‘US Crying For Leadership’ Astrology Speaks Loudly Next Face Joe Biden Trump Suffers Due To Fallen Jupiter Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

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Trump Fall from Position in the Presidential Elections Of US mainly due to Coronavirus and this Lady Kamala Harris  . Astrologically Fallen Jupiter in the chart of Trump as already Predicted by me . My Predictions seems to be coming True wait and Watch. Astrology is amazing . My Video for win of Biden

Vice president nominee Kamala Harris on Wednesday declared that the United States is “crying out for leadership” in her first joint appearance with the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden who picked her as his running mate.

She ripped into President Donald Trump for his alleged mismanagement of Coronavirus and also vowed to defeat him to repair the racial divisions that have roiled the country.
I have discussed the horoscopes of Trump and Joe Biden in the Article and the link below and Joe Biden seems to score more than Trump. The Winner is Joe Biden Read My Article “Donald Trump Or Joe Biden Who Will Be The Next Face In 2020 Presidential Campaign ? Astrologer Anil Aggarwala” link https://www.astrodocanil.com/2020/04/donald-trump-or-joe-biden-who-will-be-the-next-face-in-2020-presidential-campaign-astrologer-anil-aggarwala/
The Fact remains as per Astrology the Solar Eclipse of the 26th Dec. 2020 took place  in the 5th house of the Donald Trump the Sign Sagittarius the house of Padchutti most important for Politicians and the Lord Jupiter the 5th Lord in the natal Chart Fallen  in the 2nd house and aspects the 10th house . He has Poorva Punya Dosh and also Running the Dasha of Jupiter -Saturn when the Presidential Elections will be held on the 3rd Nov. 2020. Since the Solar Eclipse took place in the Sign Sagittarius and the out come of the same is Coronavirus since the Eclipse took place in the Moola Nakshatra  he is bound for trouble. The *th Lord from the Ascendant is Jupiter and in Transit Fallen in the 8th house from the 10th house and the 10th house from the Transit Jupiter we have the Natal Fallen Jupiter indicates fall from Position for Trump
Another Parameter which cannot be ignored is the Solar Eclipse of the 14th Dec. 2020 at 29 degrees and over the 4/10 axis of the Natal chart and exactly over the Natal Moon and in the 1/7 axis of Sun what can he dream of with these Transit is crystal clear . Read My Detailed article mentioned above .
I don’t have the exact birth details of  Kamala Harris , although born on the 20th Oct 1964 and  has Strong Rajyoga of Exchange of Sun and Venus  and Saturn in own Mool Trikona sign Aquarius Retrograde  and  will be running the 56th year at the time of the Elections . Venus will be over the Venus asper Declination and Sun nearing the Declination point may place her at a higher pedestail

Astrology is amazing

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