Enigmatic Lunation Chart 22nd May 2020 & Proneness To Earthquakes Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

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Ever since Saturn has gone in Stationary mode and Retrogression  from the 7th May 2020 there have been 4 Earthquakes in Delhi and also around the world . As per the past when  Saturn was in Capricorn in the year 1960 and went in Retrogression in April 1960 there were Earthquakes of Magnitude and lot of people lost their lives . I have already written  Articles and also a Video for the same . Enigmatic Lunation Chart 22nd May 2020 &  Proneness To Earthquakes Astrologer Anil Aggarwala the Time frame from 24th to 26th Most Prone . I have used the Koorma Chakra for the Directions in India and Rashi Sanghata Chakara for the Vedha to all Planets by Mars and Rahu and Nakshatra Exchange of Mars and Rahu supposed to be like angarak yoga. I  am not writting negative but to caution the people and if we use Astrology then we can be better placed then what we are today. If we Knew and believed Astrology and used the same for preventions when it was Predicted In Sept. 2019 as per ASTROLOGY that there will be Virus from China we could have saved lot of lives after taking precautions . It is High time we become Spirtual and Use Astrology as a Ladder to Reach Spirtualism  

Specially note the Happenings betwen the 24th to 26th May 2020 it will also be a Matter of Research  and Prove thet Tools Used In Mundane Astrology work Repeatedly

The Happenings may not only be connected with Earthquakes, it could be thunder Storms, Hailstorms, Natural and Unnatural Calamity. Stock and the Financial Markets Influenced adversely. Religious Fundamentalism, Terrorism and warlike  specially when the Dasha of Ketu placed in the 7th house is in operation for 35 days  from the 31st may to 4th July 2020

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As per the Past as has been discussed in the above Artices there is a Possibility of an Earthquake with Intensity between the 24th to 26th May 2020—- Please note this Parameter as per the following Parameters used to derive the results since we have already had 4 earthquakes  in Delhi after the 7th May 2020 as per the Lunation chart which is also an enigmatic one till 22nd May 2020

The Earthquakes may take place not only in India but the Countries with Taurus Ascendant Specially UK, Ireland,Switzerland, Holland, Iran,South of Russia, Greece, Netherlands  and also those Countries where the Lunation is taking place in the 10th house and May be US

Have a Look at the Lunation chart of the 22nd May 2020 of  23-09 hrs IST

The Day is Friday and the Lord is Venus strongly placed in the 5th house  but aspected By Mars  from the 2nd house  is indicating strife and struggles for opening of the Educational and Entertainment Industry by breaking the Lockdown and easing the situations due to  buisness standstill. This situation may continue  for the fortnight ending 5th June 2020.  Saturn and Jupiter are Placed in the Lagna in Retrogression there will be review of the above situation 3 times . The Financial Condition in general may not be good of the Country  since the Jupiter is afflicted in the Lagna is retrograde and  debilitated . The Lagna is the 9th house of the foundation chart there may be religious Fundamentalism , violence and Earthquakes in the Country  since with Saturn Retrograde and Capricorn rising  is not the benefic sign of Saturn since all the Nakshatras in Capricorn are  inimical Star Lords. The Day Lord is Placed in the scorpio Yama  and the Yama  Lord Mars aspects the 4 Planets in the 5th house where Sun the 8th Lord is also placed . Hence Lockdown may have to be implemented for long

Karna is Kimstughana and a Malefic one the Karya siddhi may not take place properly and hence adverse situation may arise

The Yoga   Atigandha is  a Malefic one and the Lord is Moon  who is ill placed from the 6th house and the disease karka Ketu who is in Moola Nakshatra. From Moon the 6th Lord is Venus  who is again ill placed from the 6th house and the Ketu

In the navamsha  6th Lord Mercury is Exhalted and well placed from the Moon and Ketu, but the 6th Lord from Moon Venus is Retrograde and ill placed from Moon and the 6th Lord May not give much respite from the COVID-19


The Navamsha Rising is again of Saturn Aquarius  and in the Rashi Chart Mars is Placed  and Mars is Exhalted in Navamsha  with Debilitated Retrograde Jupiter

As per Rashi Tula Navamsha the  House of Lunation and 1/7 axis  from it Taurus -Scorpio axis is afflicted By Ketu and Rahu is another Malefic Parameter for the Educational and Entertainment Industry and no respite is expected in this fortnight  even if some relaxation is given immediate steps may have to be taken for Lockdown on these Industries 

 Most Malefic Parameters in the immediate scenario in the fortnight startinfg from the 22nd May 2020 to 5th June 2020

  1. The Most important Parameter is the Rahu and Ketu In Adverse motion from the 24th to 31st May 2020
  2.  Moon and Mercury conjunction and having aspect of Mars  this also bad for the Stock and the Financial Markets along with Combinations for Earthquakes, Cyclones, Tornados, ThunderStorms
  3.  Moon, Mercury, Venus , Rahu in the nakshatra of Mars  from the 24th to 26th May 2020
  4. Mars in the Nakshatra of Rahu and Rahu in the nakshatra of Mars  Exchange of Nakshatra like Angarak yoga from the 15th May to 4th June 2020  
  5. All Planets in the grip of the nodes who are adverse  till 16th May and then from the 24th to 31st May 2020
  6. In the Lunation chart of the 22nd May 2020  Sun, Moon, Venus and Mercury afflicted By Mars and Jupiter By Saturn
  7. Capricorn Sign rising in the Lagna which is allocated to India by Varahamihra in the Lunation chart of the 22nd May 2020 indicates enigmatic fortnight  since haveing 2 Retrogrades
  8. As per the Lunation chart the Lunation is taking placed in the 5th house in the sign Taurus the Lagna of the Foundation chart of India and Mars afflicting from the 10th house . and asper the Lunation afflicted by Mars from the 2nd House .  . All this shows enigmatic Period for the Countries represented By Taurus Sign and being the 5th in the Lunation chart the educational system  and the entertainment Industry may suffer the most
  9. Mars in the 10th house and Rahu in the 6th house and Nakshatra Exchange as per the Foundation Chart may give negative results for the spread of the COVID-19
  10. As per the  India Foundation chart  the Dasha in operation will be Moon-Saturn -Ketu from the 31st May to 4th July 2020. This Dasha for 35 days can be most enigmatic. Since as per the Rudramsha chart the Placement of Planets are Parallel at the time of the Partition and we all know there was Bloodshed in the Country . This time  frame is only 35 days is a grace , but Violence, Religious Fundamentalism, Terrorism and Spread of the COVID-19 cannot be ruled out. Ketu is Disease Karka and placed in the 7th house of the India Foundation chart of Wars and internatioanl Relations . This could put India-China at Daggers Drawn since Saturn is also in Capricorn identical to 1962  war. The Proneness may increase. The Migrant Problems of the Workers may take an ugly turn. Saturn also rules the Worker Class and they may become violent cannot be ruled out  since there sufferings have increased manifold—– Note this Parameter  
  11.  There are combinations for Earthquakes , Strong Winds , Thunderstorms, Hailstroms In the following Areas as per the Nakshatra of Rahu the Mrigshira  in the Central Region as per the Koorma Chakra Karnal Harayana

Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Gujrat,Mathura,  MP,  Chattisgarh, Punjab, Place between Himalaya and Vindhya, Originally it was also North and West Delhi. Coastal Areas of the World 

My Reaserch for Direction

As Per the Yama Chart  since Rahu most Powerful it could be Sout East Region also , Since Rahu in Gemini and the direction can be Sout East also  as far as India is concerned and also in Sout East Asia  for Cyclones , Earthquakes  etc

Rashi Sanghata Chakra

As per the Rashui Sanghata Chakra all the Planets are Getting Vedha  by Mars and Rahu and Rahu and Mars Nakshatra Exchange is Prone to activities since they Form Angarak Yoga

Rahu Gives Vedha to Saturn and Jupiter  in the Lagna from the 6th house

Mars gives Vedha to Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury in the 5th house from the 2nd House

Rahu in most malefic stance since in Forward motion, hence Rahu connected to all the Planets . Hence most Prone Period betwen the 24th to 26th May 2020 for an Earthquake of Higher intensity , other Dates may be prone but not og Higher intensity . The Proness is on the days the Nakshatra  change of the Moon is most important 

Again all the Principles are applied By the Book of the Mundane Astrology By Vani Publications Editor K N Rao.

 All the above Predictions are Based on the ASTROLOGY Principles  and not my opinion



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