Star’s Foretell Lunation Chart Of 17th Sept. 2020 Most Enigmatic Brawl With China May Take Ugly Shape Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

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The Lunation charts of the 2nd Sept and the 17th Sept. 2020 are Prone to untoward happenings and specially the brawl between the Countries is prone to take an ugly shape as can be seen from the Planetary positions and the Rashi Sanghatta Chakra used by Late  Maha Rishi Stalwart Hardeo Sharma Trivedi Ji

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Let me Reproduce the Text here for ready reference  the Lunation chart of the 2nd Sept 2020 is enigmatic one and after the Ingress of Sun in Virgo there may be Parallel positions like the Sept. 1965 war with Pakistan  and China. Terrorism at the Pak Boarders  and warlike with China are not Ruled out . This crystal clear indicates that we could have ugly relations with Both China and Pakistan and the Lunation chart of the 2nd Sept. and that of the 17th Sept. 2020 indicates the same crystal Clear

Now have A Look at The Lunation chart of the 17th Sept. 2020  16.30 hrs

The Day is Thursday and the Lord is Jupiter and is Afflicted badly in the 12th house and is placed in the Yama of the Sign Virgo the 9th house of the Chart and the Yama Lord is with the 8th Lord  is the Most malefic Parameter in this fortnight  and the Karna  is Kimstughna a malefic one and the Lord is Venus placed in the 7th house of Wars and has aspects  by both Retrograde Saturn and Mars crystal clear points out war like conditions in the Country . It has also been observed from the past that when ever Venus the Lagna Lord and the 6th Lord of the India Foundation chart is afflicted it is time for  trouble for the Country and its placement in the 7th house indicates war with Boarder Countries  since the 7th Lord Moon is in the 9th house wand aspects the 3rd house of the Boarder countries .

From 27th -28th Sept Mars R and Saturn R will be at the same degrees at and will be in the kendra from each other  and they both aspect the 7th house of wars where the Venus the Lagna Lord and the 6th Lord of the Foundation chart of India is stationed crystal clear indicates open war . Asper the India Foundation chart Mars will be in the 12th house as the 12th Lord and the 7th Lord and aspect the 7th house of Wars where Ketu will be stationed after the 19th Sept. 2020 and Saturn in the 9th House and Both Saturn and the Mars will aspect the 5 Planets in the sign Cancer the 3rd house of the Boarders . Venus will be over the Natal Venus for India . Hence some Violent and Catastrophic events are not ruled out specially when the Dasha of Moon Saturn is in operation who are both stationed in the 3rd house

India Foundation chart of the 15th August 1947 00-00-01 hrs

Asper the Past experience Observation: Stand-off between India and China takes place whenever Saturn is retrograde and violent clashes take place  when Ever Venus is also afflicted . Saturn is lagna lord of China and Venus is lagna lord of India. Hence in the Present Context both the parameters are most Venomous for the Brawl between India and China taking an ugly dimension

 The Sign Allocated to India is Capricorn   by Varahamihra and it has been observed that when Ever the Cancer Capricorn Axis together with Taurus-Scorpio axis is afflicted by Malefics it is time for disaster and war like situations  . Hence asper the Lunation chart of the 17th Sept and Rahu and Ketu ingress in the Taurus-Scorpio sign  may prove to be most Crucial and catastrophic  for the Stand-off Between India and China 

Stand-Off  Galwan Valley and Pangsang Tso, Ladhakh  Took Place on the 5th May 2020  when Capricorn Sign has Jupiter and Saturn and Venus in the sign Taurus

China Foundation chart of the 1st Oct 1949 15-15 hrs Peking  Below


Super Impose the above Planets of the Lunation  in the chart of the 17th Sept  on the China with Capricorn Lagna and you would appreciate the Lunation chart of the 17th Sept. 2020 is most enigmatic. Mars Transit in the 4th house of the China Foundation chart will activate the Mars in the 7th house of China  who aspects the Moon the 7th Lord in the ascendant . Venus the 10th Lord will also be activated and hence there will be aggressive stance from China in this fortnight . China is Running the Dasha of Mer-Mer who is totally eclipsed by Ketu and is also Combusted and Retrograde and aspects the 3rd house of Boarders . as the 6th Lord Mercury losses the Lordship of the 6th house being in its own sign and hence China will be involved with fights with its neighbours and  try to infiltrate in others territory

Sept. Month is most crucial due to the fact that Saturn, Mars  will also be in Stationary positions as per the Chart Below. It has been observed from the past that when ever these Malefic turn Direct from Retrogression and go Retrograde the 4-5 days are most prone to untoward happenings . In this Connection the 27th to 29th Sept. 2020 are most Prone  not forgetting that Mars will be closest to Earth on the 4th Oct. 2020 when it will fall back in the sign Pisces . This Lunation chart and the Planetary positions are not only bad for India but for the complete world 


The Relation between the Countries can go for a toss May be it is Indi-China, India-Pakistan, China-US or a War like situation in the middle east note these Predictions The Economy can take a Hit , Gold can go all time high

Asper the Rashi Sanghastta Chakra also there is Veda between the Planets as below  on the 17th Sept. 2020

See the chart Below

Venus has Vedha from Jupiter and Ketu

Saturn Gives Vedha to Sun Moon and Mercury along with Rahu Give s Vedha to all these Planets

After the 19th Sept Mars will Have Vedha from Ketu

All the Above are Most Critical in this Fortnight starting from the 17th Sept. 2020

The Ingress of Rahu and Ketu over the Natal Rahu and Ketu in the India Foundation chart will add fuel to the fire since Mars will also aspect Ketu by 8th Aspect and Dragon Tail is most dangerous than the Dragoon Head 

 Terrorism at the Boarders cannot be ruled out  There could be Boarder Clashes also with Pakistan 

See the Rashi Sanghatta Chakra on the 27th-28th Most Prone Period  and the Vedha of the Planets 

Astrology is amazing

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