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In this  Article I am going to Analyse the Birth Chart of an Individual using My Research and Nadi Principles for Marriage analysis who is still not married. I have used my Research and Nadi Principles to analyse the Marriage Promise in the chart. There seems to be bleek parameters for Marriage but taking a positive stance the Native can enter into a relation ship in Saturn-Sun/Moon dasha as can be seen from the Planetary positions but the Dasga Saturn-Rahu may be most enigmatic one for the Marriage it so seems . The Jupiter affliction in the 8th house  indicates delay in marriage indefinitely  and the combinations are extremely weak in the chart for a good Marriage

The Birth Details are not being mentioned for the reasons best Known. The Chart is below for Analysis

The Garbshishta Planets  are Rahu and Jupiter  and Both are afflicted as far as the Marriage is concerned . Garbshishta Planets are the seeds of our life what ever good or bad is promised in our life is given by these planets .

The Following Parameters acquire dimension for the Garbshishta Planets 

The 7th house of Marriage  is ill placed from both these planets

7th Lord Sun is well placed from both ese planets

Midcusp Lord of the 7th house is Sun and well Placed from these Planets

Venus the Karka for Marriage is ill placed from the Anter dasha Lord Jupiter and Karka for Spouse for the Girl

Saptama Rudha  7P is ill placed from the Jupiter Anter dahsa Lord

Saptamarudh is ill Placed from Jupiter the Karka for Spouse  for women

Rahu Promises Marriage  but Jupiter Does Not since out of the above Parameters Jupiter Promise is only 20 %

Another Parameter is the Rahu  Ketu and Mars in the Kendra in the Chandra Kundali spoils the effects of even Rahu in the chart. Hence Marraige is not destined for the Native

Jupiter is placed in the 8th house and afflicted by Saturn, in case of Girls Jupiter Placement in the 8th house when afflicted delays the Marriage indefinitely

7th house from the Lagna , Moon and Venus has to be seen for further Analysis

From Lagna the 7th house is empty is pious  and placement of the 7th Lord in the 8th house is good acquires importance in the Spouse Family  , but afflicted by Saturn not good on top of the same the Karka for Women spouse is Jupiter and also placed there is the shortcoming in the horoscope

7th house from Moon and Venus is again empty and Placed in the 10th from Venus and Moon in the 6th house from Lagna and Debilitated and with Rahu.


Lagna Lord and the 7th Lord together with Karka for Marriage in the 8th house not good

Planet Jupiter the Karka for Marriage is set in the 8th house losses all shine

Here Rahu the Up Karka is also afflicted and strong with Debilitated planet therefore delays the Marriage indefinitely


The Saptamarudh falls in the sign Libra and has aspects of Debilitated Mars  not good also in the Kendra from the Arudh there are amlefics not good for the Fortune and Luck after Marriage and there is no support in the marriage 

5th house from the 7P has  aspects By Debilitated Mars  there will be no apnapan in the house of the Spouse  and there will be no Lakshmi. The Kendra and Kona from the 7P should be strong for good Longevity of Marriage which is missing in the chart. Even if the Marriage takes place for which there are poor combinations there  may not be any support  and weak Tenure of Marriage

7P is Libra and has Venus , depositor of Venus has relations with Mars who is also afflicted by Rahu and Ketu , these conditions do not give marriage and if Marriage takes place then it is like no marriage . Both Husband and Wife will not mesh with each other 

The 3rd, 5th and the 7th Tara is not good for marriage and the Dasha of these Planets may give Hurdles and separations in the 3rd Tara of  Moon Dasha , In the 5th Tara from Rahu Dasha and then In the 7th Tara of Saturn Dasha Hence Saturn -Rahu dasha may be most Enigmatic for Marriage , although the Dasha Lord Saturn is also most enigmatic one 


2,4,7,8, AND THE 12TH HOUSE 

2nd Lord is afflicted in the 8th house

4th house Venus although in own house is with 8th Lord and Moon

7th House as explained above is weak and specially sun the Planet of detachment with another planet of detachment

8th house has 3 planets and Jupiter is afflicted and set

12th house Lord is Saturn placed in the 8th house

Hence the above houses are not very strong  and there fore delays Marriage as stated above 

From the above it seems Marriage can only take place outside the Caste


The Mid cusp Lord of the 7th house is Sun and From Sun to the Karka for Spouse Jupiter a Malefic Planet Saturn and the Dasha is also in operation is extremely bad for Marriage

MCL is Placed in the 8th house  with Lagna Lord , 7th Lord and Karka for Spouse is another Short coming specially when under affliction


The Lagna again has aspects of debilitated Mars and asper Navamsha afflicted badly asper Rashi Tula Navamsha


The Navamsha rising is of  Pisces the 2nd House of the Chart and the Lagna Lord in the 6th house in Rahu-Ketu axis

Asper Mathematical Navamsha the Pisces sign in 6th Navamsha is rising and is signified by Jyestha 4th Pada of Scorpio and the Lord is Mars  Debilitated in the Rashi Chart and the Star Lord is Mercury again has aspects By Debilitated Mars . Mars in the Navamsha is also afflicted and as per the Rashu Tula navamsha Mars joins the Lagna aquarius with Ketu and Rahu in the 7th house is another short coming in the chart

Ketu Connected to 7th Lord Sun by Mars 4th aspect  spoils the complete game


Venus and the Lagna of the D9 should not be afflicted . Here Lagna of D9 is  Pisces and has Saturn and Sun marks it afflicted ,  Venus is placed well butg the Lagna of the D9 is afflicted hence this brings adversity in the life of the women, similarly the 7th house and the 7th Lord should not be afflicted, here the 7th Lord Sun with Saturn is not good

Asper the above the Native has very poor parameters for Marriage ,as per the Rashi Chart and the Moon chart But taking a positive stance  when  Venus in Declination reaches the 7th house or over the 7th Lord  is the time for Marriage  . Venus asper Declination is over the 7th Lord Sun and If Marriage has to Take place taking a positive stance it will Take place after the sept. 2021  for which the Parameters are extremely weak as per the Anter Dasha Lord at Birth Jupiter  the Karka for Spouse 


Parameter 1  Connection of Mahadasha Lord , Anter dasha Lord with Lagna 7th House of D1/ D9 or Planets associated with them. Saturn Dasha is Running  Can give Marriage but weak one  Saturn -Sun Dasha from the 28-7-2021 possible

Parameter 2  Char Dasha  with DK


 The sensitive point is addition of the Lagna Lord and the 7th Lord Longitudes and the Point is  11s 2 .08 degrees and hence when Jupiter activates this sign of the Navamsha sign Libra Marriage is possible after the 5th April 2021 when Jupiter aspects the Navamsha of this parameter Libra 

Parameter 4 

Double Transit of Jupiter and Saturn on the 7th house or the 7th Lord  When Both Saturn and Jupiter join the Aquarius sign in Middle 2022 Possible  

Parameter 5  Piya Milan

Activation of the Lagna Lord and the 7th Lord in the Transit after the 14th Jan 2021 some relationship is possible but a weak one

Parameter 6 

Jupiter activating natal Mars in the case of Females  already done

Parameter 7. Most of the Planets including Sun near the Lagna or the 7th House . On the 12th Feb. 2021 6 Planets will be in the sign Capricorn

The above Parameters are for Analysis only here they are pointing out all 6 parameters in the immediate future but the Activation of Jupiter and Saturn is only after middle 2022 and the Astrology Combinations are weak in the Chart . Taking a positive stance  I have done the complete analysis. The Dasha Saturn-Rahu is Most eniogmatic for Marriage and if Marriage take place as above then it is liable to Break in Saturn-Rahu Dasha 

Asper Daily Progression Yearly chart there are weak combinations from Sept-2021 to Sept 2022 But taking a Positive stance She can get into some relation ship But Saturn -Rahu Dasha will be most enigmatic for Tenure of the Marriage 




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