Star’s Foretell Rhea Chakraborty In Deep Trouble As Already Predicted ? Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

by anil aggarwala

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There are no authentic Horoscopes available for her but  the Birth Day is available form  Wikipedia Rhea Chakraborty

(born 1 July 1992) is an Indian actress and She started her career as a on MTV India.In 2013, she made her Bollywood acting debut with the film Mere Dad Ki Maruti.

Since at the time of Birth she has 4 planets in the Gemini and exchange of Moon and Mercury I would take the chart of Virgo Ascendant. Irrespective I will make the Predictions according to the Transit Planets Influencing the Natal Planets  . The Type of Career she has it has to Be Virgo Ascendant  and whatever is happening  in the present scenario.

The Parameters which acquire an important dimension in  her Horoscope

1. Venus gets Debilitated in the ascendant and if Venus is afflicted  in the Kendra then she may not have good fructifications pertaining to Venus  and specially in the Film industry

2. Mercury gets Debilitated in the 7th house of Relationships and is in the 11th house and having exchange with Moon clearly shows the Relation ship angle  Moon and Mercury exchange is well-known in this connection for relationships

3.She has Rahu and Ketu Adverse and Eclipsing Sun  and the Moon most Venomous like a snake bite specially when Sun is Eclipsed by Ketu

4. Mercury influenced by both Mars and Saturn  the psychology of the Person is open secret

5. Moon with Ketu and Combusted Venus  and Moon weak

6. Now Look at the Planetary positions since the Day of the Nodes  changed signs on the 23rd March 2019 Rahu over the Ketu and Ketu over the Rahu clearly shows the Planning since this date

7. Saturn over Saturn and Mars over the natal Mars  and influencing the Mercury clearly shows her getting the things by hook or crook

8. The Solar Eclipse of the 21st June  at 6 degrees  Gemini where her Natal Ketu is placed clearly shows her Planning just before the Eclipse every thing has happened just before the Solar Eclipse when Rahu and Ketu will also be adverse as the natal chart and it has been observed that when Rahu over Ketu and Ketu over Rahu and these nodes are not benefic then such a native suffers due to her planning for achieving her plans

Now Look on the 8th June 2020 when she left Sushant the Planetary positions

Compare the 2 chart and you would appreciate that 8th June was the key date for all the Planning. The following parameters acquire an important dimension and open the secret of her plans 

1.Moon with Ketu in the 4th house in Transit activating the natal Moon and Ketu almost degree-wise

2. Transit Rahu Ketu almost same degrees activating the natal Rahu and Ketu and in Transit also they were most Venomous and Adverse and any planning during this time can be most malefic and put the native behind bars .

3.Rahu over the Natal Sun  and Transit Mercury the Lagna Lord over the Natal Sun almost degree-wise  Sun Natal 15.57 and Transit Mercury over the Sun at 17 degrees . This shows the Native in contact with some high Personage  and Transit Sun in the 9th house with Venus

4. 3rd and the 8th Lord Mars in the 6th house aspects the Lagna and the Sun and the Venus in the 9th house   clearly shows what all happened on the 8th June  when she blocked the Phone of Sushant singh

5.As per the Planetary positions  now  Saturn over the natal Saturn and Mars over the natal Mars and influencing the Natal Mercury activating the Natal Combinations  of Hook and Crook

6. Before the Nodes leave the present axis Gemini-Sagittarius she will be in deep Trouble and can be arrested before the 19th Sept. 2020

7. Mars in the 8th house will become stationary on the 5th Sept. 2020 and aspect the Natal Mercury and over the Natal Mars may prove to be most Venomous and she may be in hot waters on this day and can be put behind Bars 

8. Mars falling back as fallen planet in the 7th house after the 4th Oct. 2020 most Venomous for her .Mars will be in Gandantha 3 times these time frames will put Rhea in Deep waters for sure , first at the time of the the Case Handed over to CBI 2nd will happen after the 2nd Oct to 6th Oct 2020 and 3rd time when Mars again goes in Aries after the 22nd Dec to 26th Dec. 2020. All the secrets will come out of the bag  and the racket behind the Murder

 I need not go further  From the above it is crystal clear that the the Cat will come out of the Bag as per the time mentioned above and is on the Cards . The Culprits will be brought to Book it so seems 

Astrology is amazing

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