both are in 6/8 axis . Effect on the Financial Condition of the Country , hence the Stock and the Financial Markets may be influenced adversely . More so Rahu over the Jupiter in both the charts of Foundation and Progression

3.Brawl Between US and other Countries may take ugly shape , specially US-Iran, US-China and so may other Countries

4. Natural and Unnatural Disasters specially related to Water, Rains, Earthquakes, Tornados, Terrorism cannot be ruled out .

5. The Directions which will be influenced most will be North-West and South East Of the US

Donald Trump running the Dasha of Jupiter-Saturn and Jupiter also Fallen and Saturn as the lord of the 7th house and the Debilitation Lord of Jupiter may put him in Hot waters it so seems
The Future of the country does not seems to be stable
July seems to be a difficult month for US special;ly from the 3rd to 19th July and then 25th to 2nd August 2019
Mars will activate the Eclipse point of the Lunar Eclipse between the 5th to 10th Nov. 2019 can also be most venomous for US facing all kind of Troubles as mentioned above
The Vedic Progression chart of the Year July 2019 to July 2020 therefore seeems to be most enigmatic one

Date 4th July 2019 07-35 am
Jyotish Acharaya anil aggarwala
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