Delhi Elections Kejriwal Win Foretell’s Political Challenge Intensifies For Modi, Shah & Rahul Gandhi Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

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Vedic Progression Chart By Manu Smriti gives amazing Results for the Progressed year and using the same Kejriwal scores the maximum in the near future in the year 2020 to 2021. Modi to Face issues after Sept 2020 till Sept 2022 and will be the worst time frame for him. Rahul Gandhi also no respite for him in the immediate Future

The BJP projected Narendra Modi its face in this Delhi elections, in the absence of a strong face who could be named as chief minister. Modi addressed two rallies but invain. This election did not mean voters had to choose or reject Modi. Delhi had made that choice last May, when the BJP bagged over 50% of the vote share. It was an element of this very base that shifted to the AAP in the assembly elections and Arvind Kejriwal choosen as CM.
The fact that Kejriwal was careful not to attack Modi, and he made it not a contest between him and Modi but between him and the BJP’s Delhi unit meant that Modi was not the central issue in the election.
While the polls represent a setback, to read it as a rejection of Modi — or his policy approach of the last nine months — may be amisconception. The fact that the BJP did better than last time also shows that citizens continue to have a high degree of faith in the PM even when he is not directly in the battle. But Modi still has reason to worry.
The worse-than-expected performance in Haryana, the loss of power in Maharashtra, the loss in Jharkhand polls, and now, the inability to challenge the AAP in Delhi, shows the BJP is losing its electrol shine at the state level.
This will have implications for governance at the national level, for state governments are crucial in implementation of key schemes. So while Modi remains India’s most popular leader, his overall political challenge intensifies after Delhi.

Let us have a Look at the Chart of Narendra Modi what the Star’s Have up their Sleeves for Him ?

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Let me reproduce the same here for ready reference below
Vedic Progression chart by Manu Smriti from Sept 2019 to Sept 2020
Moon and Venus Dasha Lords in Rajyoga Placed in Good Houses Lagna Lord, Sun and Moon in Amrit Bhaga success all round but after difficulties , since the 3rd house of contemporaries and secret enemies is rising in Vedic Progression chart. After 10th Dec. 2019 may not be very Conducive for him and may face difficulties from contemporaries. AS PREDICTED HE IS STARTED TO FACE THE CONTEMPORARIES WRATH

Narendra Modi Is born on the 17th Sept. 1950 11.44 hrs Mehsana Gujrat. Please Read My Article “Nomination Oath & Birth Charts What They Foretell About Narendra Modi In the Present Context Till Nov. 2019 ? Astrologer Anil Aggarwala”…r-anil-aggarwala/ ‎
Let me reproduce the samehere for ready reference

3rd Phase of SadeSati Saturn Changing Mode From Retrogression to Direct on 18th Sept. Jupiter Fallen Over Natal Moon on 11th August 2019 becoming direct Saturn and Ketu in 22 nd Dreshkanne in Transit are Crucial Parameters for Modi. After 5th Nov. 2019 the Situation seems to ease and the Dasha of Moon -Venus till 13-10-2020 will be an excellent one. As per Mundane Astrology when the Prime Minister is Running the Dasha Anter Dasha of the lord of the 7th house then the Country is involved in Disputes with Other Countries. We all know that There are disputes with Pakistan and China and hence they may escalate till the Dasha of Venus is in operation till Oct. 2020

Please refer to my Article “Scrapping Article 370 Mars At Debilitation Point In 7th House Of Wars What It Foretells ? Astrologer Anil Aggarwala”…r-anil-aggarwala/ ‎
I am reproducing some text here for Ready reference

US-China Trade War has escalated and there are no signs of any Truce as predicted by me in all my Articles . It is Unfortunate that after Modi coming back for the second time the Planetary positions are again not conducive for him as per the Nomination and Oath Chart . India is Running the Dasha of Moon-Jupiter till Dec. 2019 and then the Most Venomous Dasha of Moon-Saturn forming a Punurfu yoga in the 3rd house and the Vedic Progression chart of India is also not conducive to give healthy growth in terms of Economy and boarder clashes with Pakistan. The Solar Ingress Chart of Cancer shows Communal Tensions and the 30th August New Moon chart with 5 planets in the fiery sign in the 9th house further shows the attention of the Country on the Ayodhya Issue , Court Verdict and Tensions . The Economy seems to take a bigger hit soon, specially when the 8th and the 11th Lord of the India Foundation chart is also Fallen in the 7th house from the 8th house as the 8th Lord , Jupiter will be attichari and complete its journey to Capricorn in just not even 5 months from Sagitarius the 8th house of the India Foundation chart from Nov. 5th 2019. Jupiter Saturn conjunction twice first in Sagitarius and then in Capricorn is another Parameter for Global Recession and war like condition since affliction to Capricorn-Cancer Axis has been troublesome for India. All this is not Good. Dasha of Saturn as per the Rudramsha chart is not good since placed in the 8th house and the 8th Lord Mercury in the 10th house . I am afraid to write more

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Filing of the Nomination Papers at 11.44 hrs after Rahu-Kaal Started not Auspicious, but the positive part is he started before the Rahu Kaal to go for Nomination at 10.48 hrs .

Good Chander Balam , but Tara Balam missing, since the 5th Tara , but again The Tara Lord is Sun Exhalted and Placed in the 10th house.

As Per Panch Nadi Chakra

Moon in Patta Nadi Limited Power to the King

Dispositor of Moon in the 6th house afflicted Badly and also in Stationary Motion. Saturn is also in Aasan Nadi degree conjunct with Ketu and aspected By Mars and Saturn about to become Retrograde on the 30th April 2019 is a dreaded combination specially when Saturn here is also 8th Lord , this Parameter is Most Venomous in the Muhurat chart and calls for Full Security of the King . The Positive is Mars the Planet of Ammunition Dump is in Amrit Bhag will save him. Also Saturnwill be in Amrit Bhag after 11th June 2019. Hence Narendra Modi should take Oath only after 11th June 2019 after coming in Power.

“Narendra Modi Will Be Sworn In As Country’s Prime Minister On May 30 2019: What Star’s Have Up Their Sleeves ?”…up-their-sleeves/ ‎
The Planetary Positions at the time of Oath are most Venomous but Jupiter, Moon and Mars in Amrit Bhag may be a saving Grace it so seems . 8th house affliction is most malefic
The Swearing-in Ceremony Chart is below


1.The Day is Thursday and the Lord is Jupiter in afflicted Condition and placed in the Ascendant of the Chart.
2.The Day Lord is also placed in the yama of Scorpio and the Yama Lord Mars is Placed in the 8th house with Rahu and aspected by Retrograde Saturn from the 2nd house.
3.The Yama sign Scorpio having a Fallen Jupiter in affliction is also aspected by the 8th Lord Mercury.
4. The Day Lord Jupiter is ill placed from the 6th house and the 6th Lord Mars who is under acute affliction.
5. The Day Lord Jupiter is also ill placed from the 12th house and the 12th Lord Venus.
6. Avyogi Jupiter should not be placed in Lagna
7.Karna Lord Mars placed in the 8th house and in most afflicted condition
8. There are no strong Benefics in the Kendra and Trikona, Jupiter Fallen and Retrograde and Mercury 8th Lord
9. Malefics are not in 3,6,11houses
10.8th house is not vacant and under acute affliction since Mars and Rahu forming Angaraak Yoga in the 8th house
11. Yogi Planet Mars and Venus both in Trik Bhavas
12. Yogi Planet Saturn with Avyogi Ketu
13. Saturn Karka for Mssses and Democracy and controls Longevity afflicted by Ketu and Mars , Saturn is also Retrograde and is Placed in the the Aasan Nadi in the Simhasan Chakra, this Parameter is most Venomous and dreaded in the chart and has the capacity to destroy the King. Position of the Saturn is important and in no way it should be connected to the Ascendant , hence it influences the Ascendant by Retrograde aspect
14. Moon in the chart Should be strong , it should be placed in the highest Nadi in the Simhasan Chakra for good Tenure and Power of the King. Here it is placed in the nakshatra of Revati and the Lowest Nadi Aadhar which reduces the power of the King and the Tenure .
15. Tenure of the Govt. is seen from the 8th house where 6th Lord is Placed with Rahu and forming an Angaraak Yoga considered to be most Malefic.
16. Strength of Sun should be strong and placed in Leo or Aries sign here it is placed in Taurus and in the 7th house , Best Placement is the 10th and the 11th house
17. Jupiter should be strong in the chart and placed in the Aasan Nadi here is is placed in the Aadhar Nadi
18.Navamsha and Dashamsha Lord Mars is Placed in the 8th house of the Rashi Chart , hence mixed results . As Vargottam Lagna Good but Lord of Navamsha and Dashamsha in the 8th house under affliction is a Malefic Parameter. Mars is in the 5th Yama and Mars Period is a Day hence the results .
19. There is Ishraaf yoga between the Moon the 8th Lord and the 11th Lord Mercury and Retrograde Saturn and difference of degrees is 2 Hence this Figure acquires important dimension in terms of the Timing of the Events


1. Lagna shirshodayo having Jupiter (But weak and afflicted since Retrograde and Fallen)
2. Lagna Natal Moon Sign of the Narendra Modi
3. Sun should be aspected by Jupiter is good but again Jupiter is extremely weak
4. Moon aspected By Jupiter is good but as explained above Jupiter is in affliction and weak
5. Sun is in Uttrayana
6.Muhurat Moon is placed in the 5th from Natal Moon and Tara shuddhi is there
7. Moon, Jupiter and Mars are in Amrit Bhaga is a Grace in the chart.
8. Revati Nakshatra a Friendly Nakshatra
9. Lagna is Vargottam and Scorpio sign rising in the Navamsha and also in Dashamsha , but the Lord is Placed in the 8th house of the Rashi Chart , hence mixed results . As Vargottam Lagna Good but Lord of Navamsha and Dashamsha in the 8th house under affliction is a Malefic Parameter

From the above it seems that although the Parameters in the Muhurat chart are Explosive there is a saving Grace of the Jupiter, Moon and Mars in Amrit Bhag, Preferably the 8th house should be Vacant ,here an Angaraak Yoga is extremely Malefic and Venomous for Good Tenure
2nd June Mercury will also Join the 8th house as the 8th Lord is not good specially the Eclipses taking place in the 2/8 axis first in July and then On the 26th Dec. 2019 and then 10th Jan. 2020
As per the Natal Chart of Narendra Modi of Scorpio Lagna the Dasha of Mars will be in operation from the 8th April 2021 and Mars-Rahu from the 4th Sept. 2021 is a malefic Dasha for him since Mars losses the ownership of the 6th house and significations of the 6th house will give malefic effects and these planets are placed in the 8th house of the Muhurat Chart in most malefic condition.

I was insisting Modi to take Oath after 11th June when Saturn is in Amrit Bhaga and at 24-5 degrees to 25.00 degrees or Earliest on the 3rd June when Moon was Exhalted and placed in the highest Nadi, I even sent a message but of no use . This is called destiny

At the time of Lal Bahadur Shastri ( Late Prime Minister of India) 9th June 1964, Saturn was in Nakshatra of Rahu, Sun and Moon were afflicted By Mars
At the time of Atal Bihari Vajpayee was sworn in on the 16th May 1996 Saturn was with Ketu in the 8th house , Moon was afflicted by Mars
Needless to mention what happened to the above Prime Minister’s and their Tenure was reduced considerably


The Birth chart has been discussed on my webpage Article “Narendra Modi Will Be Sworn In As Country’s Prime Minister On May 30 2019: What Star’s Have Up Their Sleeves ?”…up-their-sleeves/

The Birth chart of Narendra Modi is a very strong one . Person Born with Scorpio Ascendant has excellent fighting spirit and ability to go through darkness and reach his goals. Ruchicka Yoga in the lagna twice from the Lagna and Moon, Hence the Lagna Lord is potently benevolent. 6th Lord in the Lagna is a very strong yoga and such a person enemies leave the ground . Mars and Moon also Make highest Rajyoga and featured as number 1 Rajyoga. Saturn placed in the 10th house adds a feather in his cap. It is with Venus who is vargottam and in own Nakshatra, which promises name and Fame. Saturn placed in the Kendra promises serving the masses with devotion.

The Present Dasha is of Moon and as the 9th Lord is Bhadkesh and Debilitated is a Vipreet Rajyoga in the Lagna. Both Venus and Moon are in Rajyoga placement in the Kendra and in the Vedic Progression chart of the Sept. 2018 to Sept 2019 both are also in a Rakyoga and Moon Exhalted in the Nakshatra of Sun. Next Year it will be in its own Nakshatra Rohini hence the Vedic Progression chart for the coming year after 17th Sept. 2019 is also a strong one.
Navamsha of 11 Degrees is in Pushkar Bhag adds to the strength of the Chart with Libra Navamsha showing his chrismatic personality
As per the Oath Chart, Time of Nomination filling and the Birth chart. It seems the August to Nov. 2019 will be a period of Turmoil. Narendra Modi is running the 3rd Phase of Sade Sati and Dasha of Moon with Mars and both are in Sarp Dreshkanne. Apart from this the Transit of Saturn and Ketu is in the 22 Dreshkanne sign Sagitarius and Saturn in Transit is Retrograde and influences the Natal Moon by Retrograde aspect , this time till Saturn is Retrograde till 18th Sept. 2019 may be a period which could put him in Trouble regarding his health or any other Major decision taken by him. Jupiter Transit over the Natal Moon is also not considered very good , Hence the Good Period will start only after 2nd Nov. 2019 when Jupiter is also placed in the 2nd from Moon. Jupiter will also be direct on the 11th August 2019. The Time periods when Jupiter and Saturn are changing from Retrograde to Direct and Stationary are also important Time frames for Narendra Modi. Hence during this Time frame he has to be vigilant with his contemporaries. He has to be careful in this time frame. After this the Dasha of Moon -Venus will bring good Results till 13-10-2020


The Transit of Saturn and Jupiter has been discussed above .Let us also transit of Rahu taking place in the 8th from the Natal Moon and the Ascendant. Fortunately there is no planet in the 8th house , but Transit of Rahu and Ketu will take Place in the 1/7 axis of the Anter Dasha Lord Venus from the 27th Oct. 2019 to 20th Feb. 2020 as per the Navamsha Chart. Venus is also influenced by Rahu in Leo and Ketu Transit as over Navamsha , Narendra Modi may have to take some stern actions regarding the Neighboring Countries in the period mentioned then after 20th Feb. to 23rd March Ketu will be over the Mars in Navamsha and Rahu over the Sun and Mercury in Capricorn. These Time Frames are critical for the International affairs and dispute with neighboring Countries
Hence from the Above the Planetary positions are not conducive to give good fructifications and both Pakistan and China may retaliate and the dispute relating to Indo-Pak may escalate .

When Mars goes in Virgo it will aspect the Eclipse point in the sign Sagitarius will be most crucial on the 10th Nov. 2019 Hence Broadly speaking till the Dasha of Mon-Jupiter the Dasha is venomous for the Country for getting into warlike situations . Saturn and Mars both in Fiery signs at the time of Pulwama Attack on the 14th Feb. 2019 and a parallel situation in the immediate present is seen which is also venomous. The First 15 days as per the Mercury the navamsha Lord is 15 days to 60 days most crucial specially after the 20th August 2019 when Rahu will also be adverse from the 24th August to 28th August 2019 as far as the Month August is concerned . In the Paksha Kundali of Sagitarius Lagna of 30th August there will be 5 Planets in the sign Leo and 2 Planets in Sagitarius this also is a Venomous parameter . 3rd House Aquarius will be aspected by 6 planets Most Crucial in the present scenario. From 9th August 2019 the Count down begins it so seems since Mars is a planet of War its 8th aspect is very strong on the 3rd house of Boarders may cause Tensions and clashes at the Boarder .

The Transit Of Rahu over the Natal Mars in Ardra Nakshatra in the 2nd house of the Foundation chart may escalate the issues from the 27th Sept. to 22nd April. I have already mentioned that from the 30th April to 16th April 2020 is the worst period as per the Rashi Sanghatta Chakra which depicts the War and war like conditions and specially the Dates 30th March, 8th and 16th April 2020 are most crucial

Written above on the 12th August 2019 09-10 hrs

Now Let us see the Vedic Progression chart of the Year Sept 2019 to Sept 2020 below

The Following Parameters acquire an important dimension
1.The Third house Capricorn of the Natal chart is rising in this Progression and is indicative of self efforts and hard work and thinking about Contemporaries and secret enemies and actions accordingly.
2. Moon is in the nakshatra of Rohini and is Exhalted and Vargottam and also in Pushkar Navamsha supposed to give nector in this year.
3.Lagna Lord Saturn is in Amrit Bhag
4. Sun in Amrit Bhag
5. Rahu-Ketu Influencing the Saturn Lagna Lord in Rashi Chart and Mercury the 6th and the 9th Lord hence significations of these houses will be more in the News, since Mercury is the 6th and the 9th Lord of the Rashi chart
6. Dasha Lords Moon and Venus forming a Rajyoga and placed well in good houses.
7. Navamsha of Taurus where again Moon Exhalted and aspected by Jupiter and Mars also from the 6th house gives him strength to fight . Moon is also aspected By Saturn as per per Navamsha Chart the Lagna Lord and the 7th Lord in the 6th house of Navamsha and the 10th house of the Rashi Chart as per Rashi Tula navamsha.All the above shows even if there is confrontation with the enemy he would handle it
8. MD-AD connected to 11th house and the trikona excellent growth and achievements



There may be aggressive stance by the neighbors between the 27th Sept.2019 to 22nd April 2020. Also Enemies and the Opposition parties will be aggressive and gain in the Politics.The Shine of Narendra Modi will swing specially after Dec. 2019 and specially after Sept 2020 since the subequent Progression charts are not conducive to give him thuming success as before . The Date and Time of Nomination and Oath Chart is also not conducive to give him absolute success. He is on the loosing side of the game in Politics.The Solar Eclipse of the 26th Dec. 2019 is not Conducive for him since the Moola Nakshatra is the 3rd Nakshatra from his natal Moon Nakshatra. Sept. 2020 to Sept. 2021 will be a most difficult year for him and hurdles and obstacles all round . I will write again in Sept. 2020 for his future of the next 2 years

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Date 15th Sept. 2019 7.30.00 hrs
Jyotish Acharaya anil aggarwala
BSc.Production Engg. PEC Ch.

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One of India’s Political leaders — who is a mechanical engineer at one of the country’s most prestigious institutes, became a government revenue officer and started his journey in public life as an anti-corruption crusader — has just taken on and beaten the might of the Bharatiya Janata Party in a stunning political victory in Delhi with a Hatrick.
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Let me reproduce the Text here for Ready Reference below
Rahu a Raj yogam Planet for Rahul Gandhi after Dec. 2021 since the dispositor of Rahu is in Debilitation. He may become a leader in Rahu-Jupiter dasha.

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Let me put here the important Text for ready Reference

Rahul Gandhi is born on the 19th June 1970 14-28 hrs. as per Indian Express and the Certificate given by Holy Family Hospital New Delhi

Let us have a look at the Garbshishta planets to see the strength of the Horoscope , since they are the seeds of our life and what ever happens in our life is dependent on them good or bad

The Garbshishta Planets are Ketu-Venus .The Strength of the 2 planets in the Respective varga chart with respect to specific Parameters with Garbshishta are as follows

Promise Ketu Fructifications Venus Remarks

D1 Rashi Chart 80 % 30 % Ketu and Venus are also 2/12 axis

D9 Navamsha Chart 80% 10% Venus Debilitated in the 12th house and 3/11 with Ketu

D3 Dreshkanne Chart 60 % 30% Ketu and Venus 6/8 axis The chart of Poorva Janma Karma

D12 Dwadamsha chart 70% 70% The Chart is for Parents shows the same is very strong. We all know he is born with a silver spoon in his mouth

From the above we can make out that the D12 the Dwadamsha Chart for the Parents is the Strongest and hence the Native is Born to very Strong Parents with power and Prestige since the Lagna of D12 is Vargottam, the Lagna Lord Venus is also Placed in the Lagna who is the Anter Dasha Lord and Lord of Fructifications as per Garbshishta and also well placed from Venus the Anter dasha Lord . Ketu the Dasha Lord is very strong in all the Charts further shows that the Promise in the Chart is Very Strong, but since the Anter dasha Lord is weak in the remaining 3 Varga charts shows the weakness of the native Losing strength in the Rashi Chart since the dipositor Moon is placed in the 6/8 axis with Venus ,and being the Day Lord Placed in the Yama of Virgo the Sign of debilitation and the yama lord of the day Mercury placed in the 8th House of the Rashi Chart, Venus Debilitated in Navamsha and a parallel position in the Dreshkanne chart showing our Poorva Janma Karma..

In the D12 Dwadamsha Chart for Parents 3rd and the 10th Lord are marka for Father hence Moon is Marka for Father and in Rahu-Ketu axis placed in the 3rd house makes the event with his father crystal clear. 5th and 10th house are marka for Mother. 8th house from the 4th house is the 11th house and has aspects Of Mars who is with 5th Lord and the dasha of Mars-Sun is in operation and Sonia Gandhi had gone abroad for Treatment . Sun is placed in the 10th house is very strong but connected to Mars and Saturn reduce the Longevity of the father. In the Rashi Chart the depositor of Sun and Mars in the 8th house and Sun and Mars having aspect of Debilitated Saturn explains the event with the Father Rajeev Gandhi. As Per Progression chart By Manu Smiriti also shows that on completion of the 20th year will be a most malefic one for the Native and his father

Merits and Demerits in the chart of Rahul Gandhi
1.Lagna is Vargottam in the 4 Charts and is good . Also Ketu Promises 80 % in the D12 Dwadamsha chart which indicates that the native is born to Rich, Strong Parents having a high status as per the D12 Dwadamsha chart . He is born on the Friday and the Day Lord is Venus placed in the yama of Virgo its debilitation sign and the Yama Lord Mercury is placed in the 8th house also shows the concern for marriage . This also shows the weakness of Day Lord and the Venus in his chart. Placement of Venus in the 10th house again shows High status but since the depositor is placed in the 6/8 axis there may be loss of the Power and Prestige .

2. Rahul Gandhi is Born on a Friday and the Lord is Venus who is also the Lagna Lord and Placed in the Kendra and the 10th house . Shastra Says a native born with Venus in the Kendra Enjoys all kind of Pleasures in life and is well placed , More so the Anter Dasha Lord at Birth is also Venus

3. Rahul Gandhi is born with Karna Lord as Sun who is connected to the 10th Lord Moon is an auspicious parameter
4. Rahul Gandhi is Born on a Poornima and hence there is no bhava which is Dagdha , this is also extraordinary vibrant quality in the chart which brings benevolent and and good results

5.Like his Grand-Mother he is also born with Maha-Bhagya yoga since he is born during the day, Ascendant, Sun and Moon all in a Odd and Male sign, it confirms a Traditional Maha -Bhagya Yoga which attributes growth, prosperity,wealth,and Longevity

6.Apart from the Lagna Vargottam he has Mercury and Jupiter Vargottam, this is very fortunate for him since the Vargottam planets give very good results

7. Surya -Mangal Yoga in the 9th house is a rare combination in his chart, these 2 planets also have good directional strength since in the 9th house

8. Mercury placed in the 8th house and vargottam explains the wealth he has and is an auspicious placement exceptional for Mercury.

1. Rahul Gandhi is Born with Moon in the 3rd house in the sign Sagitarius at 2.15 degrees and hence Moon is in Gandantha dosham due to which he faces the twists and twirls in life. For this he has to do Shanti Karmas and necessary dosha nivriti to bring prosperity in life .

2. Jupiter although is digbali in the Lagna is Retrograde and hence under affliction, hence it will not attribute full benefits more so Jupiter is also the 6th Lord and most malefic for Libra ascendant .Jupiter affliction is a serious affliction as per Shastra

3. Day Lord and Lagna Lord Venus is placed in the Yama of Virgo the Debilitation sign and also Debilitated in the navamsha . This is again a serious dosham, although Venus is placed in the 10th house it is under affliction in the navamsha . This causes many agonies and unfilled dreams in the life of the native.

4.The Yoga Karka Satuan although has Directional strength in the 7th house is in Debilitation and aspects the Lagna from the 7th house , this indicates many problems coming in life and mudslingings which he has to deal and unhappines prevails.

Rahul Gandhi is presently running a Sadesati. Presently Saturn is running over his Natal Moon and termed as Janam Shani and is inauspicious . As Per the Theory of Inevitability when a Native is running the Dasha Anter of 2019 of Rahu and the Eclipses take place in the 1/7 axis of the Luminaries then the native has a fall.These eclipses give results even before the actual happenings and Rahul Gandhi has lost the Lok Sabha Elections of 2019 as predicted by me .Rahul Gandhi was running the Dasha of Rahu-Rahu at the time of the Lok Sabha Elections. hence the results were bleak as predicted. Rahu though in Rajyogam Rahu-Rahu Dasha is a testing time and as per the Theory Of Inevitability of K N Rao and the Eclipses in 2019 in the 1/7 axis of the Luminaries Rahul Gandhi suffers a down fall.
As the second Phase of the Sadesati is running it is not good for the Parents and indicates affluence of wealth and bequating of Ancestral wealth is on the cards . The entire phase of Sadesati will be good more so Saturn Exhalts in the Libra Lagna and is Friendly to Venus the Lagna Lord . When Saturn comes in the Capricorn Rashi after the 24th Jan. 2020 then it will bestow good Results slowly specially after 10 months from Jan 2020.

At present Jupiter is transitting in the 12th house from the Natal Moon in the sign Scorpio, which is set to produce malefic effects and not good till 5th Nov. 2019. Even the Time frame when Jupiter was over the natal Moon from the 23rd March to 23rd April 2019 was not an auspicious one , since Jupiter over the natal Moon is also inauspicious, but fortunately Jupiter in the own sign will not be bad as expected . When Jupiter moves in the 2nd house from the natal Moon then it will attribute good results only . Hence after Jupiter Joins Sagitarius sign he is bound for good things happening for him and specially after 30th March 2020 when Jupiter joins Capricorn.

At Present he is running the Dasha of Rahu-Rahu till Dec. 2021 and this dasha is not good and a testing time for him but the Rahu is a Rajyogam Planet for him for the simple reason that Rahu is placed in the sign Aquarius the 11th house of the natural Zodiac and supposed to be a good sign for Rahu fullfiling his desires . Rahu is placed in the 5th house termed as Padchuti and good for Politics . The Main Parameter is the Rahu Dispositor is in Debilitation and hence as per Shastra he becomes a rajyogam planet and will attribute auspicious results after some suffering since also in the sign of Saturn

Also Rahu -Rahu Dasha is not good due to the following parameters
The Sign rising is the Taurus sign the 8th house of the Natal chart and the Lord of the Taurus sign is Debilitated in the 5th house and Rahu and Ketu in the 7th house and Mars in the 10th house . Jupiter and Moon are Placed in the Lagna of Taurus . Mercury in the 9th house and Mars in Aquarius in the 10th house . The chart is not very strong as fas as the dasjha of Rahu-Rahu is concerned to place him at a higher Pedestal

Dasha of Rahu Using Bodhkan, Vedhkan, Karkan and Pashkan plantes as per the South Indian Technique of the Dashas
For Rahu Moon is the Bodhkan Planet and has Directional Strength and the Dispositor of Bodhkan is Jupiter placed in the trine from Dasha Lord hence Bodhkan may give 50-60 % results positive. For Rahu the Vedhkan Planet is Mars , Mars does not have good Ownership hence may obtruct the results given by Moon. Pashkan Planet is Venus for Rahu Dasha and can give winfall gains if placed well but they are ill placed from each other and in 2/12 axis with Mars who is obtructing the Results of the Moon, they shpould be placed well. Karka Planet is Saturn , although Karka and Pashkan Planets are friens the Moon Results being Obstructed By Mars and Venus the Plaet who has to give windfal gains is ill placed from Venus may not attribute any good results in the Dasha of Rahu-Rahu till 26-12-2021. Hence rahul Gandhi may try his level best but maynot be able to encash the opportunities as can cebe seen from the above analysis

But surprisingly he will regain the status in the Dasha of Rahu-Jupiter Rahu will arrtibute a Rajyogam for him and all his cherished desires may be fullfilled and will become a Leader after June 2022 it so seems

The Vedic Progression charts for the Running year June 2022 to June 2023 confirm that the year will be an Excellent year for him regaining the lost grounds and coming back in positions as a leader it so seems from the Planetary positions
Hence There is no immediate Gain for him as predcited above till 2022

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Date 23rd July 2019 23-00 hrs

From the Above it seems Modi will continue to Face Political Challenges and the Year Sept.2020 to Sept. 22 will be the worst time frame for him as faR as the Politics is concerned. Will write more after August 2020


Written on 7th Jan. 2020 6.30 hrs

Jyotish Acharaya anil aggarwala
BSc. Engg. P. E.C Ch
Jyotish Acharaya from BVB New Delhi
12th Feb 2020 08-20 hrs
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