Star’s Foretell Mars & Saturn Aspect On Venus & Inimical Ithasla On1st Sept. 2020 Cat May Come Out The Bag Rhea Arrest On Cards Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

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Star’s Foretell Mars & Saturn Aspect On Venus & Inimical Ithasla On1st Sept. 2020 Rhea Arrest Certain Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

 Venus will ingress in Cancer the sign of Moon on the 1st Sept. 2020 at 02-04 hrs and will be having inimical ithasla with Mars and Saturn  this will open all the secrets of the Mystery of the Death of the Sushant Singh Rajput  Case between the 4th-5th Sept. 2020 and the Cat will come out of the bag for sure due to Inimical Ruddha yoga and may put Rhea and her Family in deep troubles 

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As Predicted long back the cat will come out of the bag and all the Racket will be exposed soon let Mars go in retrogression and cross the Gandantha points as mentioned in my Articles and the time frames . All Predictions till date have been spot on
Rhea Chakraborty Days are numbered specially after the Venus in Cancer and inimical ithasla with Mars and Saturn  and when Mars goes in Retrogression on the 9th Sept. 2020. More facts will come to light when Mars goes in Gandantha and Stationary after the 5th Sept. 2020 and when in Gandantha Note this Parameter Mars will be in Gandantha on the 30th Sept and 1st Oct. 2020 in the immediate future  Wait and see the Time frame for the Situations to become most Crucial for Rhea Chakraborty.  Mars will be in fallen State on the 4th Oct. 2020 this Time frame may expose so many important facts about the Case and the Complete Racket of the Drug Mafia will also be exposed  by the last Mars gandantha point 22nd Dec to 26th Dec. 2020

Astrology is amazing

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