Red Planet Mars ‘God Of War’ And Nodes On Wheel What They Have Up Their Sleeves ? Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

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“Red Planet Mars ‘God Of War’ And Nodes On Wheel What They Have Up Their Sleeves ? Astrologer Anil Aggarwala”

The Planetary Positions are most enigmatic from the 7th Jan 2021 when Nodes are in Adverse motion till the 11th Jan.2021 when Nodes Grip all the Planets and Form a Kal Sarpa Aroha Yoga till the 28th March 2021.  Mars Being in Aries sign at this time with Uranus is on the mouth of Rahu is another Parameter when Cannot be ignored. Mars in Aries and Saturn in Capricorn are forming Pancha Maha purush Yogas Ruchika and Shasha respectively as per the Solar Ingress of Capricorn but unfortunately all the Planets are griped by the Nodes  which  brings imbalance in the the situations. It is said Mars is the Planet of Activation for any Mundane event and acquires an important dimension as Follows.

  1. Mars and Uranus degree conjunct between the 20th to 22nd Jan 2021  Most Enigmatic for worldly affairs specially when on the 20th Jan. 2021 there is also Mrityu Yoga Extremely bad for the US Presidential  Inauguration
  2. Mars activates the Eclipse point of 29 degrees Scorpio  of the Solar Eclipse of the 14th Dec. 2020 on the 18th Feb. 2021and therefore is most enigmatic for the evil results of the Eclipse specially for those countries where the Solar Eclipse is visible as mentioned in my earlier Articles  .
  3. Planetary war of Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn at 6 Degrees on the 21st Dec. 2021 will be activated By Mars  on the 23rd  April 2021 
  4. Planetary War of Jupiter and Venus in Capricorn at 18 degrees on the 12th Feb. 2021 will be activated By Mars on the 13th May 2021
  5. Mars will aspect Ketu by 8th Strong aspect on the 10th Feb . 2021 at 23 degrees in Scorpio
  6. Mars  Degree conjunct with Rahu in Taurus on the 27th March 2021 in the Star Rohini  most enigmatic 
  7. Mars aspects  Saturn in Capricorn Degree-wise at 19 degrees on the 15th May 2021 by strong 8th aspect 
  8. Mars in Cancer at 18 degrees aspects Retrograde Saturn at 18 degrees in Capricorn on the 1st July 2021  Most Prone to wars  and Brawl between the nations .
  9. Taurus-Scorpio Axis afflicted along with Cancer Capricorn Axis is Most prone for India -China Brawl Taking Ugly dimension as per the Time frames mentioned above

Apart from the above  the Following Parameters for the Nodes 

  1. Rahu and Ketu Form Aroha Kaal Sarpa Yoga from the 11th Jan to 28th March 2021 
  2. Rahu In Rohini Star from the 13th Feb 2021 to 18th Sept. 2021 most Enigmatic specially for India
  3. Ketu In Jyestha Star from the 19th Sept. 2020 to 10th May 2021 
  4. Solar Eclipse of the 10th June 2021 .While the eclipse is visible primarily in northern Canada, in Greenland and in north of Russian Far East, in the north eastern United States and Canada, the sun will be partially eclipsed at sunrise, which will be between 5 and 6 A.M. (EDT). This Eclipse may not be good form the US since will fall in the 10th house of the US Foundation chart

Read My  n no. of Articles on my webpage this is the Nut shell for the time frames  most enigmatic not only for India but the complete world  and what ever has been Predicted by me  will explode since Mars will exactly activate  the sensitive  points as mentioned above . Mars is a Planet of War and nothing can happen till Mars activates the same for the Mundane Activities . What is means is the Activity may start as above but will explode when Mars activates the same . Please read all my Articles on my webpage to get an Idea for the events which are likely to Happenas below

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  2. The Time frames are also mentioned above which can be most Venomous for the above


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