A Glimpse On The Pisces New Moon Charts 2021-2022 Of India US China UK Indicative Of Virus Surge Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

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“A Glimpse On The Pisces New Moon Charts 2021-2022 Of  India, US, China, UK Indicative Of Virus Surge Astrologer Anil Aggarwala”

The Pisces New Moon Chart of the year 2021 -2022  For India, US, China and UK  are falling in the  signs Taurus, Scorpio, Gemini and Capricorn Ascendant respectively and all have  common constraints and features mentioned below 

  1. The Nakshatra is Revati of Sun and Moon in Gandantha Nakshatra. Sun and Moon are also at 28.15 degrees close to Gandantha arc. The Gandantha star is most enigmatic 
  2. The Yoga is Vaidrithi most inauspicious and hence Ekargala happens and supposed to be bad conditions of the Sun and the Moon. The Lord is Jupiter of Vaidrithi in 4th house and in Paap Kartari yoga 
  3. The Karna is Naga a Fixed Karna and most inauspicious. The Lord is Mahesh and the Lord of the 7th house of Wars
  4.  All the Planets are at the mouth of Rahu except Mars  who is out of the Grip of Rahu but forming an Angarak yoga  in the sign Taurus in the Lagna of India, in the 7th house of US in the 12th house of China and in the 5th House of UK
  5. As per the Shashtamsha Chart D6 and Ashtamsha Chart D8  Chronicity of Disease is seen. Imprisonment, Punishment, Confinement and Hospitalisation is seen from these Varga charts——– Most important parameter for Virus surge
  6. Partial Kal Sarpa Yoga . The kala sarpa indicates bandhana for the people and  increasing  sufferings in societies that is already manifesting.
  7. There is a graha malika (garland) yoga from Saturn to Mars stretching over 5 signs. The planets starting and finishing such a garland yoga are the most important. A Saturn-Mars yoga is a Yama yoga indicating death (transformation) and restraint. This may indicate the continuing restrictions imposed on most countries  due to Virus spread and other Natural and Unnatural calamities 
  8. Saturn receives the Aspect of Rahu in Angarak Yoga and Saturn aspects Sun , Moon and Debilitated Mercury. This Parameter is most Venomous 
  9. There is a parivartana yoga  exchange between Venus in Aries and Mars in Taurus. This will mitigate to some extent the effect of the Yama yoga, and  we will probably see reduced fatalities from the virus compared to 2020. However, Venus in Aries is subject to a papakartari yoga  between the Sun in Pisces and Mars and Rahu is Taurus. Venus placed in the fire sign of Aries indicates private enterprise will suffer to a large extent

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Have a Look at the chart of the Pisces New Moon Chart of US   11th April 2021 22.31 hrs 

Most Important parameters have been explained above  and apart from them the Angarak Yoga in the 7th house of Mars  is obvious of the happenings in the year 2021 to 2022. Mars Transit till the sign Leo will be most enigmatic till the 20th July 2021  as already I have predicted that the time from the 12th April to 20th July 2021 is Prone to War like situations, Natural and Unnatural Calamities, Surge in Virus Earthquakes .  The Vedha Between Mars and Saturn in the Rashi and Nakshatra Sanghatta Chakra open the secret between the 24th April to 16th May 2021. Mars activating the Sensitive arc in the Capricorn Zodiac 6.20 degrees , 18.40 degrees , 19degrees of Stationary Saturn and 20-22 degrees in Cancer can prove to be  historic events in the globe as can be seen from the Planetary positions. The Time frames have already been mentioned in all my Articles 

The Presidency of Joe Biden has already seen a build-up of military forces in the Middle East. . The conjunction of Mars and Rahu Angarak yoga also suggests that cyber warfare may play an increasing role.

The garland yoga starts in the 3rd house (related to communications including satellite communications, trade within the country, relationships with neighbouring countries, border clashes,  and finishes with Rahu and Mars in the 7th house (war, international affairs, trade and alliances, and lawlessness in society and general immorality) are most enigmatic parameters for the Country 

Exchange of the 6th and the 7th Lord is another Parameter in the chart which is indicative that the Business and Trade may suffer . Unemployment may also increase . Military activities  may also be seen

8th Lord Mercury debilitated and with Luminaries in the 5th house  and aspect of Saturn the 3rd Lord . Suffering in the entertainment and film industries, possibly involving lawsuits and scandals. There may also be resignations in government and adverse consequences for the national finances  as can be seen from the Planetary positions 

There is Poorna Ithasla of the  Sun and Moon with the 6th Lord Mars  note the degrees —— Most malefic . Luminaries are the life giving force and also afflicted by Saturn

There is future Ithasla of Mercury and the Mars most Venomous see the Degrees of Mercury and Mars 

Jupiter placed in the 4th house but in Paap Kartari yoga  and also shows constraints in the Education sector  and for Children, both the 5th house and the 5th Lord are in Constraints 

See the D6 and the D8 chart and open the secret of the Virus Surge 

6th Lord Mars  in the D8 chart is debilitated and placed in the 7th house  most enigmatic for  Punishment, Confinement, Imprisonment and Hospitalisation

Pisces New Moon Chart of China of the 12th April 2021 10-30 hrs 

  Apart from the above parameters explained above   and common for all the countries The Planetary positions are crystal clear of the happenings in the year 2021-2022. The Lagna Lord in the 10th house is strong in Neecha Bhang Rajyoga with Moon  but aspects by 8th Lord Saturn is also not good for good fructifications. Mars placement in the 12th house influencing the 3rd house of Boarders 6th house and the 7th house is indicative of Aggressive stances  with neighbours and the relation with Neighbours may go for a toss . I have already Explained the the D6 and the D8 charts indicate  Imprisonment, Confinement and Hospitalisation due to diseases and Virus. The 10th Lord is Placed in the 9th house is strong and 7th house in Paap Kartari yoga , international relations may go for a toss. The Time frames when Mars activates the Sensitive arc of the Capricorn 6.20 , 18.40 and 19 degrees of Saturn in Stationary mode may prove to be Historic Mark  more so when Mars and Saturn oppose each other after the 2nd June to 20th July will be prone to War like situations , Natural and Unnatural calamities, Earthquakes  Brawl with Nations taking ugly Turn are not ruled out . 


The Pisces New Moon chart of the 2021 -2022 is of  Capricorn lagna. The 1st house represents the country as a whole. Saturn as lagna lord represents the head of the country, which in this case is the monarchy. Saturn  forms Shasha Yoga  in the Lagna is strong a Pancha  Mahapurus Yoga  , Unfortunately  Saturn is also the Lord of the 2nd house is in Marka  and is afflicted by Rahu by Jaimini and if we take the aspect of Rahu as per Parashar also. Suffering to  Queen Elizabeth . The  time frame is set  for a difficult period .  Prince Philip, has died age 99 just a few days ago, and there is the ongoing soap opera of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and the rumours surrounding her son, Prince Andrew. One may speculate that the Queen (shortly to have her 95th birthday) may experience ill health herself this year. The Saving is the Pancha Maha Purush Yoga Shasha in the Ascendant  and may get some relief as can be seen from the Planetary positions among the Countries  and May open early from Lock downs  God Willing  taking a Positive stance 

Capricorn represents big business and organizations, Saturn is the 2nd lord relating to the economy, which may experience fluctuating fortunes and Volatility in the Economy of the Country . In addition, 6th lord Mercury Debilitated  represents employment, and this may have negative effects  within the UK and indeed most EU countries. Civil unrest is not ruled out on the streets of cities like London . Jupiter  in the 2nd house (Aquarius) indicates  that democratic movements may gain in strength, with the government hit by hidden issues and financial constraints . Mercury (combust and afflicted) indicates clashes with neighbours. Placement in the water sign of Pisces may show these clashes in the high seas between countries like the UK and France.

Mars in 5th house Taurus and conjunct Rahu 5th house of entertainment goes for a toss. There may be an increase in violence towards women in general. There may be fires in entertainment venues and schools, possibly involving  Explosions, Fire. Angarak yoga 

 10th Lord Venus represents the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. Johnson will be under increasing pressure in the year 2021-2022 . As in the chart of the USA could the Parivartana yoga between Mars and Venus  indicate a change of leadership?  The People at large will not be happy seen in the capitals across Europe, with democratic institutions like the UK Parliament struggling to function as normal. Ketu in the 11th house (Scorpio) in Jyestha star most enigmatic  indicates scientific and medical advances and an increase in the spiritual development of the population, but it also opens  the secret  of the possibility of government use of the military or armed police .

The Planetary positions in the D6 and D8 are not conducive to give good results for the disease spread and Virus may be hanging fire in the year 2021 -2022 as can be seen from the Planetary positions but some saving since the Saturn in the Lagna forming Shasha Yoga


 The Results of the Pisces New Moon charts of the Countries showing crystal clear of the happenings  for  Spread of the Virus and which would also adversely influence the Mankind and the Global Economy as per the time frames mentioned in all my Articles. The Virus Predictions and the time frames have been mentioned in my earlier Articles and since Parallel to Spanish Flue it may not disappear in a Broader spectrum till the 8th Feb 2023  Other Time frames are mentioned when we have start to have some ease but the time frames starting from the 12th April 2021 to 20th July 2021 and then from the 14th Sept. to 20th Nov. 2021 are time frames most important for the Virus surge and adverse influence on the economy and Mankind 


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