Astrology Speaks Loudly ! Lunation Chart 12th Feb. 2021 : Prone To Boarder Clashes With China & Pakistan Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

by anil aggarwala

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 In continuation to My Articles  below on India Narinder Modi  and the Planetary positions I would Now Like to Discuss the Lunation Chart of the 12th Feb 2021 00-35 hrs which is Prone to Boarder Clashes  with our neighbours which has been predicted and mentioned in all my articles relating to India-China Brawl since  written much in advance in 2020

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Please also read my Article most important written in Oct 2020. In this Article I have Predicted War with China and Brawl between Countries going for a Toss

In Fact his Conjunction of Planets is Parallel to the 4th Feb 1962  when there were 8 Planets in the sign Capricorn and we all know we had War with China. Of course in the Future Conjunction Mars is not taking place but placed in the square position hence the Actual War may not take place but almost like a war on the Boarders . Fierce Fight can be seen 

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I think from the above articles it is crystal Clear that the Lunation chart of the 12th Feb 2021 is Most Venomous and Enigmatic one for Boarder clashes. Let us now have a look at the Lunation  chart of the 12th Feb. 2021 below 

 The 5 Limbs of the Day

 The Day is Thursday and the Lord is Jupiter  the Lord of the 3rd and the 6th Lord and Debilitated and placed in the 4th house  with 5 more Planets and with 8th Lord Venus . Unfortunately there is also Planetary war of the Day Lord with the 8th Lord and Lagna Lord in the 4th house.  The Lagna Lord and the 8th Lord Lose in this War. As per the Mundane Classic  Myur Chitram the Conjunction of Jupiter and Venus is termed as Blood Shed   which is taking place in the 4th house is most enigmatic one since Jupiter is also the 3rd Lord of  Boarders

 The Day Lord is also Debilitated which is a malefic parameter more so Jupiter is Placed in the yama of the 3rd House Sagittarius and will primarily give the results of the 3rd house and 3rd house is boarders  . These Parameters are most enigmatic ones .

 The Sign Rising in the Lagna is Libra the 6th house of the India Foundation chart and it has been observed that when ever the Venus the Lagna Lord and the 6th Lord of the Foundation chart is under affliction it is time for Trouble for India . The Lagna of the India Foundation chart has gone in the 8th house  another parameter which is venomous

Moon Star is in Dhanistha and the Lord is Placed in the 7th house of  Wars  in the chart which is the 12th house of the Foundation chart and aspects  the sign Cancer which is the 3rd house of Boarders. If You see the Planetary positions then the 5 Planets in the sign Cancer of the Foundation chart are having aspect by 7 Planets  . 6 planets from the sign Capricorn and one planet from the sign Aries 

The Lagna is also having Gulika  at the MEP of the Lagna  since Gulika is 24.05 degrees and the Lagna is also 24.03 degrees . This Indicates that the Country may be involved in Diseases and Virus.

Lagna is also in Vish Ghati most enigmatic 

Saturn in Shravana at 12.23 degrees is also in Vish ghati

 The Yoga is Variana a Malefic Yoga and the Lord is  Jupiter and is Debilitated

The Karna is Naga and the Lord is Mahesh and the 7th Lord who is Mars and in the 7th house of Wars most malefic . There will be no success in the Venture  and all attempts will be abortive. The Karna  Naga and the Lord Mars is at 24 degrees and at the MEP of the Lagna and afflicts the Lagna badly which is in Vish Ghati and in the star of Jupiter the 3rd and the 6th  Lord who is also Debilitated and Placed in the 4th House. Mars aspects the Ketu in the 2nd house almost degree-wise since Ketu at 23.35 degrees  ——- Most Enigmatic Parameter

 Moon  is placed in the 4th house in the sign Capricorn and in the Yama chart it is placed in the sign Gemini and the Yama lord of Moon is Mercury who is fallen and Placed in the 4th house . The Yama Moon and the Paksha Moon are in 6/8 axis is the Most malefic Parameter ——- Most Enigmatic Parameter 

The Parameters acquiring important dimension and Prone to War like conditions are as follows apart from the above and as per my Research from the past experience. I have already discussed in all my articles almost  6 months back when no astrologer predicted the outcome of this Lunation chart

  1. Affliction to Cancer-Capricorn Axis Most Prone to Wars .
  2. Affliction to the Taurus-Scorpio axis in the Lunation chart of the 12th Feb. 2021
  3. Rahu Ingresses in the Rohini Star on the 13th Feb. 2021 Most Enigmatic
  4. Affliction to the Lagna Lord and the 6th Lord of the Foundation chart Venus. Venus since lost in Planetary war till 21st Feb. 2021
  5. The Sign Capricorn has poor 20 Sarvashtak Varga points in Capricorn where the cluster of the 6 planets is taking place in the Lunation chart of the 12th Feb. 2021.
  6. Capricorn Sign has been allotted to India by Varahamihra and any affliction to this sign causes serious warlike conditions .
  7. 21st Feb. 2021 Mars joins Rahu and Venus goes in Aquarius where Sun is already there and  ingresses on the 13th Feb. 2021. Affliction to the Taurus-Scorpio axis increases and Venus gets Combusted as well
  8. Mercury  Is Fallen in the sign Capricorn and the most Venomous planet in the chart. It Ingresses in Aquarius and after becoming Retrograde it falls back in Capricorn. This adds Fuel to the burning fire in the sign Capricorn

From the above it is crystal clear of the outcome of the 8 points listed above 

Astrologers talking about aggression of the neighbours , but not a single Astrologer has pinpointed the above parameters . I was listening to the Video of Shri K N Rao . Listen to this Video Mundane Astrology is a very difficult subject

You may go to You Tube  and listen to the Videos of different Astrologers. Unless proper analysis is done the Predictions have no meaning . The Same may be Copy paste. You Tube has become a Fish Market and every body is involved in getting mileage from the Predictions. Like No Body Predicted the Outcome of Coronavirus  and Now giving Predictions on the Corona 

Mars journey from the sign Aries to Cancer will be most Enigmatic one specially when Mars activates the 18 degree mark where the Planetary war of Jupiter and Saturn has taken place . Mars will activate this point twice as Follows

  1. First from the sign Gemini by 8th aspect on the 18 degrees of Capricorn where Saturn will be at 19 degrees on the 13-14-th May 2021
  2. Second time on the 1st July 2021 at 18 Degrees  when   Saturn in Retrogression will also be at 18 degrees in Capricorn

The Above Parameters indicate Boarder Clashes with China and Pakistan in terms of Espionage , Terrorism and  War like situations till July 2021 . The Planetary positions are most enigmatic from the 20th Jan till 28th March 2021 and then till Mars reaches the sign Leo  on the 18th July 2021 for Brick batting between India and the neighbours

J & K Is Prone to Terrorism as per my Predictions vide article…/red-planet-mars-roman…/
150m cross-border tunnel unearthed in J&K

150m cross-border tunnel unearthed in J&K 4 days ago

I have already Prediction Terrorism In J & K as per My Article mentioned above

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This is also indicative of the Stock and the Financial Markets going for a Toss as already Predicted  in the Article

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 . The Pisces New Moon Chart of the 2020 is also enigmatic one  and After analysing the Lunation chart of the 12th Feb 2021 I will also Discuss the Pisces New Moon Chart of the 12th April 2021 in my next Article since that is also of Taurus Ascendant and same as the Foundation chart and also indicative of Trouble from the Neighbours since there is affliction to the Sign Cancer the 3rd house of the Foundation  chart’. All the above Predictions  have been made well in advance before any Astrologer wrote about it . I don’t want to comment on the Other Astrologer who  copy paste and Make videos after I make Predictions as has been conveyed to me by my Clients 



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