Predictions Spot On North Node Rahu & Red Planet Mars On Wheel Of Ammunition Dump Super Cyclone Brawl With Nations COVID-19 Spikes Taking Ugly Dimension Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

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This is with reference to my Articles Below where I had predicted that the 2 Lunation charts from the 7th May and the 22nd May 2020 are most enigmatic one and Prone to Natural and Unnatural Calamities, Earthquakes , Tornados, Cyclones with Magnitude, Violence, Religious Fundamentalism, Brawl with Neighbors , Spikes in COVID-19 Most Prone period till 4th July 2020. June Moth Could see spikes in the COVID-19 and a 2nd Wave of the same is not ruled out after Mercury goes in Retrogression and Jupiter eneters the sign Sagitarius after the 30th June 2020 till 25th July and 13th Sept respectively


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The Planet which is on the Wheel is Saturn together with jupiter In Retrogression and has been observed  from the past specially in the year 1960-1961 when they were together in Capricorn sprouted most malefic effects as mentioned in my Articles may be it was an Earthquake,ThunderStorms, Economy Break, Assassination of Political Leaders

In the Present Context the Most Malefic combinations as mentioned in my above mentioned Articles are below for the Natural and Unnatural Calamities, Earthquakes, Tornados, Cyclones, Economy Break and most Volatile trends and COVID-19  Spikes with magnitude

1.North Node Rahu and Mars star exchange from the 15th May to 4th June  most enigmatic for the above happenings

2. North node in Adverse motion from the 24th to 31st May 2020 prone to above with magnitude

3. Rashi Sanghata Chakra opens the secrets  Rahu gives Veda to Jupiter and Saturn and Mars gives Veda to Moon, Venus , Mercury and Sun . Most Malefic combinations for even Boarder Clashes with Neighboring countries China and Pakistan

4. Moon, Rahu, Venus, Mercury in the Nakshatra of Mars  and Mars in Nakshatra of Rahu Exchange  most Prone to enimatic happenings

5. Jupiter Saturn and Sun in Sun Nakshatra and Sun also gets vedha from Mars

6. In the Foundation chart of India the Dasha of Moon-Saturn-Ketu from the 31st may to 4th July 2020 most Prone to all the above happenings  and specially between the 24th to 31st May 2020 Prone to happenings with greater magnitude . This Time frame is also indicative to COVID-19 Spikes with Dimension and Realtions with the Neighboring Countries taking a Toss for 35 days specially with Chins

The Planetary Combinations are taxing as already predicted in advance .

Let us see what were the Planetary combinations 20 years back

1999 tropical cyclone
Image result for super cyclone in 1999


The 1999 Odisha cyclone was the most intense recorded tropical cyclone in the North Indian Ocean and among the most destructive in the region. Wikipedia

Date: 25 October 1999 – 3 November 1999
Category: Category 5 Hurricane (SSHWS)
The Chart of the 25th Oct 1999  of the Full Moon is below
The Planetary positions acquiring special dimension are as below 
1. 20 years Back also Jupiter and Saturn were in Conjunction and both in Retrogression in the sign Aries
2.  Jupiter, Moon and Mars in Ketu Nakshatra
3. Sun in Rahu Nakshatra
4. Moon and Ketu Nakshatra Exchange Ketu in Moon Nakshatra and Moon in Ketu Nakshatra
5. Rahu in Saturn Nakshatra  and Saturn in Venus Nakshatra
6. Mercury in Vishaka Nakshatra
7. Venus inOwn Nakshatra
8. Exceptional Mercury and Venus in Kendra , they are normally maximum 48 degree apart ata given time but can be 27+47 =74 degrees apart . Here they are 71.28 degrees apart
In the Lunation chart of the 22nd May 2020 the Planetary positions are worst then the 25th Oct. 1999 
1.Moon, Rahu, Venus and Mercury in Mars Nakshatra and Mars in Rahu Nakshatra and Exchange of Mars and Rahu Star from the 15th May to 4th June Catastrophic since Mars is Annumition Dump
2. Ketu in Moola Nakshatra
3. Jupiter, Saturn and Sun in Sun Star
4. Rashi Sanghata Chakra the Veda to all Planets by Mars and Rahu
5. North Node at a Stretch in adverse motion from the 24th to 31st May 2020
6. Enigmatic Dasha of Moon-Saturn-Ketu from the 31st may to 4th July for 35 Days  most enigmatic and Prone to all ahppeneings in the complete world and not only in India . All the Coastal Areas of the World are Prone to Disasters by Cyclones . May be it is India, Phillipines, Indonesia, Japan, China, US for that Purpose

Rashi Sanghata Chakra

As per the Rashui Sanghata Chakra all the Planets are Getting Vedha  by Mars and Rahu and Rahu and Mars Nakshatra Exchange is Prone to activities since they Form Angarak Yoga and can also give rise to War like situations with the Neighbors specially with China or Pakistan

Hence the Time frame from the 24th May to 31st May and then 35 Days are Prone to all the above happenings as explained in this Article till 4th July 2020— note this Parameter 

From the above it is crystal clear that the Planetary positions are extremely malefic and enigmatic from the 22nd May onwards. The intensity of the Cyclone may be much greater then the Oct 199 Cyclone it so seems and can be a dreaded one this Fortnight may be the worst Fortnight since the Nodes are also in adverse motion at a stretch for 7 days . COVID-19 Spikes, Cyclones, Earthquakes, Boarder Clashes with China, Violance, Religious Fundamentalism, Terrorism,Migrant  Crisis, Economy Break are all on the Cards with Magnitude . According to Astrology there may not be any success in the Innovation and developement of the Vaccine for COVID-19 till Ketu in the Moola Nakshatra and then the Solar Eclipse on the 14th Dec. 2020 in the Nakahstra of Jyestha at the Gandantha is Prone to Lingering and Crippling Diseases since the Sign Scorpio is the Most dreaded sign for Crippling diseases like Cancer . 2020 Year is the Most Enigmatic year for the complete world  totaling 4 and Rahu and at the Start of the Year Rahu was In Ardra Nakshatra Lord of Tears . Thanks God it has shifted in Mrigshira on the 22nd April 2020 but again in a Malefic stance till 4th June 2020 is most Prone to COVID-19 Spikes with dimension


Again all the Principles are applied By the Book of the Mundane Astrology By Vani Publications Editor K N Rao. and Principles of the Prashna Jyotish as per the Classical Texts 

 All the above Predictions are Based on the ASTROLOGY Principles  and not my opinion



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