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Ever since the Outbreak of Coronavirus  has  taken place I am getting n number of Calls for Stagnancy in Business and Career , health issues and multiple problems  and people want remedies . Has  any Remedy worked  ?. I don’t think so. The Astrologers are giving so many remedies and of no use in the Present scenario. Some Astrologers boasted on the you tube that they will Propitiate  so that Coronavirus disappears but all in vain . Then what is the answer ? It is time  to take a back seat and improve your skills  on line courses  and not waste time in Gossip  watching Movies at home . It is time to  clean our things  refresh our knowledge and help other in distress. User Google Baba for your field to excel in it and gear up for the Future . Note all this .  The Solar Eclipse of the 26th Dec. 2019 took place in the Moola Nakshatra  and moola is destruction to the roots and rebuilding . This time should be fully utilized  and not wasted . It is testing time for the complete world till Ketu and Jupiter in  Sagittarius  till the 19th Sept. and  20th Nov. 2020 respectively. Who so ever will pass this period  will be like Drinking of Amrit, meaning survival of the fittest .Meditate every day  Pranayama, Lom Velum will also help. Notice every event carefully  and try to listen to the Call of the nature  by analysing the events critically these remedies may help

I have some suggestions  with my experience in life . Try to develop  communication with nature  and Let me tell you here for every thing in life natures guides us , it is we who ignore it . If we try to listen to the call of the nature then most of our Problems may be solved to quite an extent. Jupiter is  the only planet which is 100 % Benevolent and in the Present scenario blemished badly due to the following reasons and the whole world is suffering on account of the same

  1. In Retrogression
  2.  With Ketu forming Guru Chandal Yoga
  3. Fallen in it’s Moola Trikona sign Sagittarius most Venomous

Jupiter  can be compared to an Elephant in Animals and when this Elephant goes mad has the capacity to ruin the Jungle . Similarly when Jupiter is afflicted it has the Capacity to ruin every thing . Education, Expansion, Prosperity, Wealth  Intelligence  all Suffers

Some good Tips and Natural Remedies  for finding out the Day is good or Not as follows

  1. Breath from Chandra Nadi from the Left Nostril on Monday, Wednesday , Thursday and Friday and Surya Nadi  Right Nostril on the Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday is good , Good things should be done on good days as per Chandra Nadi Strong and Bad things on Surya Nadi Days
  2. Crowing of Crow is good but not taking name of Crow
  3. Monkeys in Sight are good but not talking about Monkeys
  4. Meeting a Washer man in the Morning Hours is bad , but meeting a Milk Man is a good omen in the Morning hours .
  5. Bad News at the starting of any Work Bad , Good News at the starting of a work Good
  6. Remove all Negative energy from the House  . Old Rusted Iron,  etc
  7. Entrance should not have any Plant with Thorns and should be clean
  8. Entrance should preferably not be South West
  9. Don’t Sleep with Head towards North
  10. . Keep a Peacock Feather , Hand Fan and a Copper Vessel with Water near your Bed where you sleep.
  11. Every day except Wednesday around 12-00 noon is Abhijeet muhurta is best time to start any thing since will have least negatives
  12. Broken Glasses and Water leaking is bad for wealth specially in the north

Now Listen to my Video citing Examples how I could get out of Problems for Important decisions in life  just by communication with Nature . This communication with nature is the best remedy in our life . Each one of us can practise it and communicate with Nature and feel the presence of the Almighty 

My Video

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