Joe Biden Presidential Inauguration On 20th Jan. 2021 :The Day Is Most Enigmatic For The US Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

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Joe Biden Presidential Inauguration On 20th Jan. 2021 :The Day Is Most Enigmatic For The US Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

Most Enigmatic Day for the US since Mrityu Yoga is formed by the Day Lord Mercury and Ashtami Tithi . The North Node Stationary on the 7th and 8th Jan and then in Forward motion and all planets being gripped by the nodes from the 11th Jan 2021 add fuel to the fire apart from other malefic Parameters  Described in the Article reproduced below. Hence Starting from the 7th Jan 2021 the Planetary positions are most enigmatic one not only for the US but the complete globe,  Saturn will become combust  on the 7th Jan 2020.

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If you go through my Article mentioned above  you shall find the Following Malefic Combinations on the 20th Jan 2021 Noon  Washington

Chart of the Inauguration of the 20th Jan 12-00 Hrs Washington DC

Selecting a good muhurta is essential and should be carefully chosen. Lagna should be sirsodia rashis- Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and Aquarius. Dr. Bv Raman also Recommends  Aries and Pisces signs.  In the Chart above the Lagna is Aries and the Lord of the sign is placed in the Lagna is good , but Lagna and the Lagna Lord are squared by malefics in the 10th house  and in this case there will be struggle and strife
1.The Day is Wednesday and the Lord is Mercury placed in the 10th house as the Lord of the 3rd and the 6th house very near the MEP . It is Placed in the yama of Gemini the 3rd house of the Chart  and the Lord in the 10th house with 3 more planets out of which 2 are afflicted badly . The Saturn and the Jupiter
2.The Lagna  Lord  Mars is placed in the yama of Pisces the 12th house and the Lord is debilitated and placed in the 10th house shows the weakness of the Ascendant. Also Mars is Debilitated in the Navamsha 
3. The Lagna is Prishtodayo and also adhomukh
4. The navamsha Lagna is also Pristodayo
5. All the Planets are in the grip of the nodes
6. The Yama Moon and the Muhurta Moon are in the 6/8 axis  is most malefic parameter for good fructifications for the  Tenure of the President 
7. 10th Lord Saturn  is Combusted  although in own house
8. The DBA Planets are Ketu-Rahu and Saturn all are malefic and  not good for good tenure of the President
9. The Karna is malefic Vishti not good for good fructifications and Karya siddhi
10. The Tithi is SP-8 and not good for a new Venture. The Day Lord   Mercury and the Tithi  Ashtami are forming a Mrityu Yoga considered most inauspicious
11. Ketu is afflicted in the 8th house by Mars the 8th Lord
12.Navamsha Lagna is also Prishtodayo and the Lord in the Rashi Chart is Debilitated is the most malefic parameter in the Muhurat chart.
Sun is a Royal Planet and related to Politics. It should be strongly placed
13.Sun is Placed in the 10th house digbali and in Uttarayana but with Saturn in the 10th house is evil
 14. Moon is placed in the Lagna and in the same sign as the Natal chart in the same Star Ashvini
15. The 6th house of the Natal Chart is rising  where Moon is Placed
16. Moon is Exhalted in the navamsha
17. Yama Moon and the Muhurta Moon are in 6/8 axis is a strong malefic parameter which cannot be ignored and most venomous parameter
18. 8th House should be vacant and is the House where the Solar Eclipse of the 14th Dec. 2020 took place in the Jyestha star
19.  Benefics in the Kendra and Malefics in the 3,6,11th houses are preferred  which is missing in the chart , specially the Ketu in the 8th house is bad for good Tenure till the 17th March 2022
20. The Star at the time of the Muhurta is Ashvini and considered good and also Janma Star is considered good for Muhurta
21. Good Lunar day should be selected . Here the Tithi is Sukla Ashtami not considered very good for a new Venture .
22.  For good Fructifications Karna should be a benefic one . Here the Karna is Vishti a malefic Karna and the Lord is Saturn and connected to the 10th house is most malefic  since it is also combusted 
23.  27 Stars are used in the format of simhasan or the throne of the King which has 5 units namely
1. Aadhar  2. Aasan 3. Patta 4.Simha 5.  Simhasan
It is like the seating arrangement in the King’s court where the King sits at the highest pedestal or throne known as the Simhasan
24.Moon should be strong and not with malefics , here Moon instead of the highest nadi it is placed in the lowest Nadi in the Aadhar and afflicted with Mars , hence the power of the King are reduced . Hence even the Longevity of the Govt. is adversely influenced 
25.Saturn the planet of masses and democracy and also signification of death and destruction. It should in no way afflict the 10th house . Its connection with Sun is evil in the 10th house . It is placed in the Patta Nadi with Sun is not good 
26.Jupiter is weak in the chart Debilitated and Combusted  and placed in the Simha nadi
27.  Connection of the Jupiter and Saturn in the 10th house is most enigmatic comparing it with the past happenings  for the US President  and it has been seen the President in Power is not able to complete the Full Term
28. The 6th Lord Mercury at the MEP of the Lagna Degrees along with the Nodes who are gripping all the Planets is most malefic combination in the above muhurta chart
29.Gulikai Kalam 11:05 AM to 12:19 PM and Dur Muhurtam 12:00 PM to 12:39 PM. There is no Abhijet Muhurta on Wednesday
From the above it is crystal clear that the  President in Power will not be able to complete a full term . There are more negatives then the Positives  and a weak Muhurtam and since all the planets are placed in the visible half of the chart the results will be experienced early.

House Republicans have virtually no chance of flipping the election results for Trump, but 140 of them still plan to vote against certification of the Electoral College count next week

House Republicans have virtually no chance of flipping the election results for Trump, but 140 of them still plan to vote against certification of the Electoral College count next week (

  • At least 140 Republican House members reportedly plan to vote against certification of the Electoral College vote on January 6.
  • The vote would only delay confirmation of President-elect Joe Biden’s victory, but has no chance of overturning the result of the November presidential election, which Biden won with 306 Electoral College votes.
  • President Donald Trump and his Republican allies have spent the weeks following the election working to overturn the results, and sharing false claims of voter and election fraud.

At least 140 House Republicans are planning to vote against counting electoral votes that would certify the election for President-elect Joe Biden, two Republican congressmen told CNN.

Some Astrologer was Predicting Trump will regain the Pedestal. There is not even Iota of a chance for  Trump to come back to Power  although the Day is most enigmatic for the US and extremely bad . There could be Protests  Strife and Struggles on this Day Note these Predictions. The Fate of Joe Biden is also not good . Hence The Start for the 2021 for US may not be a good one 

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