Most Amazing Predictions Made By Querist Watching Crime Patrol For Disease Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

by anil aggarwala

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Mars and Rahu Significator of Crime Both Connected to the 6th house of Disease and the Arudha Lagna 5 Planets influencing the 6th house of disease
In yet another Query Raised by the Querist On Phone and the Activity of the Querist Watching Crime Patrol I could Predict his Query in 2 minutes and I Put the following Queries
1. At the time of the Querist Putting Query I knew the Lagna Rising was Capricorn and Rahu In the 6th house in forward motion. As a Good Astrologer we must know the Panchang of the Day Planetary Positions and the Ascendant rising at the time of the Query.
2.On the Activity of the Querist watching the Crime Patrol I could Prredict the following Parameters
Since Crime Is signified by Mars and Rahu and both connected to the 6th house since the Capricorn Lagna was rising and Rahu in forward motion. The Query is about disease
3. The Querist is wearing Grey, Maroon clothes
4. The Querist is facing the South East Direction the Sign Gemini and Rahu Placed in it and Arudha Lagna in the 6th house
5. The Querist is in the age Bracket of Multiple of 18-19 years hence age of 37-38 years
6. The Native has Chronic Trouble in the Throat since Rahu adverse and placed in the 3rd house of the Natural Zodiac and adverse and aspected by Mars and so may other Planets Sun, Saturn, Jupiter , Mercury and Mars and ther 6th Lord Combusted . Somany Planets connected to the sign gemini the Arudha Lagna and the 6th house of the Prashna chart.
7. Aggravation of Disease took place after 23rd March 2019 . Using Rahu Transit in Gemini
8. The 6th Lord Mercury was Fallen 3 times in 2019 and the Worst period and Time frame was when Mercury was fallen on the Dates below
Mercury was in Pieces on the 25th Feb 2019 and fell back on the 15th March 2019 to 11th April 2019
Mercury was in Cancer on the Date 20th June and fell back in Gemini on the 30th July 2019 to 3rd August 2019
Mercury was in Scorpio on the 23rd Oct. 2019 and fell back on the 7th Nov. 2019 till 5th Dec. 2019. The above were most prone period for his Chronic Disease of the Throat
9. I also told him the Disease is a chronic one and difficulty in cure will be there and since Mercury 6th Lord was in 5th Navamsha the time taken will be minimum 5×2 = 10 months

The Querist was much amazed at the predictions and said all wHAT I had Predicted was on dot and was amazed that all this was dOne by me immediately with out opening any chart or any Birth details given to me.

The Day is Friday and the Lord is Venus placed in the Lagna where Gulika is also Placed. In the Prashna Lagna of Disease if Gulika is Placed it indicates a Query related to Disease
The Tithi si SP-8
Nakshatra Revati and the Lord is Mercury who is the 6th and the 9th Lord placedin the 12th house totally eclipsed by Ketu the disease Karka and also combusted . It has not crossed the 15 degree mark hence the disease will first aggravate
Karna is Vishti
Yoga is Parigha and the Lord is Saturn, Saturn is placed well from the 6th house and the 6th Lord Mercury and also placed well from Moon . In the D9 Navamsha chart also it is placed well
Let us see from the Moon Chart the 6th house 6th Lord Venus and Saturn are well placed from Moon .
In Navamsha also from Moon the Saturn 6th house and the Lord are placed well, hence the disease will be cured but with difficulty
Lagna of the Prashna chart indicates the Doctor and a Benefic in the Lagna indicates that the diagnosis is correct . 7th house is the Treat ment and aspected by Jupiter is good for Cure . &th house is the disease and 10th the Diseased person.
The Mrityu Sphuta, Deha Sphuta and Pran Sphuta indicate that the Disease is not Life threatening but Disease will aggravate and take a lotof time for Cure . The Lagna is Prashtodayo and Movable there may be a relapse.
Evil Planets in the 12th house till they are there the Disease may linger on till 24th Jan 2020 and finally till 23rd Sept 2020 when Ketu leaves the sign and goes in Scorpio
The Native has multiple diseases
Sun aspects the 6th house , dosease of the Belly
Jupiter in the 12th house Disease is anaemia
Saturn aspects the 6th house Root of the Disease is wind
Mercury Aspects Lord of the 6th House Disease of the Throat, and Nakshatra Lord of Moon is also Mercury, hence diseases related to throat, Skin etc
Moon is not having any affliction, but not strongly placed hence disease will linger on as per the dates mentioned above
Benefic in the Lagna Mantra and Jap will help
ther Cure will depend upon the speed of the 6th Lord and is fast normally hence sure will take place faster after Mercury crosses the 15 degree marrk and when Saturn leaves the sign and Goes in the Lagna
As Per the Navamsha of the Sputha’s the Mrityu Sputa is in Aries hence the Disease is not Life threatening
In the Prashna chart the D6 and D8 donot indicate any Disease like Cancer etc.
Following Remedies were told to the Native
1. Use Haldi in Milk
2. Keep Haldi ke Ganth always with him
3. Propitiation for Mars Lord Kartike on a Shasti Tithi
4. Feed the Cow in the Mandir with Green Vegetables along with Gur Roti
5. Go to Doctor on wednesdays when Armruta Yogas. In fact there are 53 Amrit Yogas this year of Mercury the Day Lord and the Nakshatra Lord and the New Year also started with Wednesday
6. Try other then Alopatic Medicines like Homeopathy and Aurveda since Rahu is in the 6th house

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