The New Coronavirus Strain From UK A Bolt From The Blue As Predicted Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

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The New Coronavirus Strain From UK A Bolt From The Blue As Predicted Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

Should Indians Worry About The New Coronavirus Strain From UK? Astrologer Anil Aggarwala Yes it  is a matter of Concern as already Predicted

This is with reference to my Articles on the Ingress of Nodes in the Taurus-Scorpio axis  and I had Predicted long ago that the Transit of Ketu the Disease Karka into the sign of Scorpio in the Star Jyestha is not an auspicious one due to the Fact that Jyestha is a Gandantha star and the Solar Eclipse of the 14th Dec. 2020 has taken place in this star and the Luminaries are in Gandantha at 29 degrees and most enigmatic since Luminaries are the life saving force  and on top of the same  Jupiter the Jeeeva Planet has lost in Planetary war with in 7days of the Eclipse and most Venomous as per the Matsya Purana the Classic for Omens and also as per  Brihat Samhita and all my Predictions are proving Spot on.

Why India should be alert is for the simple reason that there is Nodal Return in the 1/7 axis of the India foundation chart and the  Solar Eclipse has taken place in the 7th house and the  6th Lord Venus is also afflicted badly in the sign Scorpio along with the 8th Lord Jupiter of the Foundation chart lost in Planetary war on the 21st Dec. 2020. Mercury the 6th Lord of the Natural Zodiac is also Eclipses at 25 degrees with Ketu on the 14th Dec. 2020 . All these combinations together with Enigmatic Dasha of the Moon-Saturn in operation will add fuel to the fire. I seriously feel India has to  be alert

Read My  Articles written well in advance  mentioned below

  1. Rahu In Ardra & Mrigshira Ketu In Moola & Jyestha Nakshatra May Leave Deep Scars In 2020-2021 Parallel 1890 &1918 For the World Astrologer Anil Aggarwala – Astrologer Anil Aggarwala (

Let me reproduce this article for ready Reference written on the 20th April 2020

Read the first Para “Looking at the Eclipses of the 1889 Dec and 1917 Dec. I come to the Conclusion that Ketu In Moola and Jyestha Nakshatra left deep Scars for the World  Since both Moola and Jyestha are Ferrous and Bitter Nakshatras and also adhomukh down ward looking .  Ketu therefore in  transit as per the Past can give similar happenings in the world  in the immediate present and Future specially after the 20th Sept. 2020 when the nodes transit in the Taurus-Scorpio axis and as per the India Foundation chart the nodal return in the 1/7 axis . A new Virus spread is also not ruled out in the Globe . The World may get little  respite from the COVID-19 and  there may be other issues which will crop since Ketu is known for all this. The Espionage Theory getting concern may bring the Countries at Daggers Drawn with China.  Trump may try to take mileage from it. The Eclipses Nakshatra Moola Is a Dreaded one and Is  Represented By Goddess Nriti Who Rules Destruction and Rebuilding as well, Hence First Destruction then rebuilding  the World after Lot of woes , calamities and destructions. Till Ketu in the Moola and Jyestha Star will be the most enigmatic time frame for the Globe in general till the 10th May 2021.  Looking into the past we can also say that the Globe will only get relief from the Virus after Rahu goes in Aries and Ketu in Libra and there will be exchange of the Stars between them after the 8th Feb 2023 only . Hence the year 2021 will also have may woes for the globe . Vaccines may come but will also have side effects as seen from the planetary positions  specially till Jupiter goes in its own sign Pisces after the 17th April 2022. Jupiter affliction after the Planetary war with Saturn after the Solar Eclipse of the 14th Dec. 2020 will be most enigmatic period and sincxe a Jeeva Planet and lost in Planetary war  will poss hinderances in the Health, Wealth and the Prosperity of the world specially the Crucial Solar Eclipse when the Luminaries will also be in Gandantha  and are life giving force 

The Above Para give the nut shell of the Article and what ever is happening is parallel and exactly as per the Predictions made in this Article written almost 8 months back. No astrologer could even dream of the Same and had made any Predictions  for the same



New coronavirus strain spooks Street: Experts see 5% correction in Sensex, Nifty in short term

New Coronavirus Strain Spooks Street: Experts See 5% Correction In Sensex, Nifty In Short Term (

This also has been well Predicted in this Article   Read full Article

In this Article I am going to Discuss the Planetary positions at the time of Eclipses  Dec. 1889 and Dec 1917 which are identical to the Solar Eclipse of the 26th Dec. 2019. The Earlier 2 Eclipses left  Deep Scars for the complete Globe and there were malefic happenings  even after the Nodes changed the signs from the Gemini-Sagittarius axis  to Taurus-Scorpio Axis. Hence it seems that even if the Globe gets respite from the COVID-19 there may be so many other issues in the World, May be it is  Economic Recession , Unemployment, or The Brawl between the Countries taking an ugly shape. This can prove most catastrophic for the world and  a hanging fire  as can be seen from the Earlier 2 Eclipses in the Gemini-Sagittarius Axis.

Please refer to my Article of the Rahu and Ketu  Ingress in Own Star’s In the ‘EXPRESS STAR TELLER’ in the Nov. 2019 edition on the page 44 where i had Predicted the out come  and an Article was also written on the 17th sept 2019 for the Virus spread from China after the Solar Eclipse of the 26th Dec. 2019

Let us Have a look at the  chart of the 22nd Dec. 1889


The following Parameters acquire an important dimension

1. Sun and Moon at 8.37 degrees in moola nakshatra at the time of the Eclipse and Ketu at 10.42 degrees and about to totally Eclipse the Luminaries

2. Rahu and Ketu In own Nakshatras ‘ARDRA’ and ‘MOOLA’ respectively and both most dreaded nakshatras

3. Saturn aspects Mars in the Sign Libra Note this Parameter

4. Jupiter in the sign Sagitarius  forming a Guru Chandal Yoga. Note the degrees of Jupiter 23.19. My Research when Ever Planets Pass through 24-25 degrees  they are explosive if time and again these dehrees are activated

We have Identical  Solar Eclipse in the sign Sagitarius on the 26th Dec. 2019 which has 6 Planets gripped by Rahu and Ketu and the luminaries at 9.58 degrees and Rahu-Ketu at 14.15 degrees and jupiter at 11.15 degrees

Now Have a Look what All happened after the Solar Eclipse of the Dec 1889

The 1890s was the ten-year period from the years 1890 to 1899.

In the United States, the 1890s were marked by a severe economic depression sparked by the Panic of 1893, as well as several strikes in the industrial workforce. The decade saw much of the development of the automobile.

The period was sometimes referred to as the “Mauve Decade”– because William Henry Perkin‘s aniline dye allowed the widespread use of that colour in fashion – and also as the “Gay Nineties“, referring to the fact that it was full of merriment and optimism. The phrase, “The Gay Nineties,” was not coined until the 1920s. This decade was also part of the Gilded Age, a phrase coined by Mark Twain, alluding] to the seemingly profitable era that was riddled with crime and poverty.


It has been observed that when Jupiter gets afflicted specially in the fiery sign it is time for disaster for the World Economy and since with Ketu the disease Karka there is also Virus Spread, Violence, Espionage and Terrorism of all types

Science Developements


Now Have a Look at the Lunar Eclipse of the 28th Dec 1917 below when there was out break of the Spanish Flue

The parameters acquiring important dimensions are as follows

  1. Eclipse in the nakshatra of Ardra and Rahu in Moola Nakshatra and Ketu in Ardra nakshatra the Exchange of the Nakshatras that to  Dreaded ones
  2.  Mars Aspecting the Nakshatra Lord  Rahu at the time of the Eclipse
  3. Rahu In Sagitarius and Ketu in Gemni and Both Influencing the same axis in Navamsha most Dreaded one .
  4.  Luminaries at 13.23 degrees and Nodes at 8.49 degrees
  5. Mercury Fallen in Sagitarius sign
  6. Saturn aspects Mars by 3rd aspect

Events in !918

From the above it is crystal Clear that the Planetary Positions in the above 2 Eclipses were most Explosive  and all can be seen what the Globe suffered on account of Eclipses in the Gemini-Sagitarius sign and the Eclipses in the Nakshatra of Moola and Ardra.


Now Have a Look at the Chart of the  26th Dec 2019  when the cluster of 6 planets were in the sign Sagitarius and eclipse in the Nakshatra of Moola like the Dec. 1889 when Jupiter was also in the sign Sagitarius

The Planetary Positions are parallel to the Dec 1889 Solar Eclipse and also Similar to the Lunar Eclipse of the 28th Dec 1917 Lunar Eclipse

From the above we can come to the conclusion that even if the Woes of the Coronavirus are substantially resduced the other woes  may be felt in the world as below.

  1. Political Uncertainty
  2. Brawl Between Country taking Ugly shape
  3. Violence, Natural and Unnatural Calamities
  4. Economic Slow Down
  5. Spiritual awakening
  6. Some Innovative Research  which can Prove most amazing
  7. Restructuring of Things  from Root Level
  8. Some Other virus spread is possible after the 19th Sept. 2020 when Ketu the disease Karka goes in the sign Scorpio and Jyeshta star
  9. Since the Solar Eclipse of the 14th Dec. 2020 is taking place in the sign Scorpio and Mercury and Ketu are degree conjunct at 25 degrees and In the Foundation chart of China also Mercury and Ketu are conjunct at 23 degrees in Virgo. The Virus may again be leaked from China— Note these Predictions




  1. USA since has 4 Planets in the sign Gemini and specially Eclipse in the 1/7 axis of the Sun. Trump will be in aggressive stance after the ingress of Rahu in Mars nakshatra from the 22nd April 2020 and till 1st May 2020 will be a time prone for the US to take an aggressive stance against CHINA. For US the Dasha in operation is Rahu-Rahu and the Country is bound for war like conditions and losses specially when Rahu as explained above from the 22nd April to 20th Sept. 2020. Trump also has the Dasha of Jupiter-Saturn and the 30th June 2020  Jupiter in Transit will be in Fallen State as the 8th Lord in the 8th from the 10th house which is the  5th house and Trump also has Jupiter Fallen. This  time period from the 30th June to 13th Sept. 2020 will put Trump in Hotwaters and to be more specific till Jupiter in Fallen condition till 20th Nov. 2020 .  Trump has Fallen Planet in the 2nd House aspecting the 10th house and Transit Jupiter also fallen may produce the worst results for Trump and the US it so seems . US may have  to beat a hasty retreat it so seems . Trump may try all odd  to come back to power but I can Predict clearly , It is time for Disaster for US and also Trump


2. China  The Solar Eclipse over the 22DK sign and the Lord over the 12th house and Karka for wealth Jupiter who is also in Fallen State in the Foundation chart of China. Dasha of Mercury who is the Lord of the 6th and the 9th house and loses the Lordship of the 6th house and in very close degrees with Ketu  in the sign Virgo. Transit of Mercury in the sign Gemini after the 24th May 2020 may put  China In Daggers Drawn with US it so seems — Note this Time frame  and also  when Rahu changes its Nakshatra to Mrigshira on the 22nd April and placed in the 6th house in Transit and the Nakshatra Lord in the Lagna and aspecting the Natal Mars in the 7th house of Wars in Debilitation, In the Navamsha also Transit Mars will be in Debilitation. I fear to write anything more here. Oct 4th Mars will fall over the Natal Jupiter Fallen and 22Dk sign till 24th Dec. 2020 will be the time frmae which will put both US and China at Daggers Drawn Situation


  1. The Conjunction of Mars and Saturn in the sign Capricorn  till 1st May 2020 is dreaded one  and most Prone for India to be in War like conditions as per the Rashi -Sanghatta  Chakra  from the 22nd April to 1st May 2020. Pakistan May also be in an aggressive stance  and Dasha of India Moon-Saturn- Mercury and then Moon-Saturn-Ketu from the 30th May to 4th July may be Prone to to Boarder Clashes as per the Rudramasha chart.  Violence , Naturasl and Unnatural Calamities are not ruled out
  2. The Woes of the COVID-19 may be felt Most till the 1st May 2020 and  then some relief when Sun goes out of the clutches of the Nodes on the 17th July and when Mercury the 6th Lord of the natural Zodiac Mercury is also out of the clutches of the Nodes on the 2nd August 2020. Further Sun joining its sign Leo on the 17th August 2020 and Mercury in the sign Exhaltation between the 2nd Sept to 22nd sept. 2020 seems to give a good respite from the woes of the COVID-19, since Ketu will also leave the sign Sagitarius


3.Transit of Mars in the Sign Aries from the 16th August 2020 to 22nd Feb 2021 will be the Time frame when US will Reel in War like situations and Daggers Drawn with China, since Mars will be in the sign Aries for 189 days  out of which it will be in fallen state from the 4th Oct to 24th Dec. 2020 for 81 days which may prove catastrophic. From the 4th Oct to 20th Nov. 2020 there will be 2 Planets in Fallen State  Jupiter in Sagitarius and Mars . The worst is Mars Fallen and the Dispositor of Mars Jupiter also Fallen . The 8th Lord and the 8th house from the 10th house will have Fallen Planet for US Leo Ascendant and also for Trump.



Planets in the sign Sagitarius are most Venomous for the Stock and the Financial Markets and when Jupiter falls back in the sign Sagitarius from the 30th June to 20th Nov. 2020 will be prone to Strong Roller Coaster rides and even it may the time when the Markets hit all time low  Specially the 24-25 degree mark in the sign Sagitarius and Saturn in the sign Capricorn at 3.27 degrees  touching it again and again


5th-6th August 2020 will be identical to 24th-25th Feb. 2020—- Note this Time Frame Most Important for Repeat of Events which Occured on the 24th-25th Feb. 2020 In India and in the Globe

Business and economy 24th Feb 2020

Oct. 24th 1929 was the Crisis Day for the stock and the Financial Markets


The Stock Markets could be Parallel to the 30 years Back like the 1990 June  when Saturn  was fallen in Sagitarius from Capricorn. In the immediate future Jupiter Fallen from Capricorn to Sagitarius. Hence  Parallel Situations like the Gulf War also cannot be ruled out


Crowd gathering on Wall Street after the 1929 crash

The Wall Street Crash of 1929, also known as the Great Crash, was a major stock market crash that occurred in 1929. It started in September and ended late in October, when share prices on the New York Stock Exchange collapsed.

It was the most devastating stock market crash in the history of the United States, when taking into consideration the full extent and duration of its aftereffects.[1] The crash, which followed the London Stock Exchange‘s crash of September, signaled the beginning of the Great Depression.


Saturn has completed  its 90 Year cycle from the 24th Oct 1929  It will be in identical position to 24th -25th Feb 20-20  when it  reaches the 3.27 degrees in Capricorn in Retrogression in the Moola Nakshatra on the 4th August 2020  It will cross these Degrees 3 times as follows

1.Saturn crossed 3.27 degrees in Capricorn in Transit on the 24-25th Feb 2020 when we had the first time Crash in the Stock and the Financial Markets

2. 2nd time it will cross the same degrees on the 4th-5th August 2020 when Jupiter will also cross the 24-25 Degree arc  between the 10th August to 20th August 2020

3. Saturn will cross the 3.27 degrees in Capricorn for the third time on the 22nd Nov. 2020

4. Jupiter will cross the 24-25 degree mark  for the third time betwen the 5th to 16th Oct. 2020

All the above Time frames are enigmatic Time frames for the Globe in General and Similar Happenings like the 24th -25th Feb 2020 World vide happenings

May be it is Violence

Political Tug of War

Brawl Between Nations

Roller Coaster Rides strong ones in the Stock and the Financial Markets

US-China Brawl may take  Ugly Shape

India-Pak , Indo-China Disputes escalating  specially after the 30th May to 4th Oct 2020 and also in the time frames mentioned above

Virus spread is not ruled out after the 19th Sept. 2020 may be Coronavirus or another virus is on the cards specially when Mars will be in fallen state from the 4th Oct to 24th Dec. 2020 when Mars the signification for cure will be in most afflicted state

There may be some most amazing researches in the Medical Field and also Electronics  before the 20th Sept. 2020 till Ketu and Jupiter in the sign Sagitarius.

Spirtual awakening world wide since the Planetary positions are parallel specially of jupiter and Ketu in Sagitarius parallel to the Dec 1889 Solar Eclipse when there was also Spirtual Awakening

The Fear is the Mars and Saturn dreaded conjunction till specially till 4th May 2020 and specially between the 22nd April to 1st May 2020  what it has up its sleeves ? . The Answer is unexpected can happen and a dreaded one between the China and the Rest Part of the World and specially with US .AFter Mars is in Pieces Saturn will aspect Mars  this time will also be dreaded one

We may be out of the COVID-19 Woes but The Woes of the Warlike situations may still exist more so after the 20th Sept 2020 the Rahu and Ketu will transit over the 1/7 axis of the India Foundation chart and has never given good effects specially when any malefic is there in Rohini Nakshatra  Rahu will be in Mars nakshatra also not considered Good since Mars is the 7th and the 12th Lord of the India Foundation chart. The Time frames after the Solar Eclipse of the 14th Dec. 2020, 11th Feb 2021 New Moon chart  and the 26th March 2021  Time frames are most enigmatic ones 


Hence difficult Conditions not only exist for India but also the complete world specially the US-China Brawl Taking an Ugly Turn any time after the 21st April 2020 till 1st May 2020 in the immediate present.


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