True Nodes Change Signs To Taurus-Scorpio Axis On 19th Sept. 2020 What They Have Up their Sleeves ? Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

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Nodes Change Signs To Taurus-Scorpio Axis  True Motion On 19th Sept. 2020 What They Have Up their Sleeves  ? Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

In this Article I am going to discuss the Transit of the Nodes  from the 19th Sept 2020 to  17th March 2022 in the Taurus-Scorpio axis in True Motion.

Nodes take 18.5 Years to complete  the Zodiac and take 18.5 months to complete 30 degrees in a sign, hence they move  30/18.5= 1.62 degrees each month in retrogression. Every Month Rahu and Ketu when they get close to Luminaries they are stationary and Move in direct motion and are considered most Venomous

General effects of Rahu

Physical pain, mental anguish, death of near relative, relation with Govt. strained ,setback in health ,reputation at stake , Food Poisoning,  Shifting residence  to distance place

General Effects of Ketu

Health of Native likely to be affected, Quarrels in the family , demise of Maternal Uncle,  Mental Tension,  Dispute over inheritance , Kidney disorders ,  Calamity and Hospitalization

All the above  If Rahu and Ketu are afflicted  in general 

‘Sura Suram Rahu Rog Harnam and Ketu Rog Karnam’ means Rahu removes the disease and Ketu gives disease

Before we take up the  the Analysis of Rahu and Ketu  we must consider the Principles which influence the Transit 



  1. The Ascendant ( The Individual Horoscope)
  2.  The Nakshatra  (Tara)
  3. The Moorti Nirnaya  The Story of the 2 Moons
  4. Ashtakavarga strength in the  Individual Horoscope
  5. The Dasha  Syndrome In the Individual Horoscope

We Can analyse only by 2 Methods in General therefore . Let us see the chart when the Transit of the Nodes take place as per the Ephemeries  on the 19th Sept. 2020 at 22.55 hrs  New Delhi IST

The day i Saturday and the Lord is Saturn placed in the 9th house  as the 9th Lord   and placed in the yama of Sagittarius where the 8th Lord is placed and Saturn is ill placed from the 8th house and the 8th Lord and also the yama Lord is a malefic parameter .Rahu is placed in the Yama of Pisces and the Lord is again placed in the 8th house  is not good.  Karna Lord is in the 8th house is not good at all . The Yama Lord of the Day Lord and Rahu is Jupiter and in 8th house and in Paap Kartariyoga . Jupiter is also the Karna Lord hence the Fructifications of the Rahu and Ketu may not be  good one the Karya siddhi is missing  and with lot of obstacles and Hurdles as can be seen from the planetary positions

As per Panchaka Rahita Muhurat it is Raja and a Bad Muhurat .

Inauspicious timings

Mrityu, Agni, Raja, Chora and Roga are five inauspicious timings. These five inauspicious time periods and Raja falls in this .Raja Panchakam indicates bad results in general





Please Note that the Moon at the time of the Ingress is in the sign Libra 

Counting from the Natal Janam Moon sign it will be in Swarna Moorti if Libra Moon is in the 1,6,11th Hence for  Libra , Taurus and Sagittarius   will be Gold Excellent

Counting from Janam Moon sign if the Libra Moon sign Falls in the 2,5,9 then it will be Rajata Moorti  Hence for  Virgo, Gemini and Aquarius it will Be Silver  Good 

Counting from Janam Moon sign if Libra Moon Falls in 3,7,10 Then it is Tamara Moorti . Hence for Leo, Aries and Capricorn it is Cooper 

Counting from the Janam Moon sign if the Libra Moon sign Falls in the 4, 8, 12 sign the Loha Moorti  and Not Very good . Hence for Cancer ,Scorpio, Pisces,  not very good Transit 


The Transit will be modified by the Tara the Janam Star . We all know 3,5, 7 Tara are Bad in the  Janam  in the first Triad Viput, Patyari and Vadha are fully malefic , In the Anu Janam  2nd Triad  Starting 1/3 portion of Viput ending 1/3 portion of Patyari and middle 1/3 portion of Vadha are Malefic . Th the Trijanam and the 3rd Triad  all tara are good


On Janam Tara Bad 

3,5,7 In general Tara is not good at all keep this in mind , miseries, failures ill health

2-5 Tara very good For Prosperity

6,7,8 Tara Distance travel

9-11 th Tara Loss of Position, money, job

12-15 Tara Excellent gains  , Old money comes 

16th to 20th Enjoyments , Happiness 

21-25th Tara Gains and Income 

26th-27th Danger , Very bad 


Rahu and Ketu are about to change signs on Sep. 19th, 2020, and create significant changes in your life. These planets are indicators of your past life karma and play a significant role in shaping your present life situations. During this transit until 16th March 2022

North Node Rahu is ingress in the sign of Venus-ruled Taurus sign  a Fixed and an Earthy  sign  of material wealth and acquires the significations of Venus. This combination of Venus-Rahu energy would boost your creativity to help find innovative ways to attract abundance. Rahu also helps you to be ambitious and improve your versatility to build wealth. At the same time, Ketu  will ingress in the sign of  Mars-ruled Scorpio. It mimics the role of Mars and bestows determination and in-depth knowledge to find solutions to all problems, progress in an area of focus, and grow spiritually. Together, these nodal planets can help you be ambitious, focused on what you aspire to be, and move towards reaching  your goal.

Taurus signifies the things we value in life- family, money, speech, and material assets. Ruled by the bull, Taurus is the storehouse of procreative energy. Rahu, which is all about extravagance, material wealth, and mass communication, complements Taurus’ qualities. Even though it is debated, some ancient texts say that Rahu gets exalted in the sign Taurus. Rahu in Taurus also feels stable and can give wealth and material comforts as the earthy Taurus can support it.

When Rahu is in Taurus, Ketu will be in Scorpio, a watery and fixed sign of secrets, mysteries, and transformation. Scorpio is related to the hidden aspects of life, occult sciences, and transformation. Ketu is all about deep understanding, the true essence of your higher self, and embracing spiritual wealth. Ketu in Scorpio has the potency to get exalted and feels comfortable revealing spiritual secrets and understanding the deeper meaning behind spiritual practices. This transit of Ketu in Scorpio helps make use of knowledge acquired through the years to transform your life better.

During the 18.5 months of Nodes  transit, Rahu will be transiting three stars in Taurus and Ketu will be transiting three stars in Scorpio. This planet-star energy combination favours and impacts different areas of life

Rahu-Mrigashira (Sep. 19th, 2020 – 13th Feb, 2021)

Rahu-Mrigashira energy during this period can help you identify and utilize different opportunities to make money, and progress in your business/career

Ketu-Jyeshta (Sep. 19th, 2020 – May 10th 2021)

Ketu-Jyeshta energy helps in making precise and calculated decision making. Business people can take advantage of this time to strategize business plans and take decisions

Rahu-Rohini (13th Feb, 2021 – 20th Sept, 2021)

Rahu-Rohini energy during this period can boost your abilities to attract material wealth and assets. Find smart ways to grow your money and be prudent in choosing the right investment options

Ketu-Anuradha (10th May, 2021- Feb. 14th 2022)

Ketu-Anuradha energy helps you work towards acquiring material comforts with passion

Rahu Krittika (20th Sept, 2021 – 17th March 2022)

Rahu-Krittika energy during this period can help make your efforts fruitful and progress towards your goals

Ketu-Vishaka (Feb.14th, 2022-17th March, 2022)

Ketu-Vishaka energy can help realize dreams and aspirations to witness positive transformation in life

It has been observed from the past  that when ever the Nodes change signs from the Gemini-Sagittarius axis  it is time for transformations and also healing  since the Transit in the Gemini-Sagittarius axis is most Treacherous since Rahu in Ardra and Ketu in Moola  stars are most Venomous

As per the Past we have observed asper the following  Vaccines were developed when this ingress took place in the Taurus-Scorpio axis

The introduction of the vaccine to the New World took place in Trinity, Newfoundland, in 1798 by Dr. John Clinch, boyhood friend and medical colleague of Jenner. The first smallpox vaccine in the United States was administered in 1799. The physician Valentine Seaman gave his children a smallpox vaccination using a serum acquired from Jenner. By 1800, Jenner’s work had been published in all the major European languages and had reached Benjamin Waterhouse in the United States — an indication of rapid spread and deep interest. Despite some concern about the safety of vaccination the mortality using carefully selected vaccine was close to zero, and it was soon in use all over Europe and the United States.[

The Vaccine was finally discovery on the 12th Jan 1798 when Ketu was in Scorpio and Rahu in Taurus.

Penicillin was discovered in 1928 by Scottish scientist Alexander Fleming. People began using it to treat infections in 1942.[5] There are several enhanced penicillin families which are effective against additional bacteria; these include the antistaphylococcal penicillinsaminopenicillins and the antipseudomonal penicillins. They are derived from Penicillium fungi. Fleming shared the 1945 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his discovery, along with Oxford University scientists Howard Florey and Ernst Boris Chain (who developed improved ways to produce and concentrate the drug and prove its antibacterial effects).

Some special observation when Vaccines have been developed  and planetary positions as per the above to Vaccines developed

1. Jupiter had aspects on Ketu. Now after the 20th Nov. 2020 Jupiter will have aspect on Rahu in Taurus. Note this Parameter , hence may be good for the Vaccine development for Coronavirus after the 20thNov. 2020

2. Another Parameter observed from the Past is Mars connection with Ketu either by conjunction of by 7th aspect on Ketu the disease Karka, which would take place after the 21st Feb 2021


 For India it will be Loha Moorti  and weak but in the 11th from Natal Moon and over the Natal Rahu-Ketu axis  .   Hence mixed results may be observed . Ketu will be in the 5th  From the natal Moon Financial Losses 


For China the  Transit will be  Tamara Moorti and Copper  and Rahu in the 5th from the Natal Moon  Hence Financial Losses  and Ketu in the 11th from the Natal Moon


For US it will be  Silver  and  Rahu in the 4th from the Natal Moon  will give Sorrow  and  Ketu in the 10th  Gains



It has been observed form the Past that when Ever Rahu and Ketu Transit in the 1/7 axis of the India Foundation chart it is time for agony and pain

Have a Look at the chart of the 3nd Sept. 1965 05-30 am  when War Broke out

The Following Parameters acquire an important dimension

  1. Affliction to Taurus-Scorpio Axis  the 1/7 axis of the India Foundation chart
  2. . Affliction to Luminaries
  3. Affliction in the 1/7 axis of the Foundation chart of India
  4.  Affliction to Rahu raises the pitch of War  frenzy
  5.  Affliction to Capricorn -Cancer axis
  6. Saturn aspects Ketu and Moon and Mars aspects Rahu. Affliction to both Rahu  and Ketu by Malefics

It has been observed that the affliction to Cancer-Capricorn Axis  more serious for India then the affliction to Taurus-Scorpio axis  at the time of the 1962 and 1971 wars  if we compare them with Sept. 1965 war

War with Pakistan Over Bangladesh on the 18th Nov. 1971

1. Taurus-Scorpio Axis afflicted

2. Capricorn-Cancer axis Afflicted

3. Ketu  has aspects  by Saturn only

My  observation is for Wars the Affliction to Ketu by both Mars and Saturn is essential or Affliction  to Both Rahu and Ketu by Mars and Saturn. In wars like the above  and specially India involved in wars  The affliction to the Capricorn axis and the Taurus-Scorpio axis along with Aspect of Mars and Saturn on Ketu or Both Rahu and Ketu to have aspect of Mars and Saturn is essential

Now Between the 25th Sept. to 6th Oct . 2020 the Planetary Positions  Ketu will have aspect of Mars Retrograde and  nearest to earth and Saturn will be stationary after the 25th Sept. to 4th Oct. 2020 when Mars will also fall back in the sign Pisces.

The Following Parameters acquire an important dimension.

  1. Mars will aspect Ketu from the 19th Sept. 2020 and both will be in Gandantha   around the 25th-27th Sept. 2020
  2. Saturn will be stationary after the 25th Sept. to 4th Oct. and will turn direct on the 29th Sept. 2020
  3. Mars will be in Kendra from Saturn
  4.  Saturn will aspect Mars from the 4th Oct. 2020
  5. Mars will give vedha to Ketu and Ketu to Mars in the Rashi Sanghatta chakra
  6. Ketu will be in the sign of Scorpio and its depositor will be fallen on the 4th Oct. 2020 to 24th Dec.2020
  7. Mars will be in the sign of Pisces  whose depositor will also be fallen till 20th Nov.2020
  8.  There is affliction to the Taurus-Scorpio axis
  9. There is Affliction to Capricorn by Stationary Saturn
  10. One Parameter is missing as I have been mentioning in all my Articles that Ketu is not afflicted by Saturn and no affliction to Rahu, this  may save India from a War  and there may be only Brick Batting  between the 2 Countries and China will have more aggressive stance as already mentioned by me in all my Articles 
  11. The Time Frame after the 14th Dec. 2020 -16th Dec. 2020 when there is Planetary war  between Saturn and Jupiter Is more critical for war like condition and then on the 12th Feb 2021 when there are 6 Planets in the sign Capricorn and there is Planetary war between Jupiter and Venus  termed as Blood shed as per the Mundane Classic  Myur Chitram
  12. Even if there is war it cannot be a big one .- in the immediate scenario. The Chances of Terrorism at the Boarders by Pakistan cannot be ruled out 

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