Red Planet Mars Ingress Taurus Joining North Node Rahu 22nd Feb. 2021-14th April 2021 Angarak Yoga Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

by anil aggarwala

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Red Planet Mars will be joining North Node Rahu  in Taurus on the 22nd Feb 2021 at 04-36 hrs IST and will be in this sign till the 14th April 2021  01-36 hrs IST. The Conjunction of Rahu and Mars is the most explosive combination and termed as ANGARAK YOGA  in the Vedic Astrology . Mars is fire and Rahu is oil. Mars give aggression and Rahu makes a person violent by amplifying the qualities of Mars and if the tremendous energy generated by this combination is not channelized properly. Mars and Rahu both are malefic planets, therefore both of them meeting is itself a big dosha. In “angarak dosha”, angarak denotes fire which is the nature of Mars.

Transit Mars will be in the Stars of Krittika, Rohini and Mrigshira and  their placement in the transit will also matter where the Lords of the Stars are placed when Mars will be in these stars . From the Past Experiences  it has been observed that this Conjunction of Mars and Rahu has been explosive . Mars may Prove Brutal specially till 14th April 2021 comparing the events in the past. Rohini Nakshatra Affliction have been really Most Venomous. It has been observed in the past that when ever Malefic planets  Saturn, Rahu, Ketu or Mars Transits over the sign Taurus and specially in the Nakshatra of Rohini its time for Disaster.

At the time of the Ingress of Mars in the  sign Taurus it will be  in the Ascendant of the India Foundation chart It will be over the Natal Rahu and also the Transit Rahu and will have the aspect of the 8th and the 11th Lord Jupiter in Transit who will be in debilitation in the 9th house and the 7th house from the natal Moon

The Following Parameters will be of Concern

  1. Taurus-Scorpio axis afflicted
  2. Cancer Capricorn axis afflicted
  3. Venus The Lagna Lord and 6th Lord  Of the Foundation chart  with Sun Combusted and In the Square Position from Mars
  4. Rahu and Mars in Rohini, Saturn in Shravana Star
  5. The above combinations are most explosive as seen from the past may be it is War, Natural and Unnatural calamities. Political Tug of War, Religious Fundamentalism, Terrorism, Earthquakes of Intensity , Riots and Massacre

Have a Look at the Charts Below when Mars  IS AT 19 DEGREES IN Taurus sign on the 27th March 2021  IN MOST AFFLICTED CONDITION

The Following  parameters of Concern

  1.  Rahu and Mars Degree conjunct  at 19 degrees and the Ascendant is also 19 degrees in Rohini star and all the 3 are in Vish Ghati from the 18. 53 degrees to 19.46 degrees
  2. Moon in Leo at 20 degrees having almost degree aspect by Mars 4th aspect . Moon in Poorva Phalguni will be in Vish ghati from the 17.46-1840 degrees
  3. Ketu in Jyestha star in Scorpio in Vish ghati from the 19.46-20.40 degrees
  4. Sun and Venus at 12 degrees in U  Bhadrapad  . Venus totally combusted in Pisces having aspect of Saturn at 16 degrees
  5. There will be exact degree aspect of Saturn on Sun on the 31st March 2021

Now Let us see what all happened  in the past when Malefic were there in the Sign Taurus  specially when Mars was there in Taurus and Rohini star

  1. War with Pakistan when Rahu was in Taurus  and Mars aspects on Rahu by 8th aspect  in Sept. 1965
  2. Indo-Pak war  over Bangladesh in Dec. 1971.  Saturn and Moon In Taurus and Mars  4th aspect  on it  from Aquarius
  3. 13th April 1919 Jallianwala Bagh Massacre when Ketu was in Rohini star Mars in Aries and Saturn in Cancer .  All the 5 Parameters  mentioned above in this article were activated
  4. Attack On Pearl Harbor when Saturn and Jupiter were in the sign Taurus and both Retrograde
  5. Operation Blue Star on the 5th June 1984 when Rahu In Taurus with Venus and Sun and having aspect of Mars from Libra strong 8th aspect
  6. 11th Sept. 2001 9/11 when Terrorist Attack took place on America-World Trade Centre when Rahu, Jupiter Moon were in Gemini and Mars, Ketu in Sagittarius. Saturn was in Rohini Nakshatra at 20.52 Degrees.

6th August 1945 Jump to search
Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Part of the Pacific War of World War II
During the final stage of World War II, the United States detonated two nuclear weapons over the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6 and 9, 1945, respectively. The United States dropped the bombs after obtaining the consent of the United Kingdom, as required by the Quebec Agreement. The two bombings killed 129,000–226,000 people, most of whom were civilians. They remain the only use of nuclear weapons in the history of armed conflict.

See the chart Below

Mars at 16.22 degrees in Rohini nakshatra and aspects Ketu at 15.48 degrees in Fiery sign Sagittarius in Poorva Shadha Nakshatra by strong 8th aspect. Gemini has Venus, Rahu, Saturn and Moon and these Planets are in Paap Kartari yoga.

8. On the 25h August 1990 an overnight attack, Iraq Captures Kuwait. Mars in Taurus and aspects Saturn fallen in Sagittarius at 25.55 degrees with Moon by 8th aspect
9. Gulf War On the 21st Jan. 1991 Mars in the Sign Taurus and Saturn, Sun, Venus, Rahu in Capricorn.
10. Coup In Bangladesh on the 15th August 1975 Mars Conjunct Ketu in sign Taurus.
11. 1st Feb. 1991 Earthquake of North Pakistan and Afghanistan Mars in the sign Taurus Saturn in the trine sign from it and afflicted . 1200 people were killed along with several injured
12. Oath Chart of Lal Bahadur Shastri 9th June 1964 The Longevity was only one year . Mars in Taurus sign
13. Oath Chart of Chandrashekhar 10th Nov. 1990 Saturn in Sagittarius and Mars Retrograde in Taurus Mars 17.52 degrees in Rohini nakshatra and Saturn 26 degrees in Sagittarius receiving the 8th aspect of Mars.
14. Earthquake in Central Italy on the 31st Oct 2002 Rahu in Taurus.

15. Earthquake in Mexico on the 21st Jan 2003 Rahu and Saturn in Taurus . Rahu was in Rohini and Saturn was fallen in Taurus.

The Countries Prone to this Transit will be US, India, Pakistan, Japan, China, Dubai, Indonesia, Iraq, Paris, Malaysia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, North Korea so many Countries  and the Solar Eclipse of the 10th June 2021 is taking place  and Sub Dasha of a Planet Like Rahu who has the capacity to bring a Down fall for the Country. US is Most Prone to this Combination. For India the Mars in the 3rd house Debilitated  and the Saturn at 19 degrees in Capricorn in 1/7 axis of Mars  Ketu in the 7th house  seems to be most Venomous for the Country, since the Dasha of Moon-Saturn till the Mid July also most prone as mentioned by me in all the Articles .

The Charts of Dubai, Sri-Lanka, Indonesia are Most Prone to untoward happenings, Natural and Unnatural calamities , Earthquakes , Car Accidents  on the Highways in the immediate future as can be seen from the Planetary Positions—– Note these Predictions made after having a look on the foundation charts 

Now see the chart of US foundation chart of 4th July 1776 10-20-30 hrs.

The Affliction in the 4/10 axis is not good for the Country  in General and specially when the 10th June Solar eclipse is also taking place  in the 4/10 axis . As explained above the Untoward happenings can take place parallel to the past happenings

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Red Planet Mars In Rohini Nakshatra When 100 Years Back Ketu Was In Same Nakshatra Massacre Jallianwala Bagh Astrologer Anil Aggarwala – Astrologer Anil Aggarwala (

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Mars the Planet of Brutality Proves Most Malefic In Rohini Nakshatra like the Other Malefics Rahu, Ketu and Saturn As predicted.

Terrorism also included Sri Lanka in my Predictions. Till 27th April 2019 Most Venomous
“In photos: Sri Lanka serial blasts ”
15 hours ago
Sri Lankan police on Sunday reported there had been a seventh explosion, the fourth at a hotel, following six reported at hotels and churches earlier in the day that killed nearly 140 people.
The latest explosion to be reported was at a hotel near the national zoo, which is in an area near the capital Colombo.
“There was an explosion in a hotel in Dehiwela near the zoo,” a police official told Reuters adding that there were no further details available.
An eyewitness on local TV said he saw some body parts including a severed head lying on the ground near the hotel. Zoo officials declared the zoo closed after the blast.
(Reporting by Shihar Aneez and Ranga Sirilal Editing by Martin Howell)
COLOMBO, April 21 (Reuters) – Easter Day bomb blasts at three Sri Lankan churches and three luxury hotels killed 138 people and wounded more than 400, hospital and police officials said, following a lull in major attacks since the end of the civil war 10 years ago.
More than 50 people were killed in St. Sebastian’s gothic-style Catholic church in Katuwapitiya, north of Colombo, a police official told Reuters, with pictures showing bodies on the ground, blood on the pews and a destroyed roof

Hence I fear this Transit . See the Chart of the 21st April 2019 where there were serial of Blasts which took place when Mars was at 19 degrees alone in Rohini star in Taurus , Now the Angarak Yoga is still worst  and the happenings could be of greater dimensionas on the 27th March 2021 and other Sensitive arcs which will be activated By Mars when it goes in Gemini and Cancer sign apart from the Sign Taurus

Mars and Saturn in 6/8 axis

Mars and Rahu in 2/12 axis

Mars in Paap Kartarti yoga

Mars and Ketu in 6/8 axis

Mars and Sun in 2/12 axis

Now the Transit is worst then the above , Both the life giving Sources Sun and Moon will also be afflicted in Transit along with Venus is most Enigmatic Transit .  My Predictions  for Mars in Rohini Proved spot on for the serial Blasts , I fear now also they can Prove  Spot on.


Mercury becoming direct  on the 21st Feb.  and ingress in Aquarius on the 11th March 2021

Mars joining Taurus  Sign with Rahu. Volatility in the Stock and the Financial Markets. There may be fear that the stock Markets  could have some correction. There could be surge in the Virus cases in the Maharashtra as per the Koorma chakra and there could also be Lockdowns enforced specially till the Mars in the Sign Taurus till the 14th April 2021

Have a Look at the Koorma chakras discussed in all my Articles for the direction

Ketu  Disease Karka in the West, Mars and Rahu in the  Central Region of India  hence  Most Prone Regions for Lock down and Surge in the Virus  till Mars in Taurus with Rahu forming Angarak yoga




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Jyotish Acharaya anil aggarwala
BSc. Engg. P. E.C Ch BVB New Delhi Research Scholar and Award Winner
 18th Feb. 2021   Jan. 2021 09-15 hrs.


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