Rahu In Ardra Nakshatra ‘God Of Storms’ May Bring Tears Or Smiles ? Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

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The North Node Rahu will ingress the Nakshatra Ardra its own nakshatra as per TRUE POSITIONS on the 27th Sept. 2019 to 22nd April 2020. Ardra Nakshatra is a Teekshna-Daruna ( Ferocious & Bitter) Acts related to harm others , deadly deeds and divide others. The Diety of this Planet is ‘Rudra ‘ Lord of Storms First Tears and then Diamond. Rudra is Lord of Destruction. It may Take away unexpected things and also give unexpected . Ardra Nakshatra also signifies Transformation after Strong Storms and Lightening .It is in the Centre of the Gemini sign hence the significations of this sign also being the 3rd house of the natural zodiac signifies Yatna Shakti.It is intense form of Lord Shiva. The Domain of Gemini is intelluct, Communication,
Rahu is supposed to give good Results in the upchaya houses 3.6.10 and 11th from the natal Moon..

The immediate effect will be of Rahu from the 27th Sept. 2019 and Ketu after it goes in the Moola Nakshatra adhomukh and again most ferocious after 12th Feb. 2020 to 20th Sept. 2020. Hence the Period most Prone to destruction will be from the 27th Sept. 2019 to 22nd April 2020

1. Ardra Nakshatra is between 6 degree 40′ to 20 degree 00′ Gemini.
2. It’s Symbol is Teardrop.
3. Ruling Planet is Rahu, Nature is Manushya(human like).
4. Primary Motivation is to follow Kama (Desire).
5. Animal Symbol is Female Dog.
6. Direction is West.
7. Sounds are Koo, ghaa, jna, cha.
8.Qualities are Rajas/Tamas/Sattwa and Tikshna (sharp or dreadful).
9. Deity is Rudra (Fierce form of Shiva).
10. Bird connected with this nakshatra is Andril.
11.Tree connected with this nakshatra is Black ebony, black pepper.
12.caste is Butcher.
13. After Fear, Tears Diamond after transformation
14. Research in the Communication field and significations of the sign Gemini
15. Rahu in Ardra nakshatra the shoulders, hands, lungs may be influenced who have afflicted Mercury and Rahu

The Following Parameters will dictate the results of Rahu in Ardra Nakshatra

1. The Placement of Rahu, Gemini sign and Mercury in the chart.
2. Planets in Ardra Nakshatra , specially Moon, Ascendant or Rahu in Ardra Nakshatra then strong results
3. There are 4 pada’s of this Nakshatra and there will be 4 navamsha of Rahu in this Transit from Pieces,Aquarius, Capricorn and Sagitarius. Rahu will be for one month each in Pieces, Capricorn and Sagitarius Navamsha and for 4 months in Aquarius Navamsha supposed to give strong results as follows
From 27th Sept to 27th Oct. 2019 in Pieces Navamsha
From 28th Oct. 2019 to to 20th Feb. 2020 Aquarius Navamsha
From 20th Feb. 2020 to 22nd March 2020 in Capricorn Navamsha
From 23rd March to 22nd April 2020 on Sagitarius Navamsha
4. During Rahu in Ardra Nakshatra since in the sign of Gemini will also depend where the sign dispositor is placed in the Transit and hence from the Sign Virgo to Pieces sign Hence when Mercury will be in Pieces may not be a good transit specially when Rahu will be in Sagitarius Navamsha at that time. Rahu stars in Ardra when Mercury is in Exhaltation for 2 days since Mercury will ingress in Libra on the 29th Sept. 2019

The Best Results will be for the Following Signs
ARIES 4 months stay in Aquarius Navamsha from 28th Oct. 2019 to 20th Feb. 2020
GEMINI Same as above
LEO Same as above
SAGITARIUS Same as above
AQUARIUS Same as above

Little difficult time for Following for 4 Months for the following


Generally speaking it will be good over all for Gemini, Leo, Virgo,Sagitarius,Capricorn and Pieces

4. Rahu-Mercury or Mercury Rahu dasha people, Ardra Nakshatra in the Lagna, Moon or Rahu such people will be influenced strongly as per the above . If Rahu and Mercury are placed well in the horoscope then good results can be expected . Placed in Trik bhava and Mercury weak may prove to be bad for the native
Transit of Rahu will also be influenced by the Transit of Mercury from the sign Virgo to Pieces when Rahu is there in Ardra nakshatra

The Positive part is Rahu and Ketu will be influenced by Saturn degree conjunct at 19 degrees on the 28th Sept. 2019 and will control the Rahu and after 5th Nov. Jupiter will also influence both the Rahu and Ketu is also a saving factor in this Transit unlike the 11th Sept. 2001 when Jupiter was with Rahu in Ardra nakshatra with Rahu at the time of Terrorism in the US, but after 30th March 2020 they will not be influenced by either Saturn or Jupiter hence the Most Prone Period is from the 30th March to 22nd April 2020 for Rahu and Ketu taking a very strong and Destructive trend what ever may be the case. Ardra Nakshatra also signifies Diamond hence after Destruction building up like a diamond the more you polish it the more it shines . Hence Strong Transformations are on the Cards


and Terrorist Groupsus have a look at the chart of India CFoundation chart below

The Dasha in operation till 10th Dec. 2019 is Moon-Jupiter and Rahu is transitting over the natal Mars in the 2nd House who is the Lord of the 12th house and the 7th house . Mars is in the nakshatra of Ardra, hence this Transit may not be good for India as far as the espionage from the foreign elements after the 27th Sept. 2019 to 22nd April 2020 but since Mars is also in the Sagitarius navamsha the Transit of Rahu in the Sagitarius navamsha may prove to be most venomous from the 23rd March to 22nd April 2020. I have alread written an Article that the Dates 30th March, 8th April and 16th April 2020 are prone to war like conditions in the Country due to the Fact that Moon, Rahu, Saturn and Ketu will be having mutual vedha in the Rashi Sanghatta Chakra, which indicates the War and war like conditions

India Moon is in the Nakshatra of Pushya and is placed in the 3rd house of the Boarders and the Rahu Transit in the 12th from the natal Moon and in the Ardra The Navamsha Transit of Rahu will be most malefic one for approx 4 months since it will be in the Aquarius Navamsha and the 8th from Natal Moon and where Natal Rahu is Placed in Navamsha the 12th house . This Period of 28th Oct to 20th Feb. 2019 may also not be good. Also Rahu will be in the navbamsha of Sagitarius the 6th from Moon and the 8th from Lagna between the 23rd March to 22nd April 2020. We all know that the Anter Dasha of Jupiter has never been good and has been discussed in detail in the Article ”
Hence Terrorism and Espionage till 10th Dec. 2019 and then high degree of Terrorism and Espionage in Moon-Saturn Dasha which is forming a Vish yoga in the 3rd house of Boarders and as per Rudramasha chart Saturn is the Lagna Lord placed in the 8th house of Akaal Mrityu and we have already seen the Dasha of Sat-Sat-Ketu when we had blood shed at the time of independence , now the Dasha of Moon-Sat-Sat will be worst in this case

Let us have a Look on the Chart of Kashmir Accession of 27th Oct. 1947 13.21 .43 hrs. Below

The Chart is of Capricorn Lagna and Mars and Saturn Conjunction in the 7th house , Makes the State Most War Prone and Torn by the history of the Past. Debilitated Sun 8th Lord in the 10th house with 10th Lord Venus and fallen Mercury as 9th Lord in the 10th house further adds fuel to the Fire for the State to be involved always in a War Prone Condition due to involvement in Religious Provocations.

The Present dasha in operation is of Mars-Rahu from the 16th Nov. 2018 and will be operative till 4th Dec. 2019. We have already seen the Pulwama Attack as Predicted and Truned on dot on the 14th feb. 2019 as per the Solar ingres chart of Capricorn where Sun in in close degrees with Ketu in Capricorn.
Transit of Rahu over the natal Mars and Saturn aggravated the situations after 9th Sept. 2017, but the dasha of Mars and Rahu Started after 16th Nov. 2019 has proved to be most venomous.
The affliction to the Lagna after 30th March 2020 could prove venomous for the Jammu & Kashmir when the transit of Saturn, Mars and Jupiter will be in the Lagna which may aggravate the situations in Jammu and Kashmir

I have already mentioned that the 30th March to 16th April 2020 will be the most prone Period for India and the Jammu & Kashmir

The Foundation chart of Pakistan is below of 14th August 1947 00-00-01 Karachi

The Mars in Ardra Nakshatra and in Gandantha of Mrigshira and Ardra

The Dasha in operation is of Venus-Jupiter and bothare connected to the 7th house of Wars and International Relations Venus is placed in the 4th house and is in planetary war who is also the dispositor of the Jupiter placed in the 7th house and Rahu will be transitting over the 3rd house over the natal Mars in Ardra Nakshatra and the over the Natal Moon hence Pakistan may have an aggressive stance for any Espionage in India through Terrorism

4th July 1776 10-20-30 hrs Philadelphia

The Dasha of Rahu-Rahu-Mercury will be in operation from the 24-12-2019 to 12-5-2020. This Period can be critical for the US siunce both Rahu and Mercury are placed in the 12th house of Losses and Transit Rahu will be over the Jupiter and Venus 2 Planets in Ardra nakshatra . The effect seems to be crucial since as per the Theory of Inevitability the Solar Eclipse of the 26th Dec. 2019 falls in the 1/7 axis of the Sun and Rahu over all the 4 Planets in the sign Gemini. Varahamihra has also alloted the sign Gemini to US hence this Period stated above is prone to Terrorism and destruction in the country .

We all remember the 9-11-2001 08-46 hrs Terrorist Attack onthe Twin Tower in Manhattan. The Chart is below

Now Have a Look at the chart Below of the 26th Feb. 2020 when Mars and Ketu are again in the Moola Nakshatra and Rahu in Ardra Nakshatra like the 11th Sept. 2001 attack

The Saving grace is Jupiter in own house , but definitely the Planetary positions are similar to the Previous 9-11 attack in the US

These Planetary positions are not good as far as the Taurus Ascendant Countries and for India as well when Dasha of Moon-Saturn will be in operation

The Country has Taurus Lagna and the Sun in the 8th house at 12 degrees and the Eclipses in the 1/7 axis of Sun may prove fatal


You can see for your self the Rahu and Mars in the Gemini sign in the 8th house specially the Rahu in Ardra Nakshatra and Ketu in moola Nakshatra , hence this Transit of Rahu and Ketu in the Ardra and moola Nakshatra respectively will be extremely bad for the UK from the 12th Feb. 2020 to 22nd April 2-020 but untoward happenings can take place after Rahu moves in the nakshatra of Ardra on the 27th Sept. 2019

Read my Article “Solar Eclipse Of Dec. 2019 And Hong Kong’s Dilemma What Star’s Have Up Their Sleeves ? Astrologer Anil Aggarwala” https://www.astrodocanil.com/2019/08/solar-eclipse-of…r-anil-aggarwala/

Sun is there in Ardra nakshatra in the 4th house with Mercury . The Eclipses in the 1/7 axis of the Sun in Ardra is not good for Hongkong. It seems there will be civil war and the head of the Country may have to step down

Iraq, Japan,Malasyia

Hence Most Prone Period of the Rahu from the 27th Sept. 2019 and Ketu from the 12th Feb. 2020 till 22nd April 2020 when Rahu will ingress in the Mrigshira Nakshatra . Ketu will remain in the moola Nakshatra most malefic one till Sept. 2020

Mind you Rahu is goiing to enter Ardra Nakshatra as per True motion on the 27th Sept. 2019 and will tear things apart, a big transformation is on the cards First a Tear drop then Diamond .
For US Moon is in Aquarius and 7th from Lagna and Rahu will be in Pieces Navamsha the 2nd From Moon and the 8th from Lagna hence till 27th Oct. 2019 a very bad time for US and after that Rahu in Aquarius Navamsha for 4 months is not bad and then in Capricorn Navamsha again bad for one month and then in Sagitarius navamsha some good . US has Bad Dasha of Rahu-Rahu-Mer in Dec. 2019 and bad Mercury so US may not be able to utilize the Transit for betterment and a good Truce for the Trade war. This transit will settle the issue for sure .

For China Moon and Lagna is same Capricorn and 4 months from 27th Oct.2019 to 20th Feb. 2020 in the 2nd house from Lagna and Moon most malefic Time Frame. Then the Rahu in the Capricorn navamsha will be good for one month and then In Sagitarius Navamsha will be bad again the subsequent month. Hence the US to Suffer more than China in totality . In the Chart although Gemini sign is in the 6th house but Rahu and Mercury are placed well, hence China may also suffer but not as much what US may suffer

The Global Economy may be adversely influenced after Jupiter enters the sign Sagitarius on the 5th Nov. 2019 and will nbe worst hit when Rahu and Ketu both will be in their own Nakshahra from the 12th Feb. to 22nd April 2020

Thunderstorms accompanied by Earthquakes and Lightening cannot be ruled out as per the above prone periods

Read My Predictions for Chidambaram Article “Arrest Shield Gone Chidambaram In Hot Waters Astrologer Anil Aggarwala” https://www.astrodocanil.com/2019/08/arrest-shield-go…r-anil-aggarwala/
Have a look at the chart below
Have a Look at the chart Below of the 16th Sept. 1945 Place Tamil Nadu Kanadukathan

The Lagna is Vargottam but there is heavy affliction in the 2/8 axis and has been activated by Rahu, Mars and Saturn during the Eclipses of the July 2019. The Saturn over the Natal Moon in the 8th house has only 2 Bhinashtakvarga points a very weak score for Saturn to save him from the Govt.. Hence the Transit from the 11th August when Jupiter becomes direct and starts it journey to the 8th house and till Saturn is in Sagitarius till 24th Jan. 2019 may prove most Venomous for him and may be trapped in Scams. Since his 3rd Sadesati is in operation his health may also become an issue it so seems
The Predictions are purely based on the Birth details and not my Personal Analysis or Feelings
The Eclipses in the 1/7 axis of the Moon and Rahu under affliction in Ardra Nakshatra along with Mars in Ardra and with Saturn and Rahu and Ketu in their Own Nakshatra’s ardra and Mool and the 2/8 axis getting afflicted and Dasha of Sat-Moon-Sat puts him in hot waters


Read My Article “‘Marriage and Career Prospects’ Of Rahul Gandhi: A Study By The Jyotish Shastra Using Unique Principles” https://www.astrodocanil.com/2018/06/marriage-and-car…nique-principles/ ‎
Lagna is Vargottam in the 4 Charts below and is good . Also Ketu Promises 80 % which indicates that the native is born to Rich, Strong and Parents having a high status as per the D12 Dwadamsha chart . He is born on the Friday and the Day Lord is Venus placed in the yama of Virgo its debilitation sign and the Yama Lord Mercury is placed in the 8th house shows the weakness of Day Lord and the Venus in his chart. Placement of Venus in the 10th house again shows High status but since the depositor is placed in the 6/8 axis there may be loss of the Power and Prestige .

Dasha of Rahu-Rahu and Eclipses in the 1/7 axis of the Lunimaries and Rahu over the Mars in Rahu Nakshatra Ardra may not be good for him in the Present scenario. Mercury in 8th house when Rahu will be in Capricorn Navamsha will be bad for one month specially due to the fact that Mars in Gemini is in Ardra nakshatra and Moon in Moola Nakshatra. The Time frame from the 27th Sept. 2019 to 22nd April 2020 may put him in hot waters as can be seen from the Transit of Planets and specially Rahu and Ketu Transit in their own nakshatra’s in the above time frame

Date 5th Sept. 2019 12.50 hrs
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