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This is with reference to my Articles on my webpage  and specially concerning the Lunation chart of the 3rd August 2020 which is most Enigmatic one as predicted and proving spot on . The Ingress of Venus in the sign Gemini has further added fuel to the fire .The Rashi Sanghatta Chakra opens the secret since there is vedha between 8 planets in the fortnight from the 3rd August 2020. Today is 12th August 2020 and see what all has happened till date . The Planetary combinations on the 16th August 2020 are most Enigmatic one. The Mars and Saturn in square position and Saturn and Sun in 6/8 axis most vulnerable to untoward happening across the globe as already predicted . Some thing big could happen, may be it is also connected to the Economic Condition of the World  . Strong Roller coaster rides specially after the 19th August 2020 may be on the Cards may be it is Politics , Brawl between the Countries, Economy, Natural and Unnatural disasters . I need not mention here that the US-China Relations can go for a toss even if there is any truce initially. After Mars goes in the Sign Aries and goes in Retrogression on the 9th sept. 2020 China and Us Both will be aggressive in their dealings  which could spoil the peace of the world it so seems since the Fortnight from the 19th August 2020 is also most Enigmatic one 

Read My Following Articles in this regard

As predicted the Fortnight from the 3rd August 2020 is most enigmatic one and as predicted it is proving spot on . I fear the coming week will be full of Troubles in the Maharashtra Mumbai, South India . Strong Rains with Strong winds will create havoc . Durbiksha in the East and North as well . War like situations after the 16th August 2020 as I have already Predicted in my Articles below
1.”Fortnight Starting 3rd August Prone To Escalation Of Brawl Between Countries As Per Rashi Sanghatta Chakra Astrologer Anil Aggarwala”…/fortnight-starting-3rd-augu…/
2.”Venus Entry In Gemini 1st Aug.- 2nd Sept. 2020 May Shake Political Systems Cataclysmic Changes As Predicted Earlier Astrologer Anil Aggarwala”…/venus-entry-in-gemini-1st-a…/  This Article indicates strong Political Tug of wars in the Political Arena and what ever has been predicted in this article is proving spot on.
3.”Mrigshira Eclipsed Star In Central Zone Koorma Chakra :Intense Rains In Mumbai May Cause Havoc Astrologer Anil Aggarwala”…/mrigshira-eclipsed-star-in-…/
4. “Rashi Sanghatta Chakra : Fortnight Starting from 3rd August 2020 Prone To Terrorism Astrologer Anil Aggarwala”…/rashi-sanghatta-chakra-fort…/
5.” Astrology Speaks Loudly ! Predictions Spot On In Just 2 days Of Enigmatic Fortnight Uneventful Happenings, Surge In Gold Astrologer Anil Aggarwala”…/astrology-speaks-loudly-pre…/

Now Read what all has happened till date after the happenings mentioned in the above articles 

Bengaluru man whose communal FB post sparked clashes arrested, 2 killed, Sec 144 imposed: 10 points

After night-long tension following the arson and vandalism in the DJ Halli area of Bengaluru, police said Naveen, whose social media post sparked the vandalism has been arrested.

A Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Red Onions That Has Sickened

Hundreds in 43 States

  • The CDC has announced that contaminated red onions are likely the cause behind a massive salmonella outbreak first reported in July.
  • As of last week, 640 people in 43 states have fallen ill so far, and 85 of them have required hospitalization.
  • The CDC advises consumers “not to eat, serve, or sell” any onions produced by Thomson International, Inc., which were recalled on August 1.

Fact Check: A look at how the Munnar landslide happened

The landslide happened at 10:45 pm on August 6 at Pettimudi, a hamlet in Rajamala ward under Munnar village panchayat in Kerala’s Idukki district. Workers of Kanan Devan Hills Plantations Company (P) Ltd were living in Pettimudi. Rajamala includes Eravikulam National Park, and the landslide was triggered from a shola forest region in the national park. Rocks, slurry and sludge crashed down a distance of around 1½ km to a patch of valley in Pettimudi, crushing the single-room houses of estate workers that stood in two rows, face to face.

Kolkata: Fire breaks out at building in Pollock Street area, 10 fire tenders pressed into service
Kolkata fire: A massive fire broke out in the Pollock Street area of central Kolkata on Monday, reports said.

Fire brigade officials told PTI that the fire was reported from a multi-storeyed building at the Pollock Street at around 5.25 pm.

The officials informed that at least 10 fire tenders have been pressed into service to douse the massive fire.

The building engulfed in the fire has several offices in its premises, the report said.

Death toll in Kerala’s Idukki district landslide rises to 49

The death toll in the landslide, that destroyed a row of 20 houses of tea estate workers, in Idukki district of Kerala rose to 49 on Monday evening. The special task force team found six more bodies till 2 pm in the Rajamala Pettimudi tragedy.

A total of 12 people who were rescued from the landslide site are currently undergoing treatment in the hospital, said the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF). The hilly terrain is making the rescue extremely challenging at Rajamala, said officials.

China sends fighter jets as US health chief visits Taiwan

Chinese air force jets briefly crossed the mid-line of the Taiwan Strait on Monday and were tracked by Taiwanese missiles, Taiwan’s government said, as US health chief Alex Azar visited the island to offer President Donald Trump’s support.

Yemen’s UNESCO-listed Old Sanaa Houses Collapse in Heavy Rains, Country Reels from Food Shortages & Diseases

Houses in Yemen’s UNESCO-listed Old City of Sanaa are collapsing under heavy rains, as months of floods and storms assail a country already reeling from war, food shortages and disease.

A protective wall of a 600-year-old building collapsed, damaging vehicles and injuring pedestrians in northern China. The terrifying moment, shot in the city of Xi’an in Shaanxi Province on August 8, shows the 20-metre-high wall outside an ancient building suddenly collapsing on a road. A scared woman was heard screaming when the incident happened. A bus and three cars were damaged, while four pedestrians suffered scratches and were sent to the nearby hospital for treatment. According to the experts, the incident was caused by the days of heavy rain. The collapsed wall was a newly-built protective wall for the ancient building and the heritage site was not damaged. The video was provided by local media with permission.

Over 100 buildings damaged in North Carolina quake

Washington, Aug 10 (IANS) More than 100 buildings were damaged in North Carolina, after a 5.1-magnitude earthquake hit the US state, officials said.

The quake, the most powerful in the state since 1916, struck at 8.07 a.m. on Sunday at a depth of about 9.1 km, which is considered a shallow quake, Xinhua news agency quoted the US Geological Survey (USGS) as saying.

Kerala rains: 6 districts on red alert, opening of dam shutters aggravate flood situation; Mullaperiyar raises concerns

As heavy rainfall continues to pound different parts of Kerala, the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued red alert for six districts saying that they will receive over 20 cm rainfall over Monday.

Lesson Not Learnt: After Rajasthan, Trouble Brews for Congress in Punjab as CM and Bajwa Clash

It’s clear the Congress has yet to learn its lesson. While its top Leadership is still trying to sort out the Ashok Gehlot versus Sachin Pilot battle in Rajasthan, a similar battle between two Congress leaders is out in the open in Punjab. Chief Minister Amarinder Singh and Rajya Sabha MP Pratap Singh Bajwa are at war.

Venus ingress in the sign Gemini clearly points out that the States will have Political Tug Of War.  Maharashtra, Rajasthan may also have similar happenings

Shooting at Louisiana hospital prompts manhunt


SO MANY Happenings and all proving spot one . The Rashi Sanghatta Chakra crystal clear pointed out the above.

My Fear the Next Few Days are most Enigmatic for the Central Region and the Southern Part of the Country and there will be heavy Rains and Strong Winds since Venus will ingress in Ardra and Mercury will be helically set on the 8th August 2020. Loss of Jan and Dhan, Robbers and thieves will be active  and create havoc. 
The Planetary positions are sickening at the moment as already Predicted 
 On the 16th August 2020 Sun will enter the Sign Leo Gold and Silver will Touch new Heights  Eastern Part and the Northern Part of India will suffer  and there will be fear of mis happenings. Dhurbiksha
South Countries War Like  in the South Sea, Unpleasantness due to war like situations. The Ingress of Sun in the Vayu Mandal mis happenings  due to strong winds . More Sufferings due to Diseases 
Rulers will become aggressive specially US, China and may be other Countries also.
Gold Bearish till 15th 16th August 2020 After 16th August 2020 Mars will join Aries sign ,  Gold and Silver will become Bullish. Sufferings in the North and the South.
Rashi Sanghatta Chakra Vedha as already Predicted . The Globe will be on the edge of war like situations . Rulers will be aggressive stance and Tamsik nature may play havoc. All this Can Happen till the 20th August 2020
Natural and Unnatural Calamities Earthquakes and Tornados are also not Ruled out . Places of the Coastal Areas are Prone to all this around the world. Indonesia, Philippines, Japan can be Prone to all the above along with India . The Planetary positions may take the world for a Rough ride in this Fortnight and even the next one ——- Please note these Predictions
Stock and the Financial Markets may take  some correction after the Fortnight from the 19th August 2020

Astrology is amazing

First Astrologer To Predict Virulent Virus From China Global Economy Burst Delhi Riots Nirbhaya Case Astrologer Anil Aggarwala”

    The most Important Article Conjunction of Mars Saturn and Jupiter —- written on the 17th Sept. 2019 for the World Reeling in Anguish and Pain link

    Conjunction Of Mars-Saturn-Jupiter In Capricorn What It Has Up It’s Sleeves ? Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

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