Astrology Speaks Again ! Venus Affliction In Pisces Navamsha By Sun And Ketu Big Names Exposed In Drug Cartel Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

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Please read my Articles on the  Venus affliction . I had Mentioned in my Videos and in my Articles that the Moment Venus goes in the Pisces Navamsha and meets Ketu and Sun big names in the Drug Cartel will be exposed  between the 25th to 27th Sept. 2020. More Names on the cards  wait and see. ASTROLOGY IS AMAZING. I dont have the Birth charts of the Bollywood Actor and Actresses but from the Wikipedia I can get the Day of Birth and comparing the Planetary positions one can also predict  what could happen in the near future  ?

Have a Look at the chart of the 25th Sept when Venus joins the Pisces navamsha


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Predictions Spot On For Coronavirus Scandal In Entertainment Industry Stock & Financial Markets Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

Predictions Spot On For Coronavirus Scandal In Entertainment Industry Stock & Financial Markets Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

Read this Para written in the above Article

Regarding the Entertainment Industry Read My Latest Article where I have Mentioned I wrote 12 Articles starting from the 4th March 2020  and Predicted that Scandals will be exposed from the Entertainment Industry since as per Declination  Venus will reach the 5th house of ther foundation chart of India where it debilitates and is also afflicted in the Foundation chart since deeply  Combusted and Rahu and Ketu have reached the 1/7 axis of the India Foundation chart and have removed the curtain  form what ever is happening in the Country as far as the Entertainment industry is concerned . The  Drug use has been exposed with dimension after the Nodes have changed signs. King pin in the drug cartel will be exposed  between the 25th to 27th Sept. 2020 when Venus joins Pisces navamsha where Ketu and Sun are placed —– Note these Predictions


Also Listen to My Video on this


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Activation Of Nodes & Affliction To Venus Puts Bollywood Actor and Actresses In Deep Trouble Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

Activation Of Nodes & Affliction To Venus Puts Bollywood Actor and Actresses In Deep Trouble Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

From the above it is clear  and the Following parameter seem to be most important for all the happenings in the Entertainment industry

  1. Affliction to Venus in the natal and the Navamsha  and in Transit Most Prone to malefic happenings for the Natives 
  2. Activation of Nodes in the Rashi and Navamsha specially where the Nodes Rahu or Ketu are afflicted  By Mars or Saturn
  3.  Affliction to Jupiter in the natal chart and the Transit Jupiter and Saturn planetary war on the 16th Dec. 2020
  4. The ingress of  Nodes from the 19th Sept. 2020 to 17th March 2022 activating the Nodal axis in the Rashi or Navamsha charts 
  5. Affliction to Venus in the natal chart and Navamsha  and in Transit will be the most sensitive Parameter for the Bollywood specially when the Planetary war of Jupiter and Venus takes place in the sign Capricorn on the 12th Feb. 2021. Planetary positions  most venomous for  the Bollywood
  6. Venus will join Ketu in Pisces in the Transit Navamsha from the 25th to 27th Sept. 2020 Most Prone Parameter for the  Bollywood and the Entertainment Industry. Some thing big can happen 
  7. Venus debilitation in the sign Virgo from the 23rd to 16th Nov. 2020 when it will also be influenced by Fall Mars by 7th aspect . On the 10th Nov 2020 Fallen  Stationary Mars will aspect Venus Debilitated degree-wise at 21 degrees 

The Names have been exposed on the media exactly when Venus joined Pisces Navamsha  on the 25th Sept. 2020

NCB Summons Karan Johar’s Company’s Executive Kshitij Prasad In Drug Probe; Raids His Home

Now Let us see the Horoscopes of the Person

Karan Kumar Johar (born Rahul Kumar Johar, 25 May 1972),[1] often informally referred to as KJo is an Indian film director, producer, screenwriter, costume designer, actor and television personality who works in Hindi films. He is the child of Hiroo Johar and the producer Yash Johar.

The following Parameters acquire an important dimension. I don’t have the exact DOB but comparing the Planetary positions at birth and Transit today

  1. Venus and Mars in the sign Gemini and both in Paap Kartari yoga  and Venus affliction in Transit
  2. Rahu over the natal Saturn and Saturn over the natal Rahu from the 19th Sept. 2020
  3. Rahu in Transit over the Sun and Saturn in the 8th from Moon

All the above may put him in deep trouble it so seems  from the 27th Sept. 2020 and the time frames mentioned in my earlier Articles

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    The most Important Article Conjunction of Mars Saturn and Jupiter —- written on the 17th Sept. 2019 for the World Reeling in Anguish and Pain link

    Conjunction Of Mars-Saturn-Jupiter In Capricorn What It Has Up It’s Sleeves ? Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

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