Communication With Nature Gives Answers To Our Problems My Experience Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

by anil aggarwala

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In this Article I am going to lay emphasis that communication with Nature gives answers to most of our Problems . Every time there is some event going to take place the Nature indicates the same  if we watch the Nature activities around us My Experience  in most of the Cases. Nature Warns us every time  for untoward happenings and also for Good things to happen. One such event being discussed in this Article. I have discussed n Number of Articles which I have experienced . This also Indicates that a Strong Natural Force exists .

13 years old case  of Ancestral Property a legal fight between the Brothers and Sisters  was going on . On the 31st Jan 2020 there was Truce which was to be signed  by them in the Mediation  Cell in the Court . While the Elder brother was going to the Court  just before the Court the Car had to stop at the Red light point . A Lame beggar  knocked at the door. Just then I received a Call from the Querist asking if the Truce would be successful.  It was simple in the Prashna  Chart Rahu was placed in the 2nd house of the Ancestral Property and in the 8th from the Arudha Lagna, Hence the Querist meets a Lame beggar . I could make out that Taurus Lagna is rising at the time of the Query  and  Mars as the 12th and the 7th Lord placed in the 7th house the Karka for Brother and Sisters and Property . I answered that the the mediation would fail in the Court that day and there will be no truce till  Rahu In Gemini till 19th Sept. 2020 and  till Mars is Fallen in Pisces on the 4th Oct. 2020.  Surprisingly all happened  as predicted .22nd March  2020 when Corona Virus also Broke out and Mars joined Capricorn there were heated arguments between them  and Mediation totally failed .  After the 4th Oct 2020 the Querist approached the Brother and Sisters and they agreed  for mediations again.  I told the Querist to Complete the Truce before the 24th Dec. 2020 till the 7th Lord Mars is Fallen and in Pisces.

Why Mars  ? Red Light Point and 7th house is the Road  and Mars Placed in own sign in a Fixed sign  Scorpio. Surprisingly the Day Mars entered the 9th house at the Saturn degrees the Mediation  totally failed .  The Lame Beggar is Saturn and Mars the Redlight Point .  I told the Querist till Rahu in the sign Gemini there will be no settlement and there will be hurdles due to Coronavirus also  since the Courts may not operate .  I told them to approach the Brothers and Sisters after the 4th Oct. 2020 when the 7th Lord is  Fallen and Retrograde in the sign Pisces. Accordingly they approached and  found conducive results . I have  told them to complete before the 24th Dec. 2020 all the Paper work and In case they have to sell the Property then after the Mars goes in the sign Aries after the 24th Dec. 2020  to 21st Feb 2021 . Till now all is going smooth . Mars the Karka for Property has to be strong  and in own Navamsha in Aries sign at 2-3.20 degrees  for selling the Property

The Shakun and Omens indicated  by the Lame Beggar that there will be hurdles  and the Truce will limp till Rahu in the sign Gemini and till Mars reaches the 12th house  there will be no complete truce .

Astrology is amazing


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