Predictions Spot On Enigmatic Oath Chart Of Arvind Kejriwal GNCTD Amendment Act Proves Bolt From The Blue Astrologer Anil Aggarwala

by anil aggarwala

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“Predictions Spot On Enigmatic Oath Chart Of Arvind Kejriwal GNCTD Amendment Act Proves Bolt From The Blue Astrologer Anil Aggarwala”

This is with Reference to my Article Astrology Speaks Loudly ! Oath Charts Of Narendra Modi & Arvind Kejriwal Seem To Be Proving Enigmatic As Predicted Astrologer Anil Aggarwala – Astrologer Anil Aggarwala (

I have been mentioning that in the life of the Native or the Nation some Special Events like the Oath Taking are most important and we can even Predict  the Future  from these Charts is my Research. According  to the Oath Charts of both Narendra Modi and Arvind Kejriwal I had written the above Article Long back which was reproduced in the above article . My Predictions Prove Spot on for Kejriwal according to his Oath Chart. What could be the Results of the Oath chart when there is Mrityu Yoga and  Transit Moon in the 8th from Natal Moon and In Debilitation

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Read this Media News

‘Govt in Delhi now means L-G’: Setback for Kejriwal as GNCTD Amendment Act comes into force

New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: Amid the raging second wave of COVID-19 in the country, the Centre on Wednesday notified the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi (Amendment) Act, 2021, (GNCTD) which gives more powers to the Lieutenant Governor (L-G) over the elected government in the city.

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) today notified the law and said that the provisions of the Act came into effect from April 27. As per the new legislation, which was passed by the Parliament during the Budget Session, the “government” in Delhi now means the “Lieutenant Governor” and the city government will now have to seek the opinion of the L-G before taking any executive action.

Now See  The Oath Chart of Arvind Kejriwal of the 16th Feb 2020 12.20 hrs  below 

The Panchang of the Day
The Day is Sunday and the Lord is Sun and Placed in the 10th house is digbali but unfortunately the Sun is placed in the yama of Gemini where Rahu is placed and aspects by Jupiter the 8th Lord and Mars is Most malefic combination for the Muhurta Chart.

The Day is Sunday and the Star is Anuradha is forming a Mrityu Yoga——— Most Malefic Combination for Powers and the Tenure of the Native
For Choosing a Good Muhurta the following Signs should be chosen, Gemini, Leo, Virgo , Libra, Scorpio or Aquarius, Here the Lagna is Taurus Prishtodayo and adhomukh not good at all.
The Lagna is Prishtodayo and not aspects by any Benefic
Lagna is in the nakshatra of Rohini and the Lord is Moon placed in the 7th house and in Debilitated condition and aspects the Uday Lagna is another Parameter which is most Malefic, Moon should be strong in the Muhurat chart.
Tithi is Krishna Paksha Ashtami is most malefic for a New Venture
Yoga Is Vyaghata and the Lord is Venus and a Malefic Yoga
Karna is Kaulava and the Lord is Mars and Placed in the 8th house with the 8th Lord Jupiter is another malefic parameter which cannot be ignored
The DBA Planets are Saturn-Ketu -Ketu and the 2 Sub Lords in the 8th house indicates Religious Fundamentalism in his Tenure. Ketu is in Vish Ghati most malefic . ————–The native may face unforeseen circumstances and allegations
3rd and the 11th from Lagna should not have aspect of Malefics , here the Saturn and Mars spoil the game
There will be no success and realisation of the object if the Lord of the Rashi occupied by the Lord of the Lagna is in trik Bhava and here The Lagna Lord is Venus Placed in the 11th house in Exaltation and the depositor in the 8th house is another most malefic parameter suggesting no success. Venus the Lagna Lord is subject to inimical aspect by both Mars and Saturn from the 8th and the 9th house. This clearly states that in his Tenure there will be Riots and damaging of Vehicles till specially the 28th Feb 2020. NOTE THIS
This Parameter is extremely malefic for good fructifications PLEASE NOTE THIS PARAMETER
Natal Moon of Arvind Kejriwal is in Aries and signs falling in the 3,6,11th from Natal Moon are considered good here the sign is the 2nd from Moon. Another Parameter is the Muhurta Moon is in the 8th from the Natal Noon.
Lagna Lord is squared by Malefic 7th and the 12th Lord , hence he is subject to Espionage by Foreign elements and more so by the opponents , hence very strong opposition and Terrorism in his Tenure is certain.

Uday Lagna Taurus —– Prishtodayo Strength 445
Arudha Lagna Capricorn —– Praishtodayo strength 310
Chaitra Rashi ——– Libra Strength 448 The CR and UL are in 6/8 axis and CR and AL are in 4/10 axis and none of the above have aspect of the benefics , rather Malefics Rahu and aspected by Mars and Jupiter 8th Lord on the Arudha Lagna.
Since the strength is of CR and aspected By Saturn Tough situations till April 2022 and specially after 30th March 2020 some Mixed and malefic results also. Over all Not good at all.
Jupiter Mars and Saturn will Transit in Arudha Lagna on the 30th March 2020 hence Not good
Since CR aspected By Saturn the Native may face tough situations till April 2022 till Saturn aspects the CR
Lagna aspected By Debilitated Planet , Hence none of the 3 signs attribute Benefic stance
The Day Lord is ill placed from the 9th house and the 9th Lord Saturn ., hence issues of the 9th house may crop up and Religious Fundamentalism on the cards
All the above shows Hinderances from the Opponents and delayed and poor success
D1 Lagna Lord and 10th Lord or 11th Lord not together , rather square aspect of 7th and 12th Lord
D9 Not together opposed by 7th Lord
D3 Not together and opposed by Saturn
D2 Not with 10th or 11th Lord
Weak Combinations
The score is 5/14 Poor Results
8th house should not be stronger than the Lagna Lord , Unfortunately the Lagna Lord has inimical ithasla with 8th Lord Jupiter . The Venus 15.53 degrees and Jupiter 22.45 , hence a difference of 7 degrees and since both are in the dual signs and Lagna is Fixed hence the Position after 7 months may be Status Quo and most difficult period
Sun is a Royal Planet and the Day Lord also placed in the 10th house digbali is good but making the Yama Lord uncomfortable shows some bickering in the Work . Sun is also In Uttarayana is good in the 10th house specially when the depositor is in the 9th house

Moon is in the 8th house from the natal Moon and in Debilitation and the 7th house of the Muhurat chart is a malefic Combination and not good For the Longevity of the Govt.
This is necessaary parameter
Moon is in the 15th Nakshatra from the natal Krittika Nakshatra is in Sadhak Tara is good
10th house is strong as can bee seen
Benefics are not there in the Kendra nd Trikona and Malefics are not there in the 3.6.11 house , this parameter is weak
8th house should be vacant and here as explained above Ketu Mars and the 8th Lord Jupiter and not good since also the dispositor of the Lagna Lord in the 8th house. This parameter shows the Muhurat chart is loosing strength
Malefic Rahu in the 2nd house is not good
Nakshatra Anuradha is Good
Sunday is Prefered Day more so the Lord is Placed well in the 10th house
The Navamsha Rising is Taurus and although Vargottam it is Prishtodayo and having Mars in it is most malefic parameter
Sun is in Debilitation and Mercury the Yama Lord of the Day is in Debilitation and Moon aspected By Mercury
Venus is in the 5th Navamsha hence the 75 Days from the Oath Taking Chart will be fill of Turmoil , Hinderances, Riots and Violence where the Vehicles will be damaged
Lagna in Simha —— Good
Moon Anuradha Aasan Power is weak The Parameter is not good for Good Tenure and Power in the Job held
Jupiter in Aasan Nadi Give Protection to all evils
Saturn – Pata Nadi weak
Sun Simhasan — Good

Hence from the above it is clear that the Native will face tough oppositions and limited Power in the tenure and for 2.5 years till Saturn in Capricorn may pose Tough situations, strife and quarrels with the opposition Parties.

The Chaitra Rashi has aspects of Saturn may trouble him the Most till 29-4-2022 and then till 29-04-2023

Mrityu Yoga on the Day of Oath most malefic Parameter for a Good Power and Tenure


Debilitated Moon aspects the Uday Lagna  and Moon in the navamsha of Virgo the Lord is Mercury and in the 6th Navamsha  placed in the 10th house with Sun . Mercury takes 2 Months as per the timing Hence after  6×2=12 months there could be Trouble to the native in the working and the Powers may be reduced . Hence after 12th Feb 2021  He may face Frustrations. 

Lagna Nakshatra is Rohini in and Moon Star is Saturn hence when Moon Transits in the 7th house in Anuradha Star he may face trouble after the 12th Feb 2021.

Trouble after the 14th April 2021 when MARS ACTIVATES THE MARS IN THE 8TH HOUSE WITH KETU

There is Ithasla of the Lagna Lord and the 8th Lord Jupiter ——- Humiliations

There is ithasla of the Sun and Mars and there is difference of 3 Degrees hence after 3 days/weeks there may be trouble in Delhi due to Espionage since Mars is Placed in the 8th house as the 12th and the 7th Lord  and Sun in the 10th house 

Now See what all Has Happened and was Predicted Read My Articles on the following
23rd Feb 2020 Proved to be the most Venomous as per My Article “Luminaries Mercury In Rahu Nakshahtra May Trigger Virus Earthquakes Violence Economy Slowdown As Per Lunation Chart of 23rd Feb 2020 Astrologer Anil Aggarwala”…r-anil-aggarwala/
The Predictions Have Proved on Dot for the Violence and Riots in the Country.
Compare the Planetary Positions in the chart of Narendra Modi and the chart of Arvind Kejriwal Both Indicate Violence in the Delhi Specially.
Luminaries affliction in Trik Bhavas and All planets in Shadow of Nodes from 25th Feb 2020 Most Enigmatic in the Fortnight from 23rd Feb 2020
The Lunation chart of the 23rd Feb 2020 of 21-02 hrs is below .The New Moon chart in Aquarius


Transit Mars over the Natal  Mars and Rahu in the 8th house after the 14th April to 2nd June 2021 for Narendra Modi and Transit Mars in the 2nd House of the Oath chart of Arvind Kejriwal can be explosive for India and Delhi. Since the Oath Charts is not an auspicious one he could suffer  on account of  his decisions  and managing the dire situations in at the time of Coronavirus in India and Delhi
Some Astrologer was saying Muhurat Chart does not have importance . You will se the effects as per the above Predictions
Read the Full Article of the 23rd Feb Lunation chart which has Prove most Venomous mentioned above
Needless to mention that affliction to the Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu v]can be disastrous specially till sept 20th 2020 when Ketu will be in Moola Nakshatra and all afflictions also point out ill effects of the Virus spread by Ketu the disease giver and Rahu the planet which exposes the hidden things and in this case the Coronavirus. After 20th Sept 2020 Rahu and Ketu will ingress in the 1/7 axis of the India Foundation chart and needless to mention on this Transit since this has also been discussed on my webpage and most venomous

The Parameters which acquire an important dimension are as follows

  1. Mars the 12th Lord and the 7th Lord of Espionage aspects the Mars in the 8th house  and activated the same degree-wise  2 -3 days back
  2.  Rahu and Ketu in the 1/7 axis nearing the Lagna Degrees
  3. 8th Lord Jupiter  at 3.37 degrees in Aquarius  over the Sun at 2.55 degrees


  1. Saturn and Rahu over the Rahu and Mars and Ketu  over the Mars and Ketu at the time of Oath
  2. Jupiter 8th Lord aspects the Lagna from the 7th house 



 The Predictions Prove spot on  even looking at the timing of the events  the Predictions made are spot on

Hence Oath chart is most important  for the native  and Predictions can be made from the same regarding the Native

 I would do similar Analysis before the Results of the Elections of the 5 States are declared  For Narendra Modi. The Results are obvious and crystal clear and as  Predicted earlier 


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Disclaimer Clause applicable. 

The Writer of the Article is not responsible for any person investing on the basis of the above Predictions and any loses made by any Individual, Company , Corporate shall be  doing on their own risk and Fancies . Please note this . This is an Astrological Predictions on the basis of the Book of Mundane Astrology  Guide Mr K N Rao  and Not My Own Parameters  Reference  Page 73 of the Book






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