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A Query of a client can be answered using the 4 Modules in Astrology as per the Following Parameters unlike the Traditional Astrologers who only Use the Birth chart which is seldom correct due to the Fact that the time of Birth is seldome correct and has to be Corrected using the Prashna chart


Birth chart can tell you whether you have a Passport to Travel, Having a Visa and the Ticket, but does not tell you whether the Flight is available or Not, hence other Techniques are necessary to find the Same



1.Prashna Triangle  By the Time Method  The Planet influencing the Query at the time of the Query and the same to be seen in the Prashna chart and the Birth chart to give the predictions accordingly

2. Breath on a particular day good or bad and the Longevity of the Query can be seen from this parameter

3. Panch Pakshi  The Results  showing positive ot negative for the query

4. Leg  The Placement of the Legs indicate the the strength of the foundation for the query

5. Kaal Chakra  The Planets Placed in the different zones to see where are the bottlenecks

6. By the First Letter  to fine the Planet influencing the Query

7. By the Direction Faced By the Querist to Find the Planets influencing By Naisargik and Tatlika Chakra

8 By Andha Mandha Madhya and Sulochana nakshatra . 

9. By the Body Parts touched by the Querist  The Spristanga Rashi

10 By the Number Between 1-108  To Find the Prashna Arudha, Prashna Rashi, Secret Prashna Arudha to Know the Queries what the Client has in his mind

11. By Shakun and Omens at the time of the Query

12. By Lagna Chakra—– By Drawing a Square and the Resukls accordingly —– Note this Technique

13. By Arudha Navamsha Chakra  —- Note this Technique

MODULE 2 —–  Ashtamangla Prashna —–Note this Technique

 1. By Ashtamangla Number  Using the 3 digit Number arrived by 108 Coweries or a number between 111-888

Calculation of 6 Parameters by the above Methods mainly,  Star, Tithi, Sign, Day, Planet, Element  and Confirming the Centre Number method Most Comprehensive Technique which gives Astonishing Results 

2. By Beetle Leaves –Note this Technique

MODULE 3  Prashna Analysis

  1. Prashna Chart using the 6 Main Parameters  Uday, Arudha, Chaitra, Navamsha , Arudha Navamsha and Janam Rashi
  2.   Using the Yama Chart—– Note this Technique
  3. Progression charts for Prashna for Consective years —– Note this Parameter


By Birth Chart using the Following Parameters 


  1. Garbshishta Planets — Note this Technique
  2.  Using the Rashi, Dreshkanne, Navamsha Chart along with Relevent Chart for the Stream of Prediction
  3. Profession —-Dashamsha, Rudramasha , D6 of D10 Varga Charts — Note this Technique
  4. Parameters in Profession  MCL of the 10th house, 10th Pada, Vavashaya Balam, Vayasahaya Aruda, Vivasahaya Saham. Karka for Profession Saturn and Sun
  5.  Marriage —- Navamsha,  D12 of D9 , Mathematical Navamsha , D30 Trishamasha — Note this
  6. Parameters in Marriage  MCL of the 7th house, 7th Pada,  Shakrudha, Venus , Up pada, Darakarak, Karka for Marriage Venus and Rahu
  7.  Like wise for other Streams for the Query
  8.   Newly Born Child  D40 and D45 Varga Chart  along with Manu Smriti Charts for consective years till the age of 12 years 

The Above methods are not the ones mentioned in any Book for this purpose and not asper Parashar Tehniques  they are asper the Tamil Classics  used by our Stalwarts

 Dasha Analysis

  1. By Dasha Varga Charts  say for Saturn Dasha D19, For Saturn-Jupiter Dasha  D16 of D19—– Note these Techniques
  2.  By South Indian Technique of Bodhkan, Vedhkan, Karkan and Pashkan Planets  for Particular Dasha —-Note these Techniques

By Declination of Planets —- Note this

By Transit of Planets as per their Cycle of Planets 

By Ashtakvarga   Method 

By Alternative Techniques  like Jaimini Astrology but as per Jaimini Sutra—- Note this 

Analysing the Financial  Cababilities of the Horoscope Using  Venkateswara Hora, Shree Lagna, Indu Lagna , Yogi Point Panchang of the Day along with Labhamsha Chart —— Note this Technique

By Progression charts By Manu Smriti—– Note this Technique

Combining the 4 Modules and giving the Consolidated Prediction giving weightage to the 1st 3 Modules and then adding the 4th Module  since the first 3 would show the Dynamic Results

General Analysis of the Mundane Predictions for the Country the Querist Lives in — Note this Technique  No astrologer Uses this. Tipical Example all Predictions of the Astrologers Failed for 2020 because No astrologer knew COVID-19 would be on the wheels of Destruction for the World in Totality  



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