US-China Trade Talks On Oct. 10-11th 2019 What Star’s Have Up Their Sleeves ? Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

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Trade talks between the U.S. and China are set to resume Oct. 10-11 in Washington, three people close to the talks told CNBC on Thursday.

Nodes Mars Saturn on wheel may not bring healthy results for the Truce as can be seen from the Planetary positions

I have been mentioning in all my Articles that the Trade Truce cannot take place which will bring good Results rather they may end up in ugly relations between the 2 Countries . Nodes in the Gemini-Sagitarius can settle the Disputes only after Rahu and Ketu are in their own nakshatra’s after 12th Feb. to 22nd April 2020 when both will be in their own nakshatra’s bu the process can start after Rahu enters the Ardra nakshatra from the 27th Sept. 2019.
Now look at this news which comes on the 23rd Sept. 2019 “US-China trade talks will resume in two weeks, Mnuchin says”
I have already written an Article on the Rahu and Ketu in the Gemini-Sagitarius axis and the results for the same. The Process of Trade Talks start again after Rahu in Ardra Nakshatra. Hence the time till 22nd April 2020 is most crucial for the World economy. Every time the Trade talks have started when the Planetary positions have been adverse and the talks have failed. Follow this link and you would reach my Predictions for the Trade Truce Failure Just write US-China Trade Talks in the Search coloumn on the right hand side in the Search and you would reach my earlier Predictions for the US-China Relations and the Predictions have proved on dot.

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I donot forsee any break through regarding the same on the 10th-11th Oct. 2019.

Let us see the Planetary positions on the 10th Oct. 2019 on Thursday Washington from Sun rise to Sunset for the same

The Day is Thursday and the Lord is Jupiter Placed in the sign Scorpio

The Tithi is SP-13

Nakshatra is Satabisha . This is good for all activities needing motion and the ending time is 13.43 hrs and then P Bhadra nakshatra will be there and is an Aggressive Nakshatra suitable for killing, cheating works involving fire,Purchase and sale of Arms, surgical operations and is highly malefic nakshatra. The Nakshatra is also downward looking and hence there may be no truce it so seems from the planetary positions specially in the 2nd half of the day and Moon will remain in P Bhadra nakshatra till 11th Oct. 16-40 hrs . Moon will then be in Gandantha and in Ashvini nakshatrra and a movable nakshatra.In the Sign Aries

Yoga in Gand Inauspicious and the Lord is Saturn and Placed with Ketu in the sign of Sagitarius Ending time 14.07 hrs.

Karna Lord is Mars placed in the sign of Virgo with Sun and having mutual aspect of Saturn

Sun Rise is 07-19 hrs .

The Time 13.19 will be most malefic since then the Ascendant will be in Junction of Scorpio and Sagitarius

Hence the first half of the Day may be ok but the 2nd half of the Day will not produce good results for any truce specially after 13.43 hrs to 11th Oct. 2019 till 16-40 hrs and then in Gandantha also which is also not good . 11th Oct. 2019 is also a malefic Tithi for wealth related issues since Chaturdashi and all Mercury and Jupiter Signs are Dagdha

Hence we can say that after 13-19 hrs and 13-43 hrs on the 10th Oct. 2019 to 11th Oct. 2019 may not be conducive for good results for any Truce in the Trade war between the US-China

Have a Look at the chart of the 10th Oct. 2019 Washington13.44 hrs below

I have already explained above. Some important features on the 10th Oct.2019 asper the US chart

1. On this Day Sun will be over the natal Saturn at exact degrees and the Natal Saturn will also aspect the Sun in the 11th house at almost same degrees in the case of US
In the chart of US Mars and Saturn have return and mutual aspect and in Transit also the same is happening
Transit Mars also over the Natal saturn and Transit Saturn also influencing the Natal Mars and Saturn , this shows the War mongering tendencies of US and may try to dictate his terms which China may not agree totally note this parameter


Now Let us also have a Look at the Chart of US of the 4th July 1776 10-20-30 hrs Phildelphia The Dasha running is Rahu-Rahu-Ketu till 21-11-2019 As alreadty explained the Eclipses in the 1/7 axis of the Natal Sun, Jupiter , Mars and Venus may not bring good resultsand hence after the 26th Dec. 2019 Solar Eclipse the Country may face a down fall after Mars activates the Eclipse point on the 22nd Feb. 2020 when Rahu and Ketu will also be in their own nakshatras and deemed to be most Ferrocious and adhomukh
The Transit moon is in the 2nd Nakshatra from the natal Nakshatra on the 10th Oct. 2019 but after 13-43 hrs on the 10th Oct 2019 it will be the 3rd Nakshatra and most malefic for the US till 16.40 hrs on the 11th Oct. 2019

1st Oct. 1949 15-15 hrs Peking

The Natal Moon is in the sign Capricorn and in Shravana nakshatra and the Moon nakshatra on the 10th Oct will be the 3rd Nakshatra and a malefic one but after 13.43 hrs it will be favourable for China and malefic for the US, hence China may take an aggressive stance in the latter part of the 10th Oct to 11th Oct. 2019

The Solar Eclipse of the 26th Dec. 2019 will take place in the nakshatra of Poorva shadha which is the 8th and a Mitra nakshatra , hence good for China
The Solar Eclipse for US will take place in the 7th Tara from the natal Tara of Moon in the Dhanistha nakshatra , hrnce US is bound to suffer. There is a blind curve ahead and it may look as if the Truce is favourable but the ultimate and inevitable is Economy Break down. The Nodes may trigger the Break down some way or the other may be untoward happening in US since the Parameters are parallel to the 11th Sept. 2001 Terrorist Attack. Also Rahu the North Node give results which are cloudy


As already predicted we are at the door of Trade wars escalating and the ultimate for a Global Recessionspecially after the 9th Nov. to 26th Nov. 2019 and then after 12th Feb. to 22nd April 2020 where 30th March , 8th and 16th April 2020 are most crucial for the Globe in every aspec may be it is Global Economy, Brawl between nations, Earthquakes, War like conditions, Terrorism etc. The US tens to suffer more in the process and as already predicted for Donald Trump long back in 2017 that he would face Impeachment is also coming true.

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