Gold Zoom’s As Predicted May Make Explosive Move After 17th August 2019 Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

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Concentration of Planets in Leo specially Sun and then in Sagitarius Gold will cross all Boundries

The Concentration of Planets in the sign Leo and then Sagitarius could trigger the Gold Crossing all Boundries specially after 17th August 2019 when Sun ingresses in Leo. The Fortnight of the 30th August 2019 also indicates the same since then there will be 7 planets in the fiery sign 5 in Leo and 2 in Sagitarius. Please read my Predictions on Gold proving on Dot till date .

Predictions Proving on dot for the Stock and the Financial Markets Plummeting and Gold Surging towards the 1500 $ mark as predicted
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This Predictions was Made before the FED took Action and Proved on Dot, although all Articles written shows if Astrology is applied properly there is nothing which we cannot Predict
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This Fortnight was enigmatic one as mentioned by me and Proved on dot in every respect , may be Stock Markets, Gold and the Govt. strict action on Jammu & Kashmir, I did not eloborate the Article 370 since it was obvious for this action by the Govt. as mentioned by me
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This indicates crystal clear what US will face in the near future and the actions taken by Trump. Nut shell we are inching towards a Global Recession like the Oct 1929 Great Recession
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Read this Article and Gold Surging as predicted and inchingtowards the 1500 $ mark.
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At its low the Dow Jones Industrial Average was down well over 900 points trading to a low of 25,523.38. Although it closed off of its lows the Dow lost 767.27 points today, which is a net decline of 2.90%, as it settled at 25,717.74. At the same time gold prices surged to the highest trading point over the last six years with December futures trading to a high of $1481.80. Currently gold futures are at $1476.00 which is a net increase of $18.50, gaining 1.27% on the day.
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Trump Was just passing time he knew he could do nothing for the Trade Truce which will end up in an ugly state and then Stocks and Financial Markets would take a strong hit Wait for Nov. 2019 you would see it for yourself
All Predictions for Stock Markets, Gold, Trade war, Jammu and Kashmir Prove on dot and Predicted Long ago but the Paksha kundali of the 1st August opened the Secrets of the Fortnight.

See the Chart Below

Chart of One Month Gold Prices

Chart of Gold of One Year Prices Crossing all Boundries


Date 12th August 2019 09-10 hrs
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