Enigmatic Lunation Charts Of 28th Oct. & 12th Nov. 2019 What They Have Up Their Sleeve’s ? Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

by anil aggarwala

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Enigmatic Lunation charts of the 28th Oct. and 12th Nov. 2019. Mars Activating the Eclipse point on 9th Nov. 2019 of the Lunar Eclipse of the 17th July 2019 at 29.56 degrees in Sagitarius and Mercury adding Fuel to the fire and may give most Venomous for the Lunation chart of the 28th Oct. 2019
The Following Events are most Important in the coming Fortnight

1.Supreme Court Verdict for Ram Mandir is expected between 4-15 November, 2019, my prediction the verdict may come on the 9th Nov. 2019.(Note this Prediction Proves on dot) for the Date
2. Maharashtra Govt. formation .

Let us see what the Planetary positions have up their sleeves in the coming Fortnight from the 28th Oct. 2019

Read the Text below
Have a Look at the chart of the 28th Oct. 2019 of 09-08 hrs Below

The Day is Monday and the Lord is Moon placed in the sign of Libra the 12th house of the Chart in the Nakshatra of Rahu who is placed in the 8th house in own nakshatra Ardra supposed to be Lord of Storms and Tears may roll for some Countries specially the South Eastern Part of the World and even California
Moon is Placed in the Yama of Taurus the 7th house of the Chart and the House of the Karna Lord Naga indicates most malefic happenings . In this position Moon will be in the 6/8 axis in the Lunation chart from the Yama chart and therefore prone to untoward happenings in the world . Earthquakes when Moon and Mercury join in the sign Scorpio and Mercury is also In Retrogression on the 31st Oct. 2019 in the evening hoursaround the 21-00 hrs. Apart from this the Malefic Karna Lord will be placed in the Lagna at 00.01 degrees and is in extremely malefic condition. 2nd Lord Jupiter is also nearing the Gandantha position. The Lunation is taking place in the 12th house and the Lord Venus is placed in the Lagna with 8th Lord Mercury and they will be degree conjunct on the 31st Oct. 2019. This day seems to be most malefic one from the planetary positions

The Above combination would have 4 planets in the sign Scorpio Watery sign in the Rashi Chart and 4 in navamsha as well hence Jal Pralay due to Water is seen with magnitude In India as well apart for other Countries
specially the Countries near the Coastal part of the World specially for Indonesia, Japan, Callifornia. Most Prone are Japan and Callifornia due to the Nodes in the Gemini-Sagitarius axis the Concentration of Planets in the Watery sign Scorpio. For India the

The most malefic parameters in this fortnight are as below apart from the above .
1. Lagnesh Mars is in Debilitation in the navamsha
2. Dispositor of Sun and Moon Venus with Debilitated Mars in Cancer
3. Sun and Moon both aspected by Debilitated Mars in navamsha
4. Rahu and Ketu Change navamsha on the 27th Oct. 2019 in the Aquarius and Leo axis supposed to be most malefic till 12th Feb 2020
5. After 12th Feb, 2020 Rahu and Ketu both will be in their own nakshatras and supposed to be most malefic like the 11th March 2011 Japan Tsunami on the 31st Oct- 1st Nov. 2019
6. Mars will activate the Eclipse point of the Lunar Eclipse of the 17th July 2019 on the 9th Nov. 2019. At this point it will be about to join the Lunation sign of Libra and can prove to be most venomous for the Maharashtra Assembly elections
7. The Ram Mandir Verdict by the Supreme Court may be announced before the 15th Nov. 2019 and both the Lunation charts of the 28th Oct. and 12th Nov. 2019 are enigmatic one 28th Oct. 2019 is Scorpio lagna 7th house is rising and on the 12th Nov. 2019 Taurus sign the Ascendant of the India Foundation chart is rising and most venomous one since the 9th and the 10th Lord in the 8th house with Ketu and the 8th Lord Jupiter. The Planetary positions are not conducive to give good results as per the planetary positions and Mercury the Planet of our Psychology is fallen after the 7th Nov. 2019 is most venomous for any good fructifications specially for the Maharashtra Assembly Elections
8. Untoward Happenings in the South East Asia and Callifornia are not ruled out as per the Planetary position
9. Strong Earthquakes and Tornados or Terrorism cannot be ruled out in this fortnight specially between the 9th and the 11th Nov. 2019 Weather Changes Rain etc also possible . The Stock and Financial Markets can also teke a strong hit it so seems after 12th Nov. 2019
Date 11th Oct.2019 19.00.00 hrs

The Fortnight from the 28th Oct and 12th Nov. 2019 are most enigmatic one and full security for Terrorism is the call for the Day


Intellectual calliber, Speed and Communication, TV Trade Commerce, Treaties, Documents may then be adversely influenced . It has been observed that when Mercury is Retrograde and connected to Moon there are Earthquakes of High intensity . Mars will change sign on the 10th Nov. 2019 to Libra hence till 10th Nov. 2019 there are high risk of Natural and Unnatural Disasters. Earthquakes, Tornados, Weather Changes , Communication may be disturbed , Treaties may not bring the desired results specially the US-China Truce

Mercury also controls the Stock and the Financial Markets and may influence the same adversely , Strong Roller coaster rides are not ruled out when Mercury is Retrograde and Falllen. 2 Planets fallen as below . Benefic Fallen are not good and specially Jupiter and Mercury one after the other

1. Jupiter in Scorpio till 5th Nov. 2019
2. Mercury Fallen in Libra from the 7th Nov. to 5th Dec. 2019
3. On the 11th Nov. 2019 Mercury will “transit” the Sun one of 2019’s most important celestial events. On Monday, November 11, 2019 something very rare will happen in the daytime sky above the Americas, Western Europe and West Africa. Being the Lord of the 2nd and the 5th house of the India Foundation chart and the 11th and the 8th Lord of the Lunation chart of the 28th Oct. 2019 may turn the tables for the Stock and the Financial Markets , Weather, Earthquakes across the Globe

Hence Inspite of the Stock markets improving there will be fear and uncertainity for the same it so seems since our physocology is also controlled by Mercury and decisions taken when Mercury is Retrograde and Fallen may not bring the desired Results.

Hence Uncertainity prevails from the 31st Oct. to 5th Dec. 2019 specially from the 7th Nov to 5th Dec. 2019. Mercury joining the Sign Sagitarius on the 25th Dec. 2019 may again bring untoward happenings since it will be in Gandantha in the Solar Eclipse of the 26th Dec. 2019.

This Articile is also on the link http://www.astrodocanil.in/blog_detail/25

From the above it is crystal clear that the Fortnight begining from the 28th Oct. 2019 is an enigmatic one and no healthy results can be expected in this Fortnight.
Even if the Govt. is formed by Shiv Sena Supporting the BJPin Maharashtra may not take a healthy stance
I will write another Article on the Results of the Maharashtra Govt. Formation using the natal chart of the Chief Minister

Let us also have a Look at the chart of the 12th Nov. 2019 19.04 hrs below

Following Parameters acquire an important dimension
1.The Day is Tuesday and the Lord is Mars placed in the 6th house having Exchange with the 6th Lord who is placed in the 7th house .
2.The Day Lord is placed in the yama of Scorpio the 7th house and the Yama Lord is placed with Debilitated Sun is most malefic parameter in this fortnight . 3.As per the yama chart the Lagna Lord Venus is stronger than Mars.
4. Mars is ill placed from the Lagna and the Lagna Lord not good fortnight it so seems more over in the Lunation chart the day Lord is placed with Debilitated Sun who is the Karna Lord and has no connection with the 10th house .
5.There is poorna ithasla of the Mars and Jupiter and both placed in the trik bhavas is the most malefic component in this fortnight specially Mars as the 12th and the 7th Lord and Jupiter as the 8th and the 11th Lord.This indicates espionage from Foreign elements and Terrorism cannot be ruled out .The 9th and the 10th Lord Saturn is placed in the 8th house with the 8th Lord and Ketu and Saturn aspects the 10th house from the 8th house . This shows the Difficulties
for the Maharashtra Assembly Elections
6.The 7th House and Mars signify the Oppositions and Lagna and Venus the Ruling Party. Lagna is stronger than the 7th house , hence evidently the oppositions may not be able to form the Govt.
Above indicate tuff situations in the Country for Building the Ram Mandir and also for the Formation of the Mahahrashtra Govt.. Since there is exchange between the 6th and the 7th Lord between Mars and Venus Healthy Govt.in the Maharashtrsa is not on the Cards. At the time of the Election on the 21st Oct. 2019 Venus the Lagna Lord is Placed in the Lagna but with Debilitated Sun and Sun influences the Venus the Lagna Lord in the Navamsha also hence difficulties in forming the Govt. Sun and Saturn influencing the Venus in the Lagna from the 7th house crystal clear show the hurdles for the Formation of the Govt. and not Conducive to give healthy results.(These Predictions Prove )

According to Planetary Positions Ram Mandir Construction should only be carried after 24th Jan 2019 when Saturn is strong and Vargottam . Horoscope of Narendra Modi indicates he will be successful after Hurdles and obstacles for the same . Till Sept. 2022 he has good Planetary positions

The Pivot around which the Elections revolve is ShivSena
The Chart is Below of
Date 2nd Nov. 2019 17-00 hrs
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