US House To Vote On Donald Trump Impeachment 2.0 Today What Star’s Have Up Their Sleeves ? Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

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“US House To Vote On Donald Trump Impeachment 2.0 Today What Star’s Have Up Their Sleeves ? Astrologer Anil Aggarwala”

Read My First Article Written for Impeachment below 

“Donald Trump faces IMPEACHMENT as Democrat files first OFFICIAL paperwork : What Stars Foretell ?”

 Reproducing the Article here for ready reference . This Article was written on the 13th July 2017

Read this News “Donald Trump could be IMPEACHED after Democrat files official papers” link

Also Democrat files first articles of impeachment against Donald Trump

A Democratic representative has introduced the first formal article of impeachment against President Donald Trump.

Representative Brad Sherman alleges Mr. Trump committed obstruction of justice by firing former FBI Director James Comey amid agency investigations into Russian meddling in the US election.

“Such conduct,” Mr. Sherman writes in the article, “warrants impeachment and trial, and removal from office.”

The Constitution allows impeachment in the case of “treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanours”. Obstruction of justice is a felony offence.

To take effect, however, articles of impeachment must pass the House by a majority vote – an unlikely outcome in today’s Republican-controlled chamber. So far, only one other Democrat – Texas Representative Al Green – has publicly expressed support for impeachment proceedings.

When Mr. Sherman started circulating a draft article last month, fellow Democratic Representative Michael Capuano reportedly stood up at a party meeting and denounced him as selfish

This is the first time an impeachment article has been offered against Mr. Trump.
The move requires a majority vote in the House, which is currently controlled by Republicans who have a 24-seat advantage – meaning the article is unlikely to win. Astrologically and otherwise due to the 24-Seat advantage
How Ever Dasha of Jup- Sat for Trump will be  definitely malefic and Trump should take this as a pinch of Salt

As Saturn, Mars and the Nodes spread their wings Trump faces Impeachment . Saturn Fallen over the Natal Moon and Ketu aspecting Sun and Rahu and all of them activated as per Degrees since all of them are between 27 to 29 degrees , Saturn shows his color to Trump in the Form of Impeachment . I have already mentioned that he may face Difficult situations in the Dasha of Jup-Sat and also similar happenings in the Dasha of Jup-Jup- Saturn which is in operation now . I have been mentioning that Saturn when reaches the Degrees of Planets in the Natal Chart is Most Explosive and Most Venomous since he is also Fallen in the Present State . Read my Number of Articles on Donald Trump Proving on Dot the Effects of Fallen Saturn and Dasha in Operation of Jup-Jup-Saturn since Saturn is also the Debilitation Lord of Jupiter , therefore difficult times for Trump.
Using the Time of the Article for impeachment 10-40 hrs. 12th July 2017 White House


Let us use the Time 10-40 12th July 2017 White House for the Planetary Positions to understand what could be possible in the Present Circumstances

The day is Wednesday and the Lord is Mercury and Placed in the 12th house with Debilitated Mars  is Not good more so the Day Lord is ill placed from the Lagna and the Lagna Lord Sun. The Day Lord is Placed in the Yama of Gemini and Lord is again Mercury and Afflicted and with Debilitated Planet is a Malefic component for the Article for Impeachment

The Tithi is KP-4 A malefic Tithi

Nakshatra  Mars Debilitated

Yoga  Ayushma

Karna  Balav and with Ketu is Most Malefic for Fructifications

The Lagna is Shirshodayo —— +ive

Lagna Has Rahu in adverse Motion Most malefic ——- -ive

Lagna Lord is placed well in the 11th house but the dispositor in the 12th house with Debilitated Planet Mars ——- -ive

7th house has a Malefic Ketu with Moon and aspected By Mars Debilitated , moon is weak

1/7 axis has Malefics the Dispute will last long

7th Lord is Fallen and Retrograde is strong Negative for Trump

Rahu-Ketu in Adverse motion are Poison and hence the Lagna is weak

Strong Venus in the 10th house Fair Decision will be given

Lagna Lord or the 7th Lord who so ever is connected to the 10th Lord is at Fault , Hence Trump is at Fault

Between the Plantiff and the Defender the Houses  Belonging to Plantiff are stronger and having more Benefics , hence finally Trump may lose in the Long Run

Who will Win 

Sun is stronger than Saturn the 7th Lord . Saturn the 7th Lord is Fallen and Retrograde , hence Trump may lose and may be impeached .

Jupiter in the 2nd House , Trump will lose

Benefics from the 10th to the Lagna , Trump loses in the long run

Dispute will Prolong ———  NOTE THESE PREDICTIONS

Since the Lagnesh and Moon are not related

Strong Malefics in the Lagna and the 7th house and both are aspected by Malefics

What will happen Now 

Lagna is Fixed and the Proceeding will take place for the same

A Benefic in the 10th House Hearing will be decisive and a Fair one and seems against Trump

DBA Planets 

Mars-Sun-Sat The Planets do not indicate any relief

Nature of Judgement 

Strong 7th Lord  Related to 10th Lord favours the  opponent , this Parameter may give relief to Trump hence the 24-Vote may go in favour of Trump————— NOT THESE PREDICTGIONS MADE IN JULY 2017

Strong 10th Lord in Kendra aspected by Saturn/Mars Favours the opponent , Hence Trump Gains

Timing of Events 

Navamsha Lagna is Libra and also afflicted  and the Lord is Venus in the 5th Navamsha hence the resuts may come after 75 days

As per Moon Navamsha Lord is mars and in the 1st navamsha hence the Same will be taken up immediately the Next day 13-14th July 2017


From the above it seems that although there are mixed results but  Trump may escape the Impeachment now , but future not good , although there may be lot of Representations against him but the 24-Vote may go in his favour since the day the Impeachment has started is weak to give Positive results for Impeachment against Trump. Please note I have taken the time when the Impeachment Article was signed  and not when it was handed over to Trump, hence there can be some Difference in the Outcome, but as the Day suggests it is not good for the plaintiff and hence the defender gains —— NOTE THESE PREDICTIONS HAVE PROVED SPOT ON

Using the Natal Chart of Trump  

Read My article “What Fallen Saturn in Scorpio Foretells for Donald Trump and WW3” link…donald-trump-ww3/

I am reproducing the Text here below

This has reference to my Recent Article “Roman God Saturn Fallen in Scorpio on the 21ST June 2017 What It Foretells” dated 26th April 2017 and also Articles link This is with Reference to my Earlier Article on Saturn relevant on the link

In this Article I am going to discuss the effects of Fallen Saturn between the 21st June to 26th Oct. 2017 on Donald Trump. Horoscope of Donald Trump from the link discussed by vedic Astrologer Marc Boney of 14th June 1946 10-54 Jamaica NY. This also has also reference to my article “What Stars Foretell For Donald Trump For Presidential Elections of US” link dated 4th Nov. 2016

Let us see what could be the effect of the Present Transit Of Saturn and Jupiter in the Present Scenario when He is running the Dasha of Jupiter-Saturn-Rahu

Chart of Donald  Trump 14th June 1946 10.54 hrs. Jamaica IL NY


Mer-Saturn Mercury is ill placed from 10th house , 10rth Lord , but Saturn is well placed from 10th house and 10th Lord

10th house from Lagna has Sun the Lagna Lord who is also the 10th Lord from Moon  and is digbali in the 10th house  Forming a Rajyoga , aspected by Jupiter , Sun is also a Yogi Planet and hence Rahu and Mercury also become Yogi Planet  and Placed in good houses will bestow good and Strong Results .

Sun and Rahu in close Degrees is also a Strong Rajyoga , such a person does not leave any stone unturned for his meeting his goals

Moon Debilitated is in Neecha Bhang rajyoga , but will give initial hickups

Another Rajyoga in the chart is the 10th Lord from Lagna is Placed in the 9th from Moon is another Rajyoga

From Moon sign of Scorpio the 9th and the 10th Lord are Moon and Sun and their connection in the 4/10 axis is another yoga and that to at Poornima is excellent yoga involving the 10th house from Lagna .

Trump is Born on a Eclipse day  and in close degrees when Sun is very close to Rahu then it is a special Rajyoga and the Person is born to do  Thing in Life . In Transit Rahu is Transiting in the 7th house from Moon and the depositor Venus  in the sign Sagittarius in the 8th from the 10th house is not good . The Lagna Lord Sun in the 5th house  and in the 8th from the Natal Sun and in Rashi Sandhi at Sankranti time is not good for him.

The Dasha Present is of Jupiter-Saturn-Rahu till 15-3-2021 .  and the Next Partanter Dasha of Jupiter  is most enigmatic one since he has Jupiter Fallen in his chart and Jupiter aspects the 10th house . Asper the South Indian Classics of Jyotish if a Fallen Planet aspects the 10th house  it brings bad name and Fame . The Transit Jupiter is also in Debilitation and in the 6th house activating the Natal Jupiter and the 10th house . Jupiter is the 8th Lord from the Lagna and also the 8th Lord from the 10th House  and both the Natal Jupiter and the Transit Jupiter are in affliction and connected to the 10th house may bring bad  name and fame  is crystal clear . Also Saturn the anter dasha Lord is also the Debilitation Lord of Jupiter  may pose hinderances for him and Rahu the Partanter Dasha Lord  in Transit is over the Natal Rahu and has gripped all the Planets in Transit

The Following Planetary Positions are Important today the 13th Jan 2021

Sun Lagna Lord  6/8 axis in Transit      Sankranti also  V Bad 

Moon 3/11 axis    Good 

Mars    5/9 axis     Good

Mercury  6/8 axis    Bad 

Venus      6/8 axis   Bad 

Jupiter   5/9   axis    Both Afflicted badly    Worst

Saturn   1/7 axis   Combusted In Transit —- Bad 

Rahu-Ketu over the Natal Rahu-Ketu Griping all the Planets from the 11th Jan 2021    Most Enigmatic

All most all the Planets are in the invisible half , hence the support level as can be seen from the above is poor  for Trump. 

 The Nodes Griping all the Planets is most enigmatic and we all know that Nodes are Unpredictable, but the Parameter Jupiter the Dasha Lord and the Anter Dasha Lord are not Placed in Favourable condition in the Transit and in the natal chart may put Trump in difficult situation. 

I have already Predicted for US that starting from the 7th Jan to 20th Jan 2021 is the Most enigmatic time since the Day of Inauguration is also also most Venomous since  there is Mrityu Yoga  and inauspicious  Muhurata may lead to Chaos in the US and violence is not ruled out 

Nut shell

 Donald Trump  has escaped the 23th-25th July 2017 Impeachment then he will  not be lucky  now and may  be impeached. The Most Important Planet for his impeachment is Jupiter  and afflicted both in the Natal chart and also in Transit . One Parameter which cannot be ignored is the  North Node Rahu who is unpredictable and can turn the tables in any direction and has a Very strong Rahu in his chart and all planets are griped by Rahu.

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