Answering A Query Of Disease By 4 Research Modules Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

by anil aggarwala

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For Reasons Best known the details are not shared . Astrology lovers and students of Astrology can learn the way to Analyse a Query  by Research Methods


  1. Prashna Triangle The Planet Influencing the Query is Sun who is Placed in the 6th house of the Prashna chart and also in the 6th house of the Birth chart hence the Query is pertaining to the 6th house of Diseases. In the Prashna chart Sun In Aries and in the Birth chart in the sign Leo and they are in 5/9 axis .  In both cases Mars is associated with Sun the Lord of the 5th house of the Natural Zodiac hence the disease is in the Stomatch. Mars is Fallen in the sign Aquarius and Transit Mars over the Natal Mars  aspects the Sun in the 6th house  in both cases. Hence the Results are grave and not favourable.
  2.  Pancha Pakshi . Not Favourable results
  3.  By Andha Mandha Madhya and Sulochana Nakshatra . The Moon nakshatra is  Shravana is 23rd Nakshatra and is Sulochana is not good for the Query , Indicates no Early Recovery
  4.  Breath   Neutral  Not good . Indicates difficulty in recovery
  5.  By Color of Clothes  Green  Mercury  Combusted  and is also the 6th Lord of the Natural Zodiac not good for Recovery  Placed in the 7th house of the Prashna chart in the sign Taurus and  indicates that the disease is troubling since the 9th May 2020 when it entered the 7th house from the 6th house
  6.  By the First Letter Word “L”   This is signified By Earth  and a Consonant  The Trouble is with Longevity  in case of the Disease
  7.  By Kaal Chakra  The Planets to be seen for Disease are the Gulika  Moon, Ketu, 6th Lord , Yoga Lord at the time of the Query .  Yoga Lord is also Moon and  Moon is Placed in the North West Wandering with Saturn and Jupiter in Stationary Motion. Ketu Placed in Sufferings and Foreign Things in West Varuna. Rahu Placed in the Prosperity   Agni but is Adverse Motion  Most Malefic Parameter . 6th Lord Placed in the North Direction and will have to spend Money for the disease
  8.  Rising  Nakshatra From Janam Nakshatra   The Nakshatra rising in the Prashna chart is the 21st nakshatra from Birth Nakshatra is  3rd Nakshatra and in  Trijanam Nakshatra is Not bad may give neutral resulkts and difficulty in recovery
  9.  Mrityu or Dagdha Yogas  No Mrityu or Dagdha Yoga at the time of the Prashna
  10.  Sankranti  The Question is put one day before the Sankranti on the 13th May 2020.  With In 6 Hrs and 24 minutes is considered malefic
  11.  Yama Lord At The time Of Query The Yama Lord at the tiem of the Query is Mars a Malefic   Placed in the 4th house of the Prashna chart and In the Birth chart is s in the 12th house as the most malefic Planet  since in Fallen State and in both cases Mars is in Aquarius. 4th house is Treatment  and malefic in the 4th house in Nakshatra Gandantha is Most malefic  Since Mars is at 6.09 degrees and at 6.40 degrees it will enter the Rahu Nakshatra Shatbisha and then there will be exchange of Rahu and Mars Nakshatra most malefic and Venomous for the Disease Prashna since at the time of the Query  Rahu is in Forward Motion. This shows that the native disease is serious one
  12.  Query at the time of Gulika Kaal . Here the Gulika is not placed in the Lagna is a Grace, but eh Gulika is in the 5th house and the Lord is Jupiter in Stationary mode and with Moon and Yoga Lord most malefic parameter

Module 1 indicates that the Native is suffering from a grave disease  Parameter 11 opens the secret 


Ashtamangla Number   532

The  Present is  Middle number and is depicted By Jupiter  placed in the 3rd house  with Moon and Saturn Retrograde and Both Saturn and Jupiter are stationary hence grave situations till 18th May 2020. Jupiter is in the First Navamsha  Hence tense situations for one month. It may give sufferings till in this sign  for 8 more Months . Jupiter is also the Gulika Lord  since  Gulika ia Placed in the 5th house and Pieces  the issues could be related to the 5th house , Unfortunately this sign is the Lagna of the Native for whom the Prashna is raised .  The Centre Number  shows the disease between the Neck and the Waist and is the Present and more so related to the 5th house

On the day of the Query the Centre number signified By Jupiter  was Stationary and Debilitated and with Saturn Retrograde  who is also in Stationary Mode  in the 3rd house . Jupiter is also the Gulika Lord and Gulika is Placed in the 5th house  in the Sign Pieces  with Scorpio Lagna a Fixed sign Rising is not good . Hence Till Jupiter is Stationary 17th May 2020 there will not be proper diagnosis and the Disease may not  give any respite to the Querist  and specially till it is in Retrogression on the  13th Sept. 2020. Also Jupiter as the Gulika Lord Falling back in the sign Sagitarius after the 30th June to 13th Sept. 2020 will be the time of Trouble to the native

The Future is controlled by the number 2 which is represented by Mars and the furture is not good for the Query since the Mars is Placed in the 4th house of the Prashna chart in the sign Aquarius and the Native also has Mars in Aquarius but a Fallen one  Hence the future is not secure from the disease . Mars is in the 2nd Navamsha hence the next 7 days are Critical  Since Mars shows the immeduate future  since Jupiter is stationary  Hence  till 20th May 2020 most Critical Period and may also indicate some surgery 

Nakshatra Calculation from the no 532 is moola Nakshatra and the Day is wednes day forming a Mrityu Yoga is not good for the Disease. The Disease is chronic related to Jupiter and the 5th house 

Tithi Calculation. There is no Dagda Yoga of the Day Wednesday and the Tithi calculated as KP-7

Day Calculation  The Day calculated is Saturday and the Nakshatra of the Native is Bharini  , there is no  Malefic yoga

Calculation of the Sign The Sign Calculated is Cancer . This  is not the 8th house of the Native . is good and a saving. This is the 5th house of the natal chart hence the diseases of the 5th house and lord Moon is afflicted in the Prashna chart with Stationary planets. The 5th Lord of the natal chart Moon in afflictin shows crystal clear disease related to the 5th house and utres 

Calculation of the Ashtamangla Planet  As per the above number the the Planet is Sun Both in the Prashna chrt and the Birth chart Sun is placed in the 6th house  is not good and shows the Native is suffering from Diseases  of Sun 5th house  and has aspect of Mars in both cases . Mars therefore acquires an important dimension since fallen in the Birth chart

Calculation of Element  The Calculation of the Element works out to be Fire and not good for the Query of the Disease. This shows Heat related Disease in the 5th house of Utres

The Ashtmangla Prashna shows that the native is suffering froma Disease between the neck to waist and related fire and  Sun and Mars . There is Mrityu Yoga which is extremely malefic for the Native for the query 


Prashna Chart

The Day is Wednesday and the Lord is Mercury and is Combusted and placed in the 7th house and aspects the Lagna  is not good . The Day Lord is ill placed from the 6th house, Karka for Disease  Ketu . The Day Lord is weak

For Disease the Yoga Lord is most Important and in this case is Moon . Moon is ill placed from the Disease Karka Ketu and the 6th Lord Mars gives chronic disease

From Moon the 6th Lord is Mercury and Ill placed from the 6th house and Ketu

Mars again acquires an Important dimension as the Lagna Lord and the 6th Lord , in navamsha it is in Scorpio sign and with Rahu hencethe disease is Cancer 


Moon is ill placed from Ketu, Mars but well placed from Mercury the 6th Lord from  Moon

The Day  Lord and the 6th Lord from Moon Mercury is weak  both in the Rashi and Navamsha

Lagna is the Doctor aspected By Benefics is good will be able to diagnose the disease

4th house is medication and Mars placed there is also the 6th Lord . Mars is in Nakshatra Ganfdantha and about to have exchange of Nakshara with  Rahu in the 8th house who is also in Adverse motion . This indicates that the native is suffering from am Chronic Disease since the Gulika Lord Jupiter is also with Saturn Stationary and retrograde . Diseases of Blood and the 5th house and Jupiter .  Ketu disease karka  placed in the sign Sagitarius is the secret parts.   Sun is the owner of the 5th house of the natural Zodiac hence the disease is related to the 5th house and may be Utres . Excessive heat in the Utress. The Planet about to change enter  the 7th house and aspect the Lagna is also Sun  and Mercury has entered the 7th house on the 9th May . Hence the native is suffering from the 9th May 2020. The Native was Ok and fell ill from the 9th May  2020 surprisingly and Water accumulation in the Stomatch and Found to be Cancerous . The Mars and Rahu Nakshatra Exchange about to happen and Sun about to change sign surprisingly shows the same  connected to the Utres and the Stomatch

The Planets acquiring most important dimension are 

Rahu In adverse motion and about to have exchange of Nakshatra with Mars the Lagna Lord and the 6th Lord

Saturn In Retrogression in Stationary Mode

Jupiter in Stationary Mode

Venus in Retrogression and Stationary Mode in the 7th house

Gulika is in  Pieces  Sign and Navamsha is   Leo

Mrityu Sputa is Scorpio Navamsha is also Scorpio

Deha Sputa  Cancer and Navamsha is Pieces

Pran Sphuta Pieces  and Navamsha  is Pieces

Lagna Navamsha  Libra

Moon Navamsha  Gemini

Malefics do not aspect the Lagna is Good

4th house has a Malefic and the 6th Lord disease is complicated

Lagna is Fixed and the disease is as suspected

Chaitra Rashi is Aquarius  there will be no death

Malefics in the 6th and the 8th house the disease is complicated and will be cured with difficulty

Moon is weak the sickness will linger on and will take time for the cure

Lagna Lord in the quadrant and a Planet in Combustion the disease is a complicated one

The Lord of the 6th house is in fixed sign the recovery will be very slow

Of all the Sputhas Pran is the greatest therefore the sickness will increase

Of the Navamshas the Moon Longitude is lesser then the Lagna the sickness will increase

Mrityu Sputa in navamsha is  the greatest   but not in the Nakshatra of Mercury in Scorpio, hence the disease will take time for Cure but hopefully  no death


Saturn and Rahu are in Sarp Dreshkanne and specially in the sign Scorpio a deadly sign for Cancerous Growth

Saturn and Mars Exchange . Mars is a Fallen Planet and aspects the 6th house , 6th Lord Sun and also Dasha Lord jupiter who is combusted

On the 9th May  2020 when Saturn and Jupiter were in Stationary mode in Transit  Natal Saturn aspected  both at same degrees Natal Saturn is 3 degrees and Transit Jupiter at 3 Degrees in Capricorn . Rahu in Transit in the 22DK sign where the Eclipse have taken place over the natal Venus . Transit Saturn aspecte d Venus Degree-wise on the 26th Dec. 2019

D6 Chart Most Important

6th Lord of the Birth chart should be well placed from Ketu and  Mars .

D8 Chart

6th Lord Sun  with Rahu Ketu in D8 Chart for Chronocity  and Cancer disease  is extremely malefic component for disease Rahu and Ketu in the 12th house  with Sun the 6th Lord and the 8th LordVenus disease like cancer can be seen 

The Native is also running Chidra Dasha of  Jupiter-Rahu about to end on the 30-6-2020 most enigmatic

Saturn Placed in Sarp Dreshkanne and Placed in the 8th house of D6 gives Chronic Diseases and difficult to cure . Hence the Next Dasha of Saturn from the 20-8-2020 may also pose issues in the recovery for early cure

In the D8chart Mars and Sign Scorpio to be seen for Cancer disease  and Mars is weak and ill placed from the Rahu-Ketu and the 6th Lord Sun and 8th Lord Venus . Mars is also weak in the chart for Recovery of the Disease  since Fallen in the natal chart and Debilitated in the D8 chart 

The Native has been disgnosed with Cancer in the Ovaries  and Late Stage .. God Bless

In all the Modules the Planet Mars acquires an important dimension and weak in the natal chart . Transit odf Mars will also influence the native specially when it goes in the sign Aries 

God Bless



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