Cluster Of 6 Planets In Capricorn 9th House Of India Foundation Chart What Future Awaits Us ?Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

by anil aggarwala

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Before giving the Predictions for the above let me tell you what I Wrote on the Face book before the Budget

Budget At 11-00 am. The Day Lord is Placed in the Yama of Gemini and the Yama Lord is Mercury and placed in the 11th house it is also the 6th Lord Hence Some Relief for Medical and For Coronavirus Care . The Yama Moon and the Muhurta Moon are in the 4/10 axis is very good .
Looking at the Karyesh Saturn placed in the yama of Taurus the 2nd House and the Lord is placed in the 10th house with Karyesh Saturn is extremely good for a Good Budget . The Focus will also be on the Revenues.
Lagnesh is placed in the Own Yama is also strong . Mars, Jupiter Placed in own Yama is very good in the Yama chart. There may be relief for Real estate also it so seems . Over all Budget will be good. . The Market may surge first and the actual reactions may come after the 4th Feb. 2021 when Mercury the Yama Lord of the Day falls back in the 10th house Lets see

See Less

Feb. 2021 is month of Transformations  specially as per the Lunation chart of the 12th Feb. 2021. I have already written n number of Articles on this lunation chart now some more analysis comparing exactly with the 1962 Planetary positions when we had War with China

Six Planets in Capricorn  in the 9th house of the Foundation chart of India + Kal Sarpa Yoga .

The Planetary movement of the Planets will be as under Starting from the 4th Feb. 2021

  • 4th Feb – Retrograde Mercury re-enters Capricorn 5.36pm( till March 11, 2021) Significations of Mercury Suffer 
    When Mercury re-enters in Capricorn, five planets (Sun, Mercury Rx, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn) are transiting in Capricorn until Feb. 9 when the Moon enters Capricorn to join the stellium. Mercury will be Fallen, Combusted and also Retrograde
  • 6th Feb. – Venus Saturn conjunction  Capricorn, Shravana Nakshatra
  • 6 th Feb. – Kal Sarpa Yoga starts with Moon conjunct Ketu at 10.15 pm (until Feb. 21, 2021). Nodes will also be in Adverse motion from the 5th to 7th Feb 2021 and Mercury falls . This Parameter can change the direction of the  Stock Market
  • 8th Feb – Sun-Mercury conjunction Capricorn, Dhanishta Nakshatra
  • 9 th Feb- Moon enters Capricorn  to join the stellium in Capricorn until Feb. 11, 2021when the Moon enters Aquarius – Rare Yoga Sankhya Nabhasa yoga.
  • 11th-12th Feb – Venus Jupiter conjunction 18-19 deg Capricorn, Shravana Nakshatra,  Termed as Blood Shed as per Mundane Classic Myur chitram
    Venus Jupiter war starts Feb. 10 and ends on Feb. 12th Feb
  • New Moon on the 12th Feb . 2021 early hrs.  In the 9th house of the India Foundation chart
  • 12th Feb. – Sun enters Aquarius(until Mar. 14, 2021)
  • 13th Feb Rahu In Rohini Star and Retrograde Mercury-Venus conjunction 20 deg  Capricorn, Shravana Nakshatra . Asper the Financial and Stock Market research this parameter is prone to bearish Trends in the stock and the Financial Markets
  • 14th Feb – Retrograde Mercury Jupiter conjunction 19 deg  Capricorn, Shravana Nakshatra
  • 17 th Feb- Saturn in Pushkara Bhaga (13deg00 to 13deg59 Capricorn)  till Feb. 26, 2021
  • 18th Feb. – Jupiter exalted in Navamsa (but conjunct Rahu) until Mar. 4, 2021
  • 20 th Feb- Venus enters Aquarius 8.53 pm (until Mar. 16, 2021)
  • 21 – Kal Sarpa Yoga ends with Moon conjunct Rahu at 0.34 am (until Mar. 6, 2021)
  • 21 Mercury turns direct 16 deg 52 Capricorn  Can turn the Markets to Bearish Trends  since Mars also joining Taurus and the Nodes are adverse 
  • 21 – Mars enters Taurus 11.07 pm (until Apr. 13, 2021)
  • 27 – Full Moon 14 deg 48 Leo, Purva Phalguni Nakshatra, this Full Moon is Vargottam
  • This Cluster  of 6 planets in the sign Capricorn is affliction to the sign Capricorn parallel to the 5th Feb 1962
  • The Planetary Positions and Vedha between Saturn and Mars  in the Rashi Sanghatta Chakra took Place on the 12-13th Sept. 1962. Now we have it between the 25th April to 17th May 2021. The War Took place on the 20th Oct 1962 with China when Mars and Saturn opposed each other degree-wise at 11 degrees , not in the Future similar happenings on the 1st July 2021 when Mars and Saturn will oppose in the same axis as the 1962  at 19 degrees on the 1st July 2021. The Saving grace is the Rah and Ketu are not involved in the Cancer Capricorn axis but they are afflicting the Taurus-Scorpio axis , hence the combinations do not indicate a full scale war but definitely brick batting getting converted into a warlike situations

Super Imposing the Transit Planets over the Foundation chart of India. These Predictions are strictly as per the Book of Mundane  Astrology Guide Mr K N Rao

North Node In the Lagna 

Disturbs the peace of the Country . There could be warlike situations or destruction through epidemic, earthquakes,. The Transit Nodes will be over the Natal Nodes is extremely bad . Communal Tensions, Disruption of natural functions of the Govt. Mass Tragedies specially when Mars joins Rahu after the 21st Feb to 14th April 2021 we could see all the above 

South Node Ketu in the 7th house  over the natal Ketu

Warlike, Scandals, Divorces, Law suits and spies

9th house  Capricorn  sign where there will be 6 planets 

Afflicted Sun  Business suffers,  Religion, shipping, Trade, Science  Suffers

Moon in the 9th house afflicted  Changes good or Bad

Afflicted Mercury in the 9th house  Disputes over  Trade and Commerce, Legal Matters,  Forgery,

Afflicted Jupiter  Religious disputes, Communal Riots,  Religious fundamentalism, Financial Troubles

 Venus afflicted  Judiciary earns bad reputation Ministry of Foreign Affairs is not effective Shipping, Transport and Rail suffers

Saturn in own house and the Effects of Saturn in Capricorn and in Shravana star are already predicted  not very good

 12th House  Aries sign where Mars is placed in Transit till the 14th April 2021

Mars in the 12th house strong in Aries till the 21st Feb 2021 . Spies  and Terrorists become active, there is infiltration of bad elements from abroad, War Bombing, accidents, epidemic are bound to happen , specially being the 12th and the 7th Lord  Espionage  from foreign elements . Mars is Ammunition Dump and activates the sensitive points as already discussed in my previous Articles 

Since all this is happening in the Lunation chart of the 12th Feb 2021 the effects could be seen in this fortnight . This Conjunction is parallel to the 7th Planets which were there on the 5th Feb 2021 and we have seen the effects of the same  and we had War  with China on the 20th Oct 1962

At the time of the War in Oct 1962 . There was Vedha between Saturn and Mars till 12th-13th Sept. 1962 and then there was opposition of Mars and Saturn degree-wise on the 20th Oct 1962

 See the Nakshatra Chakra below  of the 12th-13th Sept 1962 just before the War the Vedha between Mars and Saturn which ignited war


We have Parallel Positions  between the 25th April to 17th May 2021 when there will be vedha between  Mars and Saturn and then Opposition degree-wise on the 1st July 2021

Have a Look at the   Chakra Below of the 15th May 2021 

There are Parallel Planetary Vedha between Mars and Saturn  in both cases

 Now Let us compare the chart of the 20th Oct. 1962 and the Chart of the 1st July 2021 which also has similarities 

Now Have a Look at the 1st July 2021 when the Similar planetary positions are existing

 The Parameters which acquire an important Dimension are as follows 

  1. In both Cases the Cancer -Capricorn is afflicted . At the time of 1962 the affliction was severe since the Nodes were also involved. On the 1st July 2021 there is Exact opposition of Mars and Saturn and affliction is there but not as per what we had in 1962——— Hence there may be Brick bating and may get converted into war like and not war
  2. At the Time of 1962 the Taurus-Scorpio Axis was not afflicted , but in 2021 the Taurus-Scorpipo axis is afflictyed badly specially after the 21st Feb to 14th April 2021
  3. In Both Cases the Vedha of Mars and Saturn in the Nakshatra Sanghatta chakra and Saturn in Shravana and Mars in Ardra Star is most Venomous for war like conditions in the immediate future after the 25th April to 17th May 2021
  4. In both Cases Saturn and Mars even AFFLICTING IN THE NAVAMSHA
  5. Jupiter the 8th Lord of the India Foundation chart afflicted in both cases  by Mars strong 8th aspect and in both cases Jupiter in the sign Aquarius and Retrograde
  6. Lagna Lord and the 6th Lord Venus affliction  in July 2021 which was not there at the time of 1962
  7.  12th Feb 2021 6 Planets in the sign Capricorn and at the time of the 5th Feb 1962 7 planets in the sign Capricorn

Let us  compare the charts of the 5th Feb 1962 and the 12th Feb 2021 Lunation charts 

All 8 Planets in the sign Capricorn  which has been alloted to India by Varahamihra

Mars and Saturn both in the sign Capricorn and when they were exactly opposite and degree conjunct with Nodes the War took Place

Now See the Lunation chart of the 12th Feb 2021

 The Chart of the 5th Feb 1962 is definitely showing War  situations when Mars and Saturn give vedha in the Nakshatra Sanghatta chakra and which happened as per the above

In the Chart of the 12th Feb 2021 Mars is in Square Position to Capricorn and also afflicts  the Taurus-Scorpio axis by almost degree aspect on the Ketu in Scorpio

Hence I come to the conclusion from the above that there may be Brick batting between India and neighbouring countries specially China and  Pakistan . There may be Terrorism  from the Pak boarder in J &K and  war like  conditions may not be exactly parallel to 1962  but definitely war like  situations due to following parameters 

1.The Cancer-Capricorn axis is afflicted 

2. Jupiter and Venus conjunction which asper the Mundane Classic is Blood shed  and the same is also mentioned  by Shri K N Rao also

3.The Taurus-Scorpio axis is also afflicted when there is Vedha between Saturn in Shravana and Mars in Ardra  asper the Nakshatra Sanghatta Chakra

4. Rahu in Rohini is most Venomous , Saturn in Shravana and Mars in the Ardra and Aslesha  as mentioned by me in all my Articles 

Starting from the 12th Feb   2021 like the 5th Feb 1962 we will have the relation between the neighbours going for a toss and like the 20th Oct 1962 we may have parallel situations on the 1st July  and Parallel situations like the Sept 1962 in the immediate future between the 25th April to the 17th May 2021 

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Jyotish Acharaya anil aggarwala
BSc. Engg. P. E.C Ch BVB New Delhi Research Scholar and Award Winner
 3rd Feb  2021  12-15 hrs.


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