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Born on the 7th Sept 1977. He has Bhandan yoga of Sun and Saturn in Leo, and this Bhandan yoga will be activated after solar ingress in Cancer and he can suffer on account of the same if he plays games

The posters of Sachin Pilot were removed from the Congress’ office in Jaipur amid his rebellion against Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot.


The posters of Sachin Pilot were removed from the Congress’ office in Jaipur amid his rebellion against Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot.


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Let us have a look at the Natal chart of Sachin Pilot of the 7th Sept. 1977 05-28 hrs Saharanpur  which I got late evening on the 13th July 2020
The Ascendant rising is Leo and Sun is placed in the Ascendant with Mercury the 2nd and the 11th Lord forming a Budhaditya yoga. and a Extremely powerful rajyoga
 the 10th house from the Lagan is vacant hence there will be politics in the career   and the native may face on account of the same
10th house from Moon is the 8th house where Ketu is placed  and the dispositor in the 11th house
10th house from the Saturn is sign Aries and the Lord is again placed in the 11th house is very good  who is a Yoga Karka for the Chart
 The Present Dasha in operation is of Saturn-Venus till the 19th Jan 2022
 As Per the Garbshishta Planets  Mars and Moon who are the seeds of our life  the Parameters which acquire an Important dimension are as follows
1. Dasha Lords Saturn and Venus are placed in the 2/12 axis and in the 12th house from the Garbshishta Planets Mars and Moon
2. Dasha Lords are ill placed in the 2/12 axis from the Mid Cusp Lord of the 10th House Mars
3. Dasha Lords are also Ill Placed in the 2/12 axis from the Lagan and the Lagan Lord
4. In the Dashamsha Chart D10 the 5th house of the Birth chart is rising and there are Rahu and Ketu in the 1/7 axis and Saturn is also afflicted in the Lagna .
5. In the D10 Chart the 10th house of the D1 Chart has gone in the 6th house of the D10 Chart there by causing mental tensions and creating crisis in the Career
 6. The  Dasha Lord Saturn is afflicted in the D10 Lagan and the Anter Dasha Lord is  Venus the Lord of the 6th house giving Tensions  as explained above . The Partanter Dasha Lord is  Jupiter the 8th Lord of the Birth chart and the  Lagna Lord of the D10 Chart  , although placed well in the D10 chart may not be able to support him since in the Transit it is in Fallen State in the sign Sagittarius and in the Transit D10 in the 10th house in fallen state
 The Eclipses over the 1/7 axis of the  3 Planets in the sign Gemini. . Over the Mid Cusp Lord Mars at 10 degrees on the 26th Dec. 2019 at exact degrees
The Solar Eclipse of the 21st June 2020 at 6 degrees over the natal Moon at 5.54 degrees when the Eclipse point was 6 degrees and the Mars activated the Eclipse point on the 28th June and as per the Theory of inevitability eclipses over the Natal Moon and the Dasha of a Planet who has the Propensity to bring a down fall  then what can Happen ? After the Mars activates the Eclipse point then the Native may face a down fall
 Transit Saturn In the 8th from the natal Moon Ashtama Shani
Transit Fallen Jupiter with Ketu in the 7th from Natal Moon and in the 5rh from the Lagna  Not good at all for a good Position in the Politics
Have a Look at the Varshphala Chart below  
The Muntha in the 8th house makes the things crystal clear
 Vedic Progression chart of the Completion of 42 years  Below
10thhouse from the Moon in the Progression chart is Venus who is also the 10th house in the Natal chart and in Debilitation
MCL of the 10th house of the Natal Chart is Mars and Placed in the 8th from the Moon in  Debilitation
 What Can Sachin Pilot expect from the above combinations . If he knew Astrology or he had consulted a Good Astrologer he would not have  taken an aggressive stance which could prove very costly for him  and may loose the Present Position
Horoscope of Ashok Gelot The Horoscope need not be discussed since Sachin Pilot Horoscope and the Present Dasha is an Enigmatic one and may not gain any mileage from the aggressive stance taken by him and may prove very costly even in the coming elections 
In the end I Thank God Bow Before him and Stand Up  to Give Ovation to My Guru For Inculcation of Astrology skills  

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