Jupiter Affliction As Fallen Planet 30th June-20th Nov. 2020 May Put China US &Trump In Enigmatic Spiral Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

by anil aggarwala

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This is in continuation to my Article dated 22nd March 2020 “Jupiter The Most Benevolent Planet In Affliction What It Has Up It’s Sleeves For Coronavirus ? Astrologer Anil Aggarwala https://www.astrodocanil.com/2020/03/jupiter-the-most-benevolent-planet-in-affliction-what-it-has-up-its-sleeves-for-coronavirus-astrologer-anil-aggarwala/ 

Jupiter the most benevolent planet in retrogression will fall back in the sign Sagittarius on the 30th June 2020 ay 5.29 hrs . and will remain in this sign till the 20th Nov. 2020. It will become Direct on the 13th Sept. 2020

Have a look at the chart below when Jupiter falls back in the sign Sagittarius the 9th house of the natural Zodiac

 The Day is Monday. The Tithi is Sukla Paksha Dashmi, the Nakshatra is Chitra  and the Lord Mars placed in the 10th house digbali, yoga Shiva and the Karna is Taitila Lord is Mercury placed in the Ascendant and is Combusted and Retrograde. Its connection with the 10th Lord Jupiter is good  .  There are 2 Mahapurush Yogas which are formed  by Mercury Bhadra yoga  and by Jupiter  Hamsa yoga but since both are Retrograde makes them weak . As per the yama chart Jupiter is placed in the sign Virgo the 4th house of the Chart  and the Yama Lord is Mercury in Retrogression and also in Combustion is not good for the good fructifications of the Planet Jupiter .  Jupiter here is the 7th Lord in affliction since Retrograde, Fallen and also in Rahu-Ketu Axis, it will become a first class marak. The Transit Moon and the Yama Moon are in the 6/8 axis is the most malefic combination for the Jupiter to fall back be in the sign Sagittarius from the 30th June to 20th Nov. 2020.  Jupiter is also vargottam in the navamsha   gives some relief . In Animals Jupiter can be compared to an Elephant  who when goes mad ruins the jungle. Similarly Jupiter when afflicted can behave like a mad elephant and has the Capacity to ruin every thing . Hence Jupiter will be in most afflicted condition for its significations for each and every individual. It will  give strong results according to their Karmas good or bad . Only those will be spared who are highly spiritual and are good souls. Lot of Court cases pending in the Courts may bring results accordingly  good or bad . It is the house where the Solar Eclipse took place and in the nakshatra of Ketu who is also placed there. Both will be at extreme ends of the house  thus controlling  the significations of the house and specially spiritualism.

Jupiter the Superior and Outer Planet gets afflicted in the following Ways
1. Combust
2. Set
3. Lost in planetary war
5. Fallen
6. Retrogression

After the 30th June 2020 to 13th Sept. 2020 it will be in Retrogression and also in Fallen State, but will also be in its Mool Trikona sign. Getting Retrograde in the own sign will definitely give results which are not expected

 Jupiter will be in the 9th house of the natural Zodiac during this Transit, Hence the significance of 9th house and Jupiter will be more predominant

9th House

Supreme court, judges,International Law, United Nation and World Organisations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs,Treaties and Agreements,, Institution of higher Studies,Temples , Churches,. In war  Charts  Country efforts to Blockade enemy’s shores, Navay and Navy officers


Banks, Treasury, Finance and Revenues,it is a planet of good fortune,lavish spending,loans,lotteries,and wealth. Business in general, Religious huts, speculation, shipping,Foreign affairs, Children, Education, Foreign Trade, Diplomats. Jupiter rules wisdom,Truth, higher benefits, Mentor, Guru, Divineness, Grace, Learning , Teaching, Jupiter is Dhan Karka, Santan Karka , Karm Sukh, Bhagya Sukh, Justice sukh  all controlled by Jupiter  and this is the time when It will give the results strongly pertaining to all the above , Many People who are jobless may get Jobs and many may lose Jobs at the same time . The First 26 days are extremely strong for Jupiter to give immediate results since Jupiter will be in the star of Sun and supposed to be very strong since it forms the strongest yoga of Shivraj yoga with Sun. any Planet in Retrogression when it visits the Previous house is like 2 people sitting in a room settle about business and one leaves  but latter the one who leaves finds some short falls in the deal and therefore come back to settle the deal properly, this is the time when Jupiter will check our Karmas  and give the results accordingly 

Since Jupiter will be in own house and Retrograde and Fallen difficult scenario and as can be seen from the above strong punishments. Own house it will behave unnatural way . Jupiter will do the final check of the Souls good and bad and give the strong good or bad results accordingly till 13th Sept. 2020

One has to be extremely careful in this period  specially those who are bad souls Lot of scams will be unearthed  and will put them in hot waters

In Minerals It represents Gold Can give unprecedented rise and fall and more on the bullish side

In Commodities turmeric,vegetables that grow in creepers

Afflicted Jupiter means over optimism, extravagance,and exaggerations

Since in the Present Transit from the 30th June to 13th Sept 2020 Jupiter will be Retrograde it will give 2 Type of Results  since with Ketu in the sign Sagittarius


Those who have Good Jupiter Placement in the Charts  and good  Souls will get Good results and may be also out of the blue  who have good Karma  specially in the coming 26 days when Jupiter will be in the sign Sagittarius and in the U. Shada  Star till 26th July 2020

From the 26th July to 30th Oct. 2020 it will be in Poorva Shadha star and then from the 30th Oct to 20th Nov. 2020 in the U Shadha Star.

Those who have afflicted Jupiter and Bad Karmas will be punished  and will get very bad results  during these 26 days and even after that specially those who have a Fallen Jupiter in the sign Sagittarius. People Born in Oct. 1949 to be more careful

Let us discuss those Countries where the effect will be seen more predominantly 


This Transit will be influencing China the Most since China has Capricorn Ascendant and in the foundation chart Jupiter is Fallen in the 12th house as the 12th Lord  and aspects the Lagan Lord in the 8th house  forming a Kapat Yoga.   China may face worst situations from the complete world . There is a Possibility of the Scams being unearthed and China may be exposed for its bad Karmas. The whole world may Put Cases against China in the International Court of Justice for demanding damages for the Coronavirus spread in the complete world . The Economy of China will suffer the most till 13th Sept. 2020 specially between the time when Jupiter will be in the Venus Nakshatra , Jupiter is also Karka for Jeeva and getting afflicted is extremely bad for China and there may be the 2nd Wave of the Coronavirus which may take ugly shape after the 30th June 2020  . China is Running the Dasha of Mercury-Mercury from the 26th Sept. 2019.

Have a look at the chart below of the 1st Oct 1949 15.15 hrs Peking

Mercury in the 9th house as the 9th Lord and eclipsed by Ketu. Merury is also Retrograde and Combusted . Since the Mercury owns the 6th Lordship also loses the Lordship of the 6th house since placed in the 9th house and for this reasons China is Prone to diseases of all kinds, debts and enmity in the dasha of Mercury-Mercury till 19-2-2022

The Indu Lagan of the China is Aries and the Shree Lagan is Capricorn and Lord of the Both are ill placed from each other . Yogi Point is Virgo. This Point is the Highest point in the horoscope and is afflicted By Avyogi Ketu  and connected to 9th house Insolvency is indicated in the Mer-Ketu Dasha by the 19-2-2022—– Note these Predictions

From the above it is clear that China is in for Trouble from the 30th June to 13th Sept. and more so till Jupiter is there in the sign Sagittarius till 20th Nov. 2020. China is bound for  Insolvency . China may not be able to Pay the Claims made by the world for the Compensation for the Coronavirus woes suffered by the World and may refute the claims. The Stock and Financial Markets may set for a break in this time frame and the Country may face a Financial Break down

Also Read My Article ” Predictions Spot On ! Mars Activates Eclipse Point Havoc For China Transit Fallen Jupiter Over Natal Jupiter After 30th June May Add Woes Astrologer Anil Aggarwala https://www.astrodocanil.com/2020/06/predictions-spot-on-mars-activates-eclipse-point-havoc-for-china-transit-fallen-jupiter-over-natal-jupiter-after-30th-june-may-add-woes-astrologer-anil-aggarwala/


The Chart of the 14th June 1946 10-54 hrs NY Jamaica is Below

THE 2020 UNITED STATES PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS WILL BE HELD ON THE 3RD NOV. 2020 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2020_United_States_  presidential_election
The Dasha in operation at that time what Donald Trump will be under going will be Jupiter-Saturn-Rahu Although Rahu is making a Rajyoga in his chart the Rahu may not be able to deliver good Results being in the Lagan of the Dashamsha Chart with Debilitated Sun, Also Jupiter-Saturn Dasha is also not Good Since Saturn is the Debilitation Lord of Jupiter . In the Rudramasha Chart it is evident that Saturn in debilitation and ill placed from 10th house and 10th Lord Mars , Hence to Retain the Pedestal for the Presidency the Planetary positions are weak. Note the Positions of Mercury in this Chart , it is ill placed from Sun for a Promotion and to keep the Presidency . 

In the Chart of the Trump Jupiter is Fallen Planet in the 2nd House is liable to give akaal happenings and the transit Jupiter Falling in the 8th house from the 10th house  who is also the 8th Lord from the Lagna will put Trump in Hot waters after the 30th June to 20th Nov. 2020 and more so till 13th Sept 2020 . I have already mentioned above that a Fallen Planet connected to the 10th house brings disparity in the Career and a down fall and inflicts changes on the Person specially related to the 2nd house since the Fallen Jupiter is placed in the 2nd house  


Since US also has the Leo ascendant and the Natal Jupiter is placed in the sign Gemini will be aspects by the Transit Fallen Jupiter  may face all kind of Issues in the country as I have already predicted . The Dasha of Rahu-Rahu and Solar Eclipse of the 21st June 2020 over the 4 Planets in the sign Gemini  which has been allotted to US by Varahamihra is the most enigmatic parameter and will put the country in Hot waters . Financial Break down, Coronavirus Spikes will take an ugly shape as already Predicted and all is proving spot on. As per the Theory of inevitability and Mars has also activated the Eclipse Point of 6 degrees in Gemini . Bleak Future of US and Trump. Let me also Put another Prediction here . The Elections are liable to be postponed and if the Elections take place when Saturn and Jupiter are conjunct in the sign Capricorn after the 20thNov. 2020 the 8th house from the sign Gemini then the President taking Oath will not be able to complete a full Term Note these Predictions  

Regarding the US-China Brawl it can take Ugly shape after the 4th Oct to 24th Dec. 2020 Note these Predictions  I have already Predicted the same in my articles on my webpage  shall write more when the time comes 

Italy also has Fallen Jupiter Lets see what is in store for the Country , yes obviously not good 


For India the Jupiter falling in the 8th house of the foundation chart may prove most venomous Scams will be unearthed regarding wealth , Religious fundamentalism, Significations of the 9th house and the 8th house will be more prevalent . Jupiter crossing the 24-25 degree arc will be most enigmatic for the Country as already predicted by me from the 10th Augut to 20th August and then from the 5th Oct to 15th Oct 2020. Jupiter will be crossing this arc 3 times and first time it did it on the 23rd Feb 2020 when we had Delhi Riots . Banking Sector will be influenced the most . Scams may be unearthed.  

Top Business Magnet   Mukesh Ambani also has Jupiter Fallen in Leo, he has to be careful , since will have aspects by Fallen transit Jupiter – Note these Predictions 


Severe bout of Turbulence is Expected after the 30th June to 13th Sept 2020 Note these Predictions


Gold may Surge beyond expectations and cross the 1850 $ Mark Plus Minus 50 Dollars


At the time of the Gulf War in 1990  Saturn was fallen in the sign Sagittarius and Now Jupiter  let us see where he drives the world , BUT THE ECONOMY  BREAK DOWN IS CERTAIN AND LOT OF TURBULANCE IN THE WORLD AS ALREADY PREDICYTED BY ME


All Predictions made till date are spot on may be it is Stock Market, Gold Surge, Coronavirus Outbreak from China, Earthquakes, and so many Predictions made day to day. Shall write More after the 28th June 2020

In the end I Thank God Bow Before him and Stand Up  to Give Ovation to My Guru For Inculcation of Astrology skills  

Please read the Article in the link CORONAVIRUS THE BURNING TOPIC

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Read the Predictions for China made on the 17th Sept 2019 much before the Virus actually spread and anu News . It is basically due to the Cluster of the 6 Planets at the time ogf the Solar Eclipse on the 26th Dec 2019 over the Natal Fallen Jupiter the 12th Lord and the 22DK sign and China Dasha starting in Sept of Mer-Mer the 6th Lord with Ketu the disease Giver and Specially the Transit of Ketu over the 22DK sign. Rahu and Ketu also Ingress in the 7th house of the D6 Shatasmhsa

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Jyotish Acharaya anil aggarwala
BSc. Engg. P. E.C Ch BVB New Delhi Research Scholar and Award Winner
29th June  2020 10-30 hrs NOTE THIS TIME FOR PREDICTIONS
New Webpage http://www.astrodocanil.in/


My Article In THE EXPRESS STAR TELLER Garbshishta Planets Play Prominent Role in Life Page 32 March 2018 edition
My Articles In the Astrology Magzine ASTROLOGIC MAGZINE of US My Article “Ammunition Dump Mars, Roman God Saturn and Nodes What They Have Up Their Sleeves in 2018-2019 ?” in the Leading Astrology Magzine of US Astrologicmagzine link http://www.astrologicmagazine.com/ammunition-dump-mars-rom…/
Disclaimer Clause applicable as mentioned in the Home Page and the Writter does not take the responsibility if any one investa according to the Above Predictions , in that case he would be doing it at his own risk and fancies





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