COVID-19: 1 Lakh Cases In 111 Days What Could Be The Number Till Ketu In Moola Star ? Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

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This is with reference to my Articles on the COVID-19 Predictions  which have been spot on .

Talking  about India  1 lakh cases in 111 days  from the 30th Jan 2020. I am trying to assess the number of cases till 20th Sept. 2020 strictly till Ketu in Moola Nakshatra . As per the Rays of the Planets and the signs as the Planetary postions the figure may be 7 lakhs since  from the 18th June  and 30th June 2020 both the 22DK Lord Jupiter and Mercury the 6th Lord of the Natural Zodiac  will go in Retrogression till  25th July  and 13th Sept 2020 respectively and a second wave of the COVID-19 is not ruled out. This is a Research Figure  and failure of this figure may not be treated as Failure of Astrology

Some Important Parameters which are crucial for getting relief from the COVID-19 are as follows

1.  The Solar Eclipse of the 26th Dec. 2019 took place in the Moola Nakshatra at 9.56 degrees. when Rahu was also in Ardra Nakshatra  considered to be most malefic one.

2.  Ketu the Disease Karka entered the Moola Nakshatra on the 12 th Feb 2020.
3. All the Planets were gripped in the nodes from the 26th Feb 2020  Till the Luminaries and the Yoga Lord and the 6th Lord of the Natural zodiac is out of the Grip of the Nodes there may not be any relief  till 27th July 2020 and 2nd August  and more so till 22nd August when Planetary positions improve in the Kota chakra although Jupiter the Kota Pala in benefic zone but afflicted since Fallen and Retrograde

4. The Stars Exchange of the Rahu and Mars from the 15th May to 4th June will also add fuel to the fire for all the activities of the Mars and Rahu and need not be explained and we are already experiencing the same

5. Ketu leaves the Moola Nakshatra on the 20th Sept 2020 is the Main source of Trouble  Hence till 20th Sept. 2020 we have  another 124 Days to go all though The Kot Pala and Kot Swami will not be Placed will for a Long time . In 111 Days we have had 1 Lakh Cases and the Pattern of the Spikes have taken place almost in a geometric rogression.

6. As per Astrology Sagitarius sign has Rays of 7 and Ketu is the disease Karka placed in this sign 22 DK  and If I treat Ketu like Mars then Mars also has Rays of 7. Hence as per Astrology My Figure for total number of Coronavirus Cases may be 7 Lakhs by the 20th Sept. 2020

7. The Second wave of the Coronavirus may take place when Jupiter the 22DK Lord goes  in Retrogression after the 14th May 2020 and falls back in the sign Sagitarius on the 30th June 2020 and meets Ketu the disease Karka . Hence the 2nd wave of the Coronavirus will be from the 30th June to 20th Sept. 2020 when Ketu leaves the sign Sagitarius .

8.The Second wave may be  aggravated after Mercury the yoga Lord and the 6th Lord of the natural zodiac  also goes in Retrogression from the 18th June to 25th July 2020.  More so after the Solar Eclipse of the 21st June 2020 and Mars activating the Eclipse point of 6 degrees  between the 27th to 30th June 2020. This Phase may be the most difficult one . Due to Jupiter and Mercury both in Retrogression till 13th Sept and 25th July respectively ——- note this parameter 

9. Jupiter and Saturn out of the Nigda Dreshkanne from the 5th and the 25th Jan 2021 repectively  may give relief from the Confinements and Imprisonment like happenings for the Complete World  and Finally when Saturn and Jupiter both are placed well as per the Kota Chakra after the 18th Feb 2022 will give respite from the COVID-19 it so seems

As Per the Timing of Prashna Jyotish. The Navamsha  Rising is of Sagitarius and Has aRays of 7 Hence the Disease which has occured  may take minimu 7 months from 30th Jan 2020, Hence around the 30th August 2020

From the above Planetary Positions It clearly indicates that the relaxations given as per the Lockdown 4 may add to the woes of the COVID-19 and number of spikes may increase as social distancing may not be maintained 

The Above figure of 7 Lakhs is purely on the Rays of the Sign Sagitarius. This may also work as a Research Parameter  for the Analysis. 

 Significations of Ketu

It is significator of spirtual salvation and moksha and like Mars it is alsokarka for destruction, war, secret plots. strife,self destruction, sudden success or failure,liquors, drugs, conspiracies, murders,espoinage,epidemics of Viruleny nature, spies and Bankruptcies

 Moola Nakshatra  Goddess is Nritti and Goddess of Destruction from the Roots. It is a Adhomukha and Facing foreward or looking downwards

The Most enigmatic Lunation charts from the 22nd May 2020 and the Dasha on operation of the Moon-Saturn-Ketu from the 31st May 2020 to 4th July 2020 may add fuel to the fire and there may not be any peace in the Country may be it is due to COVID-19, Violence, Religious Fundamentalism, Terrorism, Boarder Clashes with Pakistan, China  etc.

I have already mentioned in my earlier Articles that the Time frame from 22nd May onwards till 20th Sept 2020 in a Broader spectrum is most crucial not only for India but the complete Globe in Totality, although relief after the 27th July and 22nd August 2020 cannot be ruled out in any form may be it a vaccine or ease from the woes of the COVID-19

Again all the Principles are applied By the Book of the Mundane Astrology By Vani Publications Editor K N Rao. and Principles of the Prashna Jyotish as per the Classical Texts 

 All the above Predictions are Based on the ASTROLOGY Principles  and not my opinion



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