Panoramic View Of The Year 2021 Generally Speaking Much Better Year Than 2020 From July 2021 Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

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Panoramic View Of The Year 2021 Generally Speaking Much Better Year Than 2020 From July 2021Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

The outbreak of coronavirus in the year 2020 has caused human suffering  through out the world. As the year comes to an end, everybody is now expecting positive changes and relief  in their life after witnessing the traumatic year of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has already claimed over 1.79 million lives across the globe.

The New Year 2021 Starts from the 00-00 hrs on the 1st Jan 2021. See the chart below

Panchang of the Day

The Day is Friday and considered most auspicious since the Lord is Venus  Daitya Guru. Venus the Day Lord is placed in the yama of Sagittarius where the Lagna Lord and the 10th Lord is placed with Sun Forming a  Budhaditya Rajyoga . To add on the Strength and auspiciousness the Lagna Lord is placed in the 4th house and is also in  Pushkar Navamsha . Indicates Extraordinary placement and Permanency

The Tithi Is KP-2 Is Extremely good  for Financial Matters

The Nakshatra is Pushya  the maha nakshatra and King of all the constellations is extremely good

The Yoga is Vaidrithi is inauspicious Lord is Jupiter  but in Pushkar Navamsha

The Karna is Gar  Lord is Jupiter  Very good  in Pushkar Navamsha

The Lagna is Virgo and the Lord in the 4th house is forming a Rajyoga as mentioned above is extraordinarily good  and has ability to safeguard the Mankind and has  Permanency in the coming year  2021. The Lagna is in the star of Haste of Ganeshji and the Lord  Moon is placed in the 11th house in own sign in the maha nakshatra is extremely good and powerful for good achievement and growth in the coming year . Dividing the year of 12 Months for the Vimshottari dasha the Start may be slow but after the July 2021  will be extremely good for the Global Economy  and Progress Individually. The Mars and Saturn in squared position offer initial hinderances  but after Mars transits in Taurus after the 21st Feb 2021 will be like a start of for good happenings individually. On the Global Front and asper the Mundane astrology I have already predicted that till Mars goes in the sign Leo  it may not be a good time . Also Mars aspects  Moon in the sign Cancer hence till it over takes Moon there may be some hinderances  till July 2021, but after July is a most Auspicious time for Progress and Prosperity

3rd House is afflicted  by Ketu  and Venus is a benefic and as the 9th and the 2nd Lord reduces the maleficence of Ketu. The aspect of Mars on the 3rd house shows Accidents  of Rail and Aircrafts till 15th April 2021. It also indicates the Boarder clashes with China and Pakistan till 18th July 2021. Ketu is disease Karka and Placed in 6/8 axis with Mars is not good for the Virus and Pandemic and as predicted there may be relief after the Jupiter goes in the sign Aquarius and Ketu is out of the Jyestha star on the 10th May 2021 . This indicates some relief also coming through Vaccines from the Virus although the Virus may take ugly shape till Ketu in Jyestha star

The 5th house is having the Jupiter and Saturn both in Pushkar Navamsha and both aspect the Lagna and the 7th house respectively  and make the Kendras very strong.. 5th House is the house of Speculations and Moon and Venus are well placed from this House and House Lord . When Venus and Moon together activate this house in Feb 2021 will be a time frame for Investments in the Speculation . This may yield very good results in speculations and investments. Rahu will be in stationary motion from the 6th Jan for 2 days then Adverse motion till the 11th Jan 2021 and then Rahu will grip all the Planets from the 11th Jan to 28th March 2021 . Rahu has the Capacity to take the Markets in any direction and is unpredictable

The significations of Mars has been explained above and the Real Estate sector may also get  Boom since Mars is Vargottam and the 10th house from Mars the 5th house is extremely strong , hence some respite in this sector as well

North Node Rahu in Taurus is extremely good placed in the 9th house  Contributing to new Innovations, Foreign Travel

The Navamsha Rising at the time is of Aries Lagna and Mars the 8th Lord is Vargottam is extremely good  for the Real estate Sector and some revival since the Karna  is Gar and  Lord Placed in the 10th from Mars along with 10th Lord  from Mars . Till Mars goes in the sign Leo till July 2021 there may be untoward happenings  and Tug of wars in the Politics and  Countries may fight with each other

Hence over all the year is extremely good after the 12th Feb. 2021 when there will be 6 planets in the sign Capricorn the 5th house of the chart and shows extremely good for Speculations and investments over all although the Start may be slow but as time passes by the Auspiciousness will be seen  from the Time when Mars goes in Leo on the 18th July 2021



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