Red Planet Mars Activates Eclipse Point Proves Disastrous As Predicted Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

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Red Planet Mars Activates Eclipse Point Proves Disastrous As Predicted Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

This is with reference to my yesterday Article “Astrology Speaks Loudly ! All Predictions Spot On For Earthquakes Stock Market Spikes In Virus Sushant Singh Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

All the Predictions for the Period from the 7th June onwards are proving spot on  and the immediate future is prone to untoward happenings from the 20th June to 5th July 2020.  When the Mars activates the Eclipse point of 6 degrees  between 26th to 28th June 2020 and the North Node in adverse position till the 5th july is most enigmatic for the untoward happenings in India and the Globe. India is running  the dasha of Moon-Saturn-Ketu till 5th July 2020 seems to be most enigmatic as I have been mentioning in all my Articles  using the Korma , Rashi Sanghata Chakra and the Rudramasha chart. No Astrologer has pin pointed these dates and the elaborate predictions using these Tools 

All Predictions regarding the Mars activation of the Eclipse point of the 6 degrees are proving spot on

Have a look at the happenings in the Globe after Mars crosses the 2nd navamsha  and nearing the Eclipse point of 6.19 degrees of the Solar Eclipse of the 21st June 2020 in the Mrigshira Star.

1.“Brazin Sets record with 435- mile long lightening bolt”

2.”An unprecedented ‘Godzilla Dust Cloud’ from the Sahara has reached the US. Air quality of the Gulf States could plummet to Hazardous levels

  • An enormous plume of dust and dry air from the Sahara Desert hit Florida on Thursday, and it’s expected to spread to other Gulf states.
  • Experts have nicknamed the plume the “Godzilla dust cloud.” It crossed the Atlantic over the last 10 days.
  • The dust cloud brings hazy skies and reduced visibility and can also severely lower air quality.
  • Health officials advise people to wear masks and stay home, especially if they have asthma and allergies.

A monstrous cloud of dust reached Florida on Thursday, and it’s poised to engulf the southeastern US this weekend.

3.” 24 Killed  12 injured by lightning in UP

4.” India says China Amassed large number of Troops along LAC in Violation of Agreements”

Closer to Strategic DBO, China opens New Front at Depsang

5.” Delhi now India’s Coronavirus  Pandemic  Epicentre

6.”US Breaks Record for Daily Coronavirus Cases

State health departments reported more than 37,000 new cases on Thursday, led by Florida, Texas, California and Arizona, surpassing the 36,188 level from April 24. Total cases in the U.S. exceeded 2,418,000, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

7.” China trying to foist war-like situation at LAC”

On the edge till 5th July and most prone between the 26th to 28th June 2020 and then after the 4th Oct to 24th Dec. 2020

8.” Coronavirus News : India records highest single- day spike of 17296 cases COVID-19 Tally 4.9 lakhs Cases”

Most Prone time till 5th July -15th July 2020 and till 20th Sept 2020, 3rd wave may be after the 4th Oct -24th Dec. 2020. It could also be some other virus please note this 

9. “ 4 Earthquakes Jolt Northeast States of India

10.”5.4 Earthquake jolts Turkey, 5 Injured

11.” Death Toll due to lightning and Thunder Storm  in UP and Bihar climbs to 116

Most Prone time till 5th July 2020 and in the immediate scenario between the 26th to 28th June 2020 when Mars activates the 6 degree mark. Latter when Mars is Fallen in Pieces from the 4th Oct to 24th Dec. 2020

12. “Iraqi Forces Raid Iran-Backed Militia -Base in Baghdad”

13.” Mike Pompeo says US shifting Military to face Chinese threat to India and  South East Asian Nations

Warlike situations when Mars has ingresses in Pieces , more prone time after the 4th Oct to 24th Dec 2020 for the complete world . Saturn has also completed the 30 year cycle from 1990 the Gulf war , Indo-China, Indo -Pakistan, US-China relations may go for a Toss and South China Sea may see the war like conditions between US and China. In the Present Scenario till 5th July Most Prone as already Predicted 

14.” Monsoon reaches Delhi Early; advances to most parts of the Country Bihar Alert

Mars in watery sign behind Sun excessive Rains as already predicted and menace due to Floods, Tsunami’s around the world till 16th August 2020 and after the 4th Oct 2020. Central Region of India will be worst hit Maharashtra, Gujrat, Bihar, MP. As far as the Globe is concerned , Coastal Areas Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, China, US will be most influenced 

15.” 11 European Countries have shown significant Coronavirus Resurgence “

Worst Time for Coronavirus to take ugly shape between June – Sept. 2020, although the number of deaths may reduce after 16th July -17th August 2020

16.” Gold Set for Third Straight weekly gain amid worries of Coronavirus cases surging “

Gold Surge is possible after Sun goes in Cancer and Leo signs after August 2020 and may cross the 1800 -1850 $ Mark and specially after the 30th June 2020

17.” IMF warns Market could suffer 2nd swoon if Coronavirus spreads more widely

There is every possibility of the same till 5th July -15th July 2020 and then between the 4th Oct to 24th Dec. 2020 as already Predicted by me 

Stock Open Lower on growing Coronavirus cases

   U.S. stocks opened lower Friday as investors digested the fallout from the Federal Reserve’s bank stress tests and grim news on the spread of COVID-19. The Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA, -1.31% fell 104 points, 0.8%, to open near 25,552, while the S&P 500 SPX, -0.93% lost about 13 points or 0.4%, opening near 3,071. The Nasdaq Composite COMP, -1.06% was down about 22 points, 0.2%, to 9,995. Shares of beaten-down retailer Gap Inc. GPS, 36.32% surged at the open after the company announced Kanye West’s Yeezy Gap brand will debut in 2021. But investors are still struggling to quantify the growing spread of coronavirus: the tally of new cases hit a record of almost 40,000 Thursday, according to Johns Hopkins data.

18.” Heavy Rains lash parts of Bengaluru and Mysore

19. ” Assam Floods over 2.20 lakh affected Death Toll rises to 15 

Mars on the wheel in the watery sign as predicted there will be Havoc from Rains and Floods and Tsunami’s around the Coastal areas and around the Globe  and countries prone are Japan, China, Indonesia, Philippines The Time frame till 16th August and then after the 4th Oct to 24th Dec. 2020 most Prone time . All has been Predicted much before the happenings 

20.” LAC face-Off :India Warns China of Consequences

21.”Another Dues Due to Assam Floods as Fatality Toll Reaches 16, Worsened Situation Affects  2.53 Lakh People

22.” Long Haul at LAC: Warlike build up in Ladakh with No de-escalation in sight “

23.”Lockdown extended till 31st July 2020: List Of States That  Announce Complete Shut down

As Predicted Coronavirus spikes will grow in Geometric Progression in June and till 16th July 2020the probability is all the more 

Read My Article  “Astrological Analysis of Query Through Prashna For Respite from Lockdown”

The Query was Raised on the 20th March and the Malls were shut down from the 28th March 2020 and Asper the timing the Reopening of the Malls would take place between the 100-105 days from the 28th March 2020 which is 15th July 2020. Hence the Malls will only open after the 15th July 2020 with limitations of maintaining Social distancing . This also seems to be be coming True. In Haryana the Malls are being opened on this Date . In Tamil Nadu as asked By the Mall Owner after the 31st July 2020. The Dates Come when Venus is Stationary in Taurus the  after Retrogression on the 26th June 2020  in the 10th house of the Prashna chart

24.” 2 Gaza Rockets fired at Israel, IDF Attacks Hamas Targets In response says Military”

25. “Huge Swarms of Locust reach Delhi after covering Gurugram skies

26.” India must believe that war is real, even if Chinese build up is coercive  diplomacy

27.” 4.4 Earthquake Jammu & Kashmir

All the Above happenings have taken Place till 15.30 am 27th June 2020 


Read my Articles on my webpage below for the above happenings made in advance 

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  13. Eclipses in Moola & Jyestha Nakshatra May Pose Hinderances In Vaccine Developemet For COVID-19 Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

The Planetary positions will turn extremely venomous after the 30th June 2020 when Jupiter falls back from the 30th June to 20th Nov. 2020. This time frame is most enigmatic and may push the world in enigmatic spiral. Shall write on this in a day or so 

All Predictions made till date are spot on may be it is Stock Market, Gold Surge, Coronavirus Outbreak from China, Earthquakes, and so many Predictions made day to day. Shall write More after the 28th June 2020

In the end I Thank God Bow Before him and Stand Up  to Give Ovation to My Guru For Inculcation of Astrology skills  

Please read the Article in the link CORONAVIRUS THE BURNING TOPIC

Read My Articles I Predicted long back in my Article dated 17th Sept. 2019
1.”Conjunction Of Mars-Saturn-Jupiter In Capricorn What It Has Up It’s Sleeves ? Astrologer Anil Aggarwala –
Read the Predictions for China made on the 17th Sept 2019 much before the Virus actually spread and anu News . It is basically due to the Cluster of the 6 Planets at the time ogf the Solar Eclipse on the 26th Dec 2019 over the Natal Fallen Jupiter the 12th Lord and the 22DK sign and China Dasha starting in Sept of Mer-Mer the 6th Lord with Ketu the disease Giver and Specially the Transit of Ketu over the 22DK sign. Rahu and Ketu also Ingress in the 7th house of the D6 Shatasmhsa

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Please Read My Articles on my Webpage link…


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BSc. Engg. P. E.C Ch BVB New Delhi Research Scholar and Award Winner
26th June  2020 10-30 hrs NOTE THIS TIME FOR PREDICTIONS
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